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  1. @Korras. Once again you have melted my heart with the domestic fluff of Amar and Haukea interacting. Loved this sim from the moment I first read it. Knew I had to post it. Anything that makes me smile deserves an appreciation. ______________________________ ((Starbase 118 – Airlock near drydock)) It had been a week or so since Haukea left, but a lot of things had happened in those days. Amar had had a talk with someone from Child Services, who had given the okay for her to stay with Haukea for the meantime. They made it clear it was not a permanent okay, but for now she’d be staying. For now, no more running. While Haukea would sometimes be off-station, it was deemed okay that her neighbors checked in on her. The same woman had ran her DNA, whatever that meant. It turned out, she was not registered anywhere. Her parents simply never bothered to do so when she was born, she guessed. It did not surprise her, her parents were not all that good. It also meant that there was no way of finding them, which was fine with her, she really did not want to go back to them. And, the woman had made sure she got enrolled in school. At first, she thought it would be dumb. But, it turned out that it was not all that bad. In fact, she thought she liked learning. Vanla had always made sure everyone in the Misfits knew how to read and write, as well as maths, as it often helped in their line of ‘work’. But school was different entirely. She realized quickly that she had missed a lot of things, and would need a lot of time to catch up. But her teacher was very helpful, and she felt that she was genuinely trying to help her, and being very patient with her. The extra homework gave her something to do in the evenings as well, so it wasn’t all that bad. The day the Narendra returned, Amar was noticeably excited. So much so, that her (amused) teacher gave up when the Narendra was nearing the station, and sent her off to greet Haukea at the airdock. And that brought her to now: her face pressed against the glass as she watched the ship dock. It took a while before Haukea came through the airlock, and Amar was practically bouncing on her feet by the time she did. Amar: ::Rushing up to Haukea and hugging her:: I missed you! Willow: Response? Amar: How did it go? She had not heard any particulars of what had happened yet, just that they had encountered a bit of a problem on a diplomatic mission. Willow: Response? Amar: ::eyed widening:: is everyone okay? Willow: Response?
  2. >.< @Corey Wethern Love the humor you inject into your sims.
  3. Not officially anyway. The application would make it official. Then no one could steal it from you.
  4. @Corey Wethern You want to go ahead and apply for the role of Ship Comedian? The application just opened and it has your name on it. ❤️ Love the humor you put into your sims.
  5. @Corey Wethern How funny. We don't need a version of the following scene:
  6. @Corey Wethern A road trip with phasers? That bit cracked me up.
  7. My 2024 hasn't been the brightest so far due to personal issues. However, when I read this quote by @Gogigobo Fairhug It made me smile and cry in the best way possible, ❤️
  8. @Madison Marsh @Karen Stendhal Love the friendship that is building between these two characters. ________________________________________ ((Computer Junction B-47, Qo'Nos District, Starbase 118)) ((OOC: My scenes of dialogue were unintentionally missed, so I attempted to patch this sim together to complete it for Madison. It happens to the best of us on occasion, all is good. Taybrim you are up! I have enjoyed writing with everyone and look forward to shore leave. 🙂 )) Madison provided Karen with a comedic salute and flashed a contagious grin. She was without a doubt an expressive and extroverted woman. Her interactions fueled her with an abundance of energy at times. oO I'm glad that Karen feels that way. She is such a lovely and supportive friend. Oo Marsh: Aye Aye Counselor Stendhal. Stendhal: Aye Doctor Marsh. She pressed her combadge gently with her soft and delicate hand. Madison was into self care and treated her skin with lotion on the daily. =/\= Marsh to Taybrim. Counselor Stendhal and I have escaped a holographic entity known as Lemoncable. Thank you for holding the door open for us sir. =/\= Taybrim: =/\= Doctor Marsh, Counselor Stendhal, I saw your work in the systems. Fantastic job, the both of you!=/\= Expressing gratitude, Karen Stendhal remarked to the Commodore Stendhal =/\= Thank you Commodore! I must say, Doctor Marsh here was really on the ball. =/\= A smile formed on her lips and it was evident in her friendly tone of voice. She had enjoyed working with Karen and wanted to make sure that the Commodore knew about it. Perhaps he would assign them as a tandem going forward during other missions. Either way, it was worth a shot in her opinion as she had nothing to lose with the hint. Marsh: =/\= Thank you sir, Counselor Stendhal and I make a lovely team. =/\= Taybrim: =/\= Yes, I think it’s time we cleaned this mess up and got some down time to recuperate. =/\= Whenever Hael was 'around', Karen found herself adopting a somewhat informal, on-the-road manner of speaking. Stendhal: =/\= We caught wind of a colossal explosion here! I mean, it rattled the rafters. Is everyone in one piece over there, safe and sound? Just thought we'd touch base to make sure everything's hunky-dory on your end. =/\= Madison nodded her head in complete agreement with Taybrim's assessment of the situation going forward. She could lose a bit of downtime herself as it had been an exhilarating mission to say the least. Perhaps she could go relax on a beach somewhere or at least in the holodeck if she had to remain on 118 during her time off. Marsh: =/\= Sounds like a plan sir. Taybrim: =/\= ? Stendhal: =/\= Can we lend a hand in untangling this situation? It seems like a real pickle, and four heads are better than two when it comes to sorting out a mess. =/\= She nodded her head in agreement with Karen as she was willing to assist where needed. Marsh: =/\=I agree, we are happy to help wherever needed. =/\= Taybrim: =/\= ? ~*~ Tags end for Madison Marsh
