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  1. Oh sleep, oh sleep, where art thou?

  2. Chocolate cupcake...

  3. I'm using Microsoft Office Word to write my sims. My mother told me of the way to avoid formatting errors in my sims. When you are saving the document save it as a plain text. I then open that format clean document and copy sim from it to gmail.
  4. Sounds like a very difficult but admirable job Hope you enjoy training! Hardest is watching children suffer, but they are biggest fighters. I can't imagine more rewarding job or any job I would rather do. I love training, it's fantastic. Full of surprises and tension. But I have a Gorn to hide behind.
  5. Antoinette was packing those few things she must have with her on a ship she will be posted on when her father entered the room. "Toni. Lupo." He accentuated each word and it meant daddy Dragon is serious. "You must write home. Is that clear, child?" "Yes father, I will write home as often as possible." Doors opened again and on them appeared small redhead. "Antoinette DiSalvo Nel Lupo." That was mama Dragon, only woman in the whole universe, who could subdue daddy Dragon. When she called somebody full name it meant business and the time stopped so she can finish her sentence. So did now and the silence you could cut with a blunt knife was interrupted only by the old clock in the corridor. "You will write every month or I will come to hear the update about your travels and missions, is that clear?" "Yes Mother." "YES WHAT?" "Yes mother, I will write regularly, at least once a month with updtes on my travels and missions." This two were main reason Toni joined Starfleet. They were not bad parents, but it was hard living with them. Packing last few pieces, Antoinette kissed her parents and twin sister and went to beam out point. Several days later, Toni was watching huge station moving closer and closer and getting bigger and bigger until it covered the view. Toni picked her backpack and followed the rest of Cadets to the final exam.
  6. I can give a massage; do you need muscle activation/strengthening, muscle relief or pain relief massage? I'm Salvo. I'm personal assistant to people with disabilities (getting them out of bed and make them mobile is often possible only with persistent massage and lot of persuasion). My parents were roleplayers and often spoke of it. I wanted to try.
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