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  1. While there is the same amount of black, the grey on the shoulders is much lighter than that on the odyssey uniforms providing a contrast that I find more appealing. In that regard, I do prefer the captain's uniform to the staff duty uniform (but the white of the shoulders seems a bit harsh of a contrast). The thing that I prefer most about the TNG film uniforms over odyssey is that there is more concentration of the division colours around the neck. The actual amount of division Colour on the odyssey uniform might have more surface area but they appear more thinned out than in the film uniforms. My favourite uniforms are the TOS film and 29th century (VOY: Relativity) uniforms. One thing in common among both of these is more Colour (albeit, much more toned down in the latter uniform).
  2. One nice bit of continuity that I liked was a series of illustrations I found online where someone drew up the Sierra uniforms from STO which made it almost look like the shirt worn under the Sierra jacket was the top found in the AGT uniforms. Here it is. I actually don't mind this idea and it makes me like the Sierra uniforms a bit more haha. I do think that the Odyssey Uniforms are an improvement over the Sierra and Antares. However there's just...too much black for me.
  3. @Tyler Kelly, those Marine uniforms look amazing!
  4. Ya the OOC thing is definitely limiting. I was part of a Bravofleet sim called USS Cavalry which just recently switched over to the AGT uniforms and...it was very difficult to make avatars for it haha. I think half of the people at the time ended up getting their uniform pics from STO haha
  5. Hey everybody, So, judging by the results of the poll on a similar topic, I have a feeling I know how the majority of people might feel about this question, but I was wondering, what are we going as our sim comes closer to approaching the year 2400? In another sim I was a part of, when the IC year hit 2395, we changed uniforms from the First Contact ones to what most refer to as the All Good Things uniform. So I was wondering, when that time comes (the year 2400, that is) what are we going to do, are we going to keep the current uniforms we have? As I know that we've pretty much accepted using the AGT commbadge at this point in time. I've always liked the AGT uniforms but I could definitely understand why other people might not necessarily be fans of it. I do think, however, that they are most likely to be the actual uniforms used by Starfleet in the early 25th Century on account of them showing up in TNG, DS9, and Voy. (I also just really dislike the STO uniforms which seem to be the only alternative...they just seem so militaristic and...not Star Trek to me)
  6. The Wrath of Khan uniforms were always my favourite, though I must say, the uniform that Kirk wears in the Motion Picture (please, don't everyone hate me at once) seems like the most Star Trek uniform. By that I mean it seems to most exemplify (as much as a uniform is capable of exemplifying) Roddenberry's vision.
  7. I think cloaking technology is one of the coolest things in science fiction; it has the potential to make space combat significantly more interesting and potentially multi-dimensional. That being said, I think the fact that it is an almost entirely offensive device would preclude its use by Starfleet (though apparently, judging by the poll results, I am not in the majority). I'm Canadian and so I think about Starfleet using cloaking devices as Canada views having a Nuclear Arsenal. The idea is that one of Canada's strongest assets in international diplomacy is the idea that Canada is a non-aggressive, peacekeeping nation and maintaining a Nuclear Arsenal would undermine that basic principle and thus damage Canada's strongest negotiating tool. As regards Starfleet, I think that, whatever interstellar governments think of the Federation, the Federation certainly sees itself in a similar light. I think that the Federation equipping its ships, even a small number of them, with a device that is purely offensive would fundamentally undermine one of the Federations greatest strengths in negotiation. Especially since the Federation prefers to handle as many situations as possible using diplomacy rather than force.
  8. Hey there Sergio, One of the things that I love about this sim is that we get people from all over the world coming here to join us! A member of the Apollo's crew who's actually on leave now is from Brazil as well, though I'm not sure which city. Once of the things that I find need is finding people who actually live near you and share the same interests. It's great to see that you've also decided on a backstory for your character, all too often, people make characters without much thought into what they're going to be. While it's good to make a character with a clean slate, it does make things interesting for everybody when you already have ideas on where your character will go. Best of luck with the future!
  9. You got: Wesley Crusher You are a gifted prodigy who can be counted on to swoop in with a solution at the last minute, perhaps to the chagrin of those around you. You were also probably picked last in gym class a lot, but that’s OK because some day, you will transcend space and time and leave all those losers behind.Excuse me while I go hang myself.
  10. Ya, after all this time, I still have been able to find the group >.<
  11. So I was watching this video: and at the 1:10 mark, the creator (Steve Shives) addressed and issue that I have always had with Star Trek. There are so many species in Trek and the fact of the matter is that so many of the characters (who aren't human) are defined by their species: Vulcans are rational, Romulans are deceitful, Klingons are barbaric, and Ferengi are ultra-capitalist. The problem that I have with this, is that it reduces many species other humans to being nigh on one dimensional. While it is good that in creating other species, the developers were trying to diversify and make them different from humans, they should have tried to go about it in a different way. Just looking around the world, one can see that the diversity of people that belong to the human species quite clearly defies any single label. Furthermore, any characters who defy the single-word attribute given to a certain species, is considered to be an outlier. While the argument to be made for different species having simple attributes is that they are just different from humans, I challenge you to give humans a single word attribute that follows along the same vain as ones given to the other species listed above. I cannot and that is why I think that Trek is slightly racist (speciesist?)Comments, question, concerns?
  12. Metro-Toronto Convention centre? My hometown, yay! I might be there, though I'll have to check and see if I'm doing anything then. I'll get back to you guys!
  13. Ya, I remember the day after Legacy of Romulus was released, I actually had to wait in a queue to get into the game!
  14. So Richards, what is the name of the SB-118 fleet? Just so that I know what to search for when I apply to join it in-game
  15. My favourite villains of all time are the borg I think they are just the perfect enemy; their very being is the perfect antithesis to our existence. Out of these two, my favourite purely as a character is Q. I feel like if I were to meet someone like him, I would be more amused by him than threatened (which is how everyone else seemed to react to him). From a villain standpoint, however, I think Kahn would be the better pick out of the two because, as was stated earlier, he had a single goal and that was to destroy Kirk. Kahn was a villain while Q seems to be more akin to Picard's foil.
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