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  1. @Quentin Collins III- I remember when you were a newly posted ensign all full of energy and excitement on the Eagle and I am so proud of how much you have grown and developed as a writer! You have done a great job and I am so excited to see you recognized for this award! Keep up the great work! @Addison MacKenzie - You have been such a strong writer and helpful staff person this year going through a lot of changes and always managing to still write well. I love writing with you in the Academy and the Thor is so lucky to have you! I'm so happy to see your recognized this year - stay awesome my friend! @Wes Greavesand @Ben Garcia - I have seen how supportive and helpful you both are for your fellow crewmates and your ship's staff. I'm so glad to see you both recognized. Keep up the great work and keep on making the galaxy a bit more brilliant with your writing! Fly high, Vikings, fly high! And finally, @Romyana Casparian - you are an absolute delight to write with. I love your energy, I love the soft characterizations you place into Romyana. I was touched as she made fast friends with Ensign Steiger only to see him injured on the mission and transferred to Starfleet medical. I loved the little downtime conversation while we were playing out the clock on the bridge. I loved the effort you put into improving Lt. Bailey's braces. You connect with your fellow crew both in sim and on Discord and you deserve this recognition. Thank you for being awesome and I look forward to so many future missions together! To all the duty post winners: CONGRATULATIONS! You inspire the fellow writers on your ships and across the fleet. Stay brilliant, stay creative, stay awesome. ❤️
  2. I would like to thank @FltAdml. Wolf for going above and beyond this awards ceremony. So much hard work was done behind the scene and if anyone deserves a drink and a vacation it's this guy right here! Thank you so much for your hard work! Thank you @Jo Marshall for all the hard work you did in getting this awards ceremony together as well as massive amount of back scenes management to get all those votes tallied and all those nominations sorted. You did a great job, thank you! Thank you to every player in this game. Remember simming is collaboration, and we gain more by writing with others and letting others help us write. Keep dreaming, keep writing beautiful stories and keep supporting one another! Oh and... @Randal Shayne - thank you for the wonderful and heartfelt thanks ❤️ However we have written together - for quite some time - on the Eagle. I have two characters, remember? I look forward to seeing everyone back for Awards 2021!!
  3. Yes! cross ship shenanigans sounds like a blast! ❤️ thank you for the kind words!
  4. Thank you all so much. ❤️ If you know me behind the scenes, I do not like to seek recognition; even pushing to see others recognized above myself. But I am so thankful for having a fantastic and supportive crew who put forth some deep, meaningful nominations. You are all the very best, thank you so much ❤️ ~*~ @Roshanara Rahman - Congratulations! You are truly one of the best staff people I have ever worked with. You're probably the most tireless, hardworking person in the game beyond Admiral Wolf and one of the biggest champions for Fleetwide unity and positive progress. You have an uncompromising ability to look at situations fairly and from multiple viewpoints and you are an advocate for all players of this game. Though we have never simmed together (but we should change that in the future!) I know you as one of the most dependable, level headed and responsible people in the fleet. Thank you so much for all you do, and once again CONGRATULATIONS! @Oddas Aria - This really was the year that you started to shine. From the Capstone project, the fostering of Commander Shayne through his Commander's exam and to his own launch, the building up of LtC Collins into a promising fleet staff member and the continued support of your crew to your dedication and work on the EC as our Captain at Large, CONGRATULATIONS, these recognitions are well deserved! @Quinn Reynolds - Your leadership of the training team has been a tremendous light and has made that team into a well-oiled machine. You help foster all our new members as well as working as a mentor and guide for many of our new COs who all speak highly of you. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this game year after year, and CONGRATULATIONS on your well-earned recognition in this new award! @Jarred Thoran - Thank you so much for bring a dedicated and popular Commanding Officer who had formed a model of communication for new ship launches. I know you have struggled and overcome some difficult things in your command and have emerged as a strong CO that can confidently lead your crew moving forward, CONGRATULATIONS on the PIke award, you have earned it! @Randal Shayne - Thank you for all the hard work you do with the Trivia Chat, on the Picard committee and now in transition to your new launch. CONGRATULATIONS and best of luck for bright futures and wonderful adventures moving forward! We have faith in you! Or it that Faith of the Heart?! Congratulations everyone for helping make this game run as smoothly as it does for 26 years!
  5. @Roshanara Rahman, @Dassa Alexander-Dalton - 10 years already?! WOW! Here's to 10 great years of simming and hopefully another 10 in the future!! @Geoffrey Teller - CONGRATULATIONS on the Rising Star! You have done a great job ushering in the transition to the Thor and supporting a bright new crew! I look forward to seeing all the wonderful things in store for the future! @Blake - I cannot imagine how much work you put into the wiki, but you do a fantastic job! Thank you so much for keeping everything tidy, running and up to date! I'm so glad we were able to recognize a role that sometimes goes overlooked and celebrate all the hard work you do! Thank you @Jo Marshall for all your hard work on Discord, we love the bots, icons and fun you bring to our chat! @Alieth - despite being with us for just a short time you have made a BIG splash! Thank you so much for all you're energy, creativity and awesome graphics! CONGRATS on this well-earned award, I'm so glad we are able to celebrate your hard work and I look forward to seeing all the awesome things in store for you moving forward! @Sheila Bailey you are such a vibrant and passionate writer, I am so proud to have you on Ops. Thank you for all your effort and wonderful writing over this past year and I look forward to amazing adventures to come Lieutenant Stendhal - I'm not seeing your tag on the forums so I'll just have to e-mail you a link You have been such a joy to write with. Your humor, clever writing and charm shines through in every post you send. Thank you for being a wonderful addition to our Ops crew! And thank you so much @FltAdml. Wolf for founding this game and continuing to champion it year after year. you make it possible for us to dream, and through dreams our lives become better. Thank you so much. ❤️
  6. A fun little perspective on the ongoing courtroom drama! ((Starbase 104 - Courtroom)) Along with his quick pit stop for a snack Scooter took a stroll to stretch his legs. He had been spending so much time recently digging through various files that he had managed to secure (don't ask him how), messaging people involved in the case for more information and comment (with almost zero luck), and writing draft after draft of the story to date. He needed a little exercise and some time out of that dark FNS writer's room. His PADD gave a beep letting him know he had an incoming message. He removed his PADD from his jacket pocket and looked at the message. The trial was resuming. He decided that exercise back to the courtroom would have to be enough for today. He needed to get to the courtroom to hear some of the testimony to see how it connected to his findings so far. He slipped in quietly while the prosecution was finishing cross examination of one of the witnesses and took a seat in the back row. The defense attorney rose and addressed the court. Maddox: I have one more witness; Commander Maxwell Traenor. He has joined the crew in Captain Rajel’s absence and with him, I would like to introduce new evidence. ::looking between Aubrey and Skepus:: Before I proceed. I want it on record that three separate Starbase 104 engineering and science teams have reviewed the findings and concur that they are authentic and accurate. Scooter sat up a little higher in his chair. It seemed a little odd to him that the prosecution would provide a preemptive explanation of the evidence they were about to present so he figured this must be something good. Really good. Well, depending on your point of view and Scooter's point of the view was whatever story got him the promotion. Maddox: Here are the original, undoctored orders for the USS Constitution-B’s mission to Zeltin IV. It shows that Captain Rajel was ordered to negotiate trade. Commander Traenor, can you walk us through how you and Ensign Foley uncovered this as well as walk us through the details of the document? oO Oh this is better than I thought! Oo Traenor: The metadata obscuration protocols and packet traffic trace details are appendicized in the presentation to the court. I can elaborate on the technicalities if required, but otherwise will condense our findings. On Stardate 239706.01, on the orders of Commander Maddox and with the authorization of the court, Ensign Chip Foley and I completed a thorough parse of related mission communication logs embedded in the USS Constitution's computer core. File size metadata inconsistencies, elaborated in Appendix I, between Starfleet Command and the Constitution were noted. Following the packet data routing outlined in Appendix II, it was found that the communication files in question were altered on Stardate 239704.26. Scooter was a little lost in the technobable jargon that was coming out of the man's mouth but he was putting the basic pieces together. Someone had altered the orders to frame Fleet Captain Rajel. Traenor: Despite having a skilled