  9. @Korras 1. I thought the title mix up was really cute. ❤️ . 2. This sim really shows how you don't need a whole bunch of fancy words in order convey emotion. Sometimes merely stating the truth is enough to give the reader major feels. ❤️ . __________________________________ OOC: I was drafting this, and it became so long, it didn’t feel right to include it in the sim itself, so for reference, here’s the letter Amar wrote. IC: PLEASE READ So, I woke up, and can't seem to fall asleep again, so I figured I'd try to write this down. I mean, I did promise I would tell you everything, and I think you should know about who you let into your house. and hopefully, I'll be able to sleep again afterwards. My parents weren't very nice people. My mother at least was able to feel what others were feeling like me, but the only thing that made her happy seemed to be making others feel hurt. My father usually either went along, or helped her in making others miserable. I don't know if he could feel as my mother and me, but he never really seemed to care about anything. I didn't make a lot of friends, because once my mother met them, she always made sure they did not stick around. Feeling her happiness when I was sad only made me more sad, which made her more happy. I had no idea what to do anymore. She knew when I was thinking about telling anyone, and made sure that I didn't. Sometimes, when she couldn't hurt people with words, she'd hurt me for real. Years ago, a group of kids showed up with a trading ship, and were doing theater on the street. I ended up talking to them, and they asked me to come with them. I really never thought it through, I just wanted to get away. I thought they meant to a different place in town, but it turned out they were going back to the ship they came in with. before I knew it, they had taken me along as one of their own. I was scared at first, until I realized I no longer had to fear my mother. However, I never told them I could feel what they felt. I guess it was the one thing about me that I kept secret, as everything else we shared, always being so close to eachother. That's how I came to be with the Merry Misfits. Vanla was always the leader, even back then. She would make sure we never stayed in one place too long. It didn't take long to figure out how they got their money: the theater was just an easy way to draw the attention of people away, and some of the misfits would go around pickpocketing. I tried that, but I was better at performing. It helped a lot that I could get a good feeling of the crowd, and what they liked, the better to draw attention away from those picking their pockets.. Kayden has been with them for a long time, too. he has a really big crush on Vanla, but I never was able to figure out of she liked him or not. She's really hard to figure out, her feelings often didn't make sense. Anyway, that's how we lived. We often hid away in freighters and other ships to get from place to place, or sometimes we'd even actually pay for transit. We never thought much of what we did, we just thought that if the things we stole were important to people, they wouldn't let us steal them. But today was different. It seemed such a small thing to do, simply drop something in the computer, and we'd get paid. But then, everything went wrong. It made me realize that small things can cause really, really, big problems. And that's what's keeping me awake now. What other problems did we cause over time? For us, it might have been just things we stole. What if we stole something from someone, and now that person couldn't get food for his family anymore? I never worried about that before, but now I think we were very selfish. Kayden and Vanla seemed so unworried about it all. I don't want to go back to that. I also don't want to be going somewhere else all the time anymore, or worry about when we get to eat, or trying to keep hidden away on some ship. I am really glad that you and Korras and Snezhana found me. I don't know what else would have happened. And I don't know how to thank you for letting me in your house tonight. I hope you are still okay with me staying here after reading this. I know I would have had to tell this all to someone eventually, and I'm tired of running away. I also know that staying here won't be entirely easy, I expect I'll have to talk to many people about that. But I really do want to stay, and I want to be honest from now on, and after you let me in, I don't want to hide it from you. Thank you for reading, and for helping me. -Amar
  10. @Evan Ross Well actually Korass is going to be her uncle and Taybrim her grandfather, because space dad Taybrim. 😆 The rest can be aunts, uncles or the like. lol
  11. @Gogigobo Fairhug Join Starfleet they said. Go on missions they said. Adopt a kid they said not. lol. Besides it's only fitting I should deal with kids both OOC and IC lol. But no really, I love Amar just as much as Haukea.
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