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  1. Hello all you gamers! I got back into WOW with the new expansion. It's been a real blast, though I do miss being part of a nice social guild. So I was thinking, is there a guild already with members from the Fleet?
  2. Hello!

    I turned in a re-application form yesterday and I am bit worried since I have gotten no confirmation mail (is there one?) or received any sort of contact. From my earlier stint almost two years ago I know you guys work fast, so I was just worried that I did something wrong, like typing in the wrong email or something?

    Hope it's OK messaging you about this?

    //John aka. Reni Svalasdottir

  3. Thank you so much! I knew there was one but I couldn't find it. Guess I am blind
  4. Hello! Well, in short: I had an (all too) short stint here over a year ago and now I really wish to return. How should I proceed with that? Regards, Reni Svalasdottir
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