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  1. The Dome on the hostile planet was lit up with the bright light from the nearest sun, rays breaking through the glass in infinite shades of yellow and red. Parker sat outside one of the many bars they had around here, or what the locals referred to as sprinklers. At least they had a sturdy seating situation here. It would not be the first piece of furniture his enhanced muscles crushed under their weight. Just one more cup of coffee, and he will have the pleasure to finally get away from this dump. Granted it was a good looking one, but he did not shy away from looking behind all that sparkle and greatness around the place. “Yo.” He knew what was happening even before he turned around. “Harlow, what a pleasure.” It was not, and Parker got his point across by flipping the young and slimy man off. What a paper pusher he was, standing above him with his nice suit and that fancy Borsalino on his head. His face was way too smug and clean for Parkers taste, he almost had to gag. “I wanted to ask you something.” His gesture was ignored, and he waited for the man to finally reach the point of his visit. “I need to know how you got your hands on that automated puppy. Price and everything. The Burgomaster loved it, and I’m sure his daughter wants one for herself soon.” He anticipated that someone would ask and produced a data stick from his pocket. Without resistance or a word from himself, the tiny thing exchanged hands. “Thanks, Parker.” He waved the man away from him, leaving the scene not shortly after. The coffee was still steaming, but his appetite was ruined. Time to get away. His shuttle was waiting for him, and the transition ship will be entering the system soon. Korala was the name of the warp capable ship, and he hated that place too. At least no one bothered him in his shuttle as he waited for the massive warpdrive of the ship to spin up. No one, except his best friend of course. The little pet dragon crawled over the instruments of the pilot compartment and jumped on Parkers arm. Watching him patiently with googly eyes. Typical. He knew that his defense would not last long and before he knew it, he was petting the cursed reptile. A rumble went through the ship and they signaled the passengers that a jump will commence soon. Little Paolo managed to fall asleep on his arm in a new record time and he had to bend over to activate one of the many polished screens around him. The signal was hooked into the net of the planet and with that he had access to the local news. They focused on a recent explosion in the local refinery that spanned half the planet. Their lifeblood had an accident, something blew the grav-engine to pieces right as the Burgomaster was visiting the top engineers. Parker lit a cigar and listened to the extra fans around him kick into action. What a marvelous investment. Back at the display, they feared that the incident will plunge the planet into economic disaster. No one out here wants to get bought by some big corporation. It was only natural to fear change, but without that refinery spitting out profits there will be no choice. They feared some sort of tampering, maybe even a conspiracy. He could not keep that ugly grin off his face. Whoever was responsible for that chaos is going to get a lot of credits for it. The ship leapt into warp speed and he shed his name away from him and the logs like a snake. Parker ceased to exist in that moment and all that made him up dissolved into nothing. The man will be called Ridor from now on. And he did not even get to see if the people back at Parkers last known location managed to find the mini nuke in the puppy he brought to the planet only a few days ago. Only the death toll. And that was something he was not even the slightest bit interested in.
  2. Hey everyone! My name is Marc, I'm playing Tobias Steiger and I'm hailing from Germany. In around a week I'm going to be 33 years old. Thanks to the recent Corona-Outbreak I've quite a lot of free time to spare. After playing a TON of Pen and Paper RPGs over the years I've decided to "branch out" to the English community to train my general English skills and to have fun playing RPGs online. So forgive me for my bad writing skills for now! 😁 If you spot an error or want to give me some tips or pointers, feel free to! Right now I'm working with my gut feeling and a little bit of google translate. After watching "Picard" and falling in love with the general feeling of the show I did two things: Applied for a character here and downloaded Star Trek Online. 🤗 I'm looking forward to playing with you all!
  3. A human male in his mid-twenties who just stepped out of a random shuttle makes his way across the end of the gangway. A duffel bag over his shoulder and a wide smile on his face he meets the officer on the other side to finish his arrival. “Tobias Steiger. Science Department. Fresh from the academy. I’m here for the Cadet Cruise.” A short but informational introduction. Moving into the commercial section, he runs a hand through his short brown hair in amazement. So much going on around here. He takes a long and good look around the place, grinning to himself and figuring out what to do next. Before he needs to present himself at the holodeck, he’s free to explore the station and get used to the unfamiliar smell around here. Taking that opportunity, he uses the last few hours walking around the sector. Writing down a few notes and generally get a feeling for the place. Setting himself up with a temporary accommodation. With nothing but curiosity in mind and a bag over his shoulder, Steiger strolled along – starting his own little adventure.
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