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  1. Where everyone knows your name...and exactly how much you have in your bank account
  2. Spin offs are part of the lifeblood of television; did you know that one hundred spin offs are commissioned every year? Me neither, I just made that up. Now, we all love spin offs; Joey, Mrs. Columbo, and Baywatch Nights come to mind as my favourites. Not really, they're unmitigated disasters... Although check out Mrs Columbo for a pre-Voyager Kate Mulgrew. Also cheeky guest appearances from Rene Auberjonois and Andrew Robinson. But there are good spin offs; and every Trek is a spin off in some way or another. Obviously TOS started it all, and from that we got TNG and
  3. What I really like about this is the way it forms a superlative coda; Ypartin attempted an unsuccessful coup against the Da'al people, and Zeneth (with a little help from Starfleet) thwarted it. Or perhaps he thwarted it himself... But most importantly, they used to be friends... Well done guys! E (( Detention Facility No. 1 – Vman, Da’al Capital City )) Ypartin had lost track of time. Without windows, clocks, visitors, he had become disconnected from the passage of time. Even the arrival of his meals was irregular, unpredictable. All he could do was wait. But for
  4. I like the idea of Nick Offerman playing someone and nobody's quite sure whether he's a Vulcan or just a really stoic human.
  5. Each series of Star Trek has explored different genres of television, veering from deep and meaningful dramas (In the Pale Moonlight), outright comedy (any Ferengi episode), philosophical quandaries (Let That Be Your Last Battlefield) to even ghost stories (but let’s not mention Sub Rosa, eh?) whilst all remaining within the same overall genre of space opera. Heck, TOS did a western (as did TNG now I come to think about it). With the addition of an animated comedy to the Trek canon, and an upcoming children’s show, it would appear that exploring different genres within the Trek universe i
  6. Genkos is a strictly sapphire wine or uttaberry green tea kinda guy
  7. Insert obligatory hatred of Faith of the Heart here But also This.
  8. Bloody well done @Samira Neathler, @Corliss, @Jona ch'Ranni and @Jo Marshall! Really well deserved wins by fabulous simmers!
  9. Genkos is wearing a bit of a multi-coloured patchwork outfit (image courtesy of @German Galven)
  10. I've been enjoying Enterprise a lot more since I made use of Netflix's Skip Credits option.
  11. Prison wasn’t so bad, Tillul mused. The worst part of it were his fellow prisoners; many of whom were uncouth, angry monsters. But then, they were all in for murder. Tillul had been here about a year, a long year of slowly acclimatising to incarceration, but he’d made what they laughably called his “accommodation” his own. He’d taken to carving small anatomical models of fauna from bits of wood and stone that he’d purloined from the yard during their daily exercise, and he used a small toolkit they’d allowed him from the workshop classes. He’d attempted to be a model prisoner, gaining the guar
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