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  1. Quit exaggerating Rundstrom. Malik's hair is only three fourths as tall as your horns.
  2. At this point they are on series 'a number to large and cumbersome to say so we either round to the nearest easy to say number or make up something too huge and ridiculous to be real'.
  3. It's cause the reality is messier than the fantasy. Words don't smell or stain after all.
  4. Hilariously I was seriously tempted to write :: If she had a mic she would have dropped it. :: at the end of that line but didn't because it didn't match the seriousness of the line. Oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. (Apologies for any spelling or grammar errors, I injured my finger yesterday and it makes it awkward to type.) When I first joined I had a plan for Ishani; it basically boiled down to she was going to eventually going to be adopting Sebok, a former child slave that she had been counseling that would be played by my roommate. We had intended them to have a similar relationship on a previous role play board but the board folded before we could implement it, and part of the reason I became interested in joining SB 118 after my roommate did was so we could play out that relationship. In the tradition of best laid plans of mice and men, that plan went out the window as soon as I finished her cadet cruise. I originally was going to have her be a counselor, but at the time Ops Medical and Counseling Division was full so she ended up becoming a security officer that specialized in crises and counseling for victims of crime (which honestly works out better for what we wanted to do anyway). Because a new mission was due to start a couple of days after she officially joined we put off their meeting. We ended up having to wait until just recently (two missions and one shore leave later) to introduce them. In addition, Ishani has recently started a relationship (completely unplanned) which will complicate things adoption wise, so right now I have no plan for her, merely goals.
  6. Tatash and Quinn Reynolds are on EU servers (Argent Dawn I think?) so you're not the only one Reni. Also Ayiana I added you as well. My battle tag is maevarie#1899
  7. Most of my characters tend to be straight and female, which is what I identify with in real life. I've become more comfortable with playing non female, non straight, and non human characters over the years (weirdly I find it easier now to play a non straight or non human character than a non female character), but I tend to reuse character concepts a lot and since my two main go to characters are both female and tend to be straight, most of my characters are still female and straight. Character wise the two of them are like a pair of worn in super comfy jeans, it's super easy to slip into their mindset and write; where as other characters require effort on my part to get into their head enough that I can write out a post/sim with them.
  8. They're no longer kittens, but if you stop by Ishani's place some time you'll get all the fluffy cat loving you can handle.
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