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  1. It was the amount of cocktails Corey had. He is jealous he can't pull off the shorts look.
  2. Sorry @Evan Ross think you outdid yourself on this one. Really embodied Ross and Wetherns relationship. Ross: Wait - you're telling me you gave this guy a gun?!
  3. I think I have competition for the ships comedian @Evan Ross "The Byzallian intruders had come for utter destruction. Ross' chest hurt a little when he imagined how to explain all those burn marks on the blank walls to Rustyy"
  4. It's purely down to @Haukea-Willowand @Gogigobo Fairhug setting me up. I'm just knocking them down.
  5. Loved this line Ross: Oh? I thought you brought that thing 'cause you prepared a magic show for us @Evan Ross I may add magic tricks to Corey's profile.
  6. Definitely a team effort. Although shadowy puppet master would be good for the next villain 😀
  7. Making it So is very good I'm halfway through so would support that otherwise. I,Q or the Titan book is in my favour. And anything apart from Avatar Book 2
  8. This is inspired @Evan Ross Wethern: Agreed, after you. I mean you are the spy after all. Ross: Might as well call me 0-0-tribble
  9. Loving this line have to say @Sal Taybrim "Wyn Foster, who tried to style himself as a bad-boy rockstar half the time, but in reality spent most nights alone with his tribbles"
  10. Have to say I did love this one from @Evan Ross: "He had added a considerable amount of Whisky into the dark liquid the replicator titled "coffee". Maybe it even was coffee, who knew, it might be if it was supposed to suck all joy of life out of you. He also couldn't stop staring at Ensign Marsh's fascinating sparkly drink. She was clearly more talented in choosing an appropriately entertaining beverage for this occasion. "
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