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  1. What makes this sim great is how the description of time highlights Alieth's feelings of vulnerability in this emergency situation; it's brought into painful focus with the Olympian effort needed to complete the routine and mundane act of tapping the comm badge. Really neat writing. ((Transporter Room One, Deck One, USS Thor)) Time, occasionally, gave the appearance of dilating and contracting simultaneously, without any particularly significant gravitational alteration, or any obvious anomaly. This fact, of course, had more to do with a sense of urgency and the action of hor
  2. This made me spit my tea out - such a big, diplomatic build up and immense reverence ... and fishing. 😛
  3. Haha - I like the counsellor's combat style ... but you know we'll all be psychoanalysing Brodie's keystrokes now
  4. This is the best line! If there was one line to sum up the Immortals and their way of life this would be it!
  5. I went for Farpoint - because it was scary as hell when I first watched it! However - this dialogue is class - I can see Ricker's face now 😆
  6. The Temporal Cold War - I think it'd be great to see more of the sci-fi mechanics and the boggling paradoxes 🙃
  7. Thanks Cap! Note that nothing has crashed so far! 😆
  8. Tough choice. Came down to Voyager or Enterprise. Ten Forward just kept calling my name!
  9. A feast of a JP from the Thor's junior officers! 😍 An imaginative scene full of mischief and good humour - it's great to see the characters off shift ... getting up to no good! Cannot wait for this to play out. "Pranking The Brass" ((Captain’s Ready Room, Deck 1, USS Thor)) Peri was going to owe Cassie big time. Although she’d already traded shifts with her once, this was going to cost her more, and Cassie wasn’t the type to forget it. At least she had found some humour in the plan, and seemed willing to help them out, for which Peri was grateful. The questi
  10. Cheers Alieth, that's really kind and it's so good to be back with the team
  11. Like a lucky bag - who knew those Vulcans had a sense of adventure? 😛
  12. Tea. Lukewarm is fine. Special occasions, include cake. On a side plate, not in the mug 😛
  13. Hi and welcome! SB118 is a great place to write and geek out on Trek. There's a variety of vessels in operation and each has a stellar crew! Hopefully you've found our discord too!
  14. Good point! Is there a secondment scheme? I'd be interested to hear if so! 😛
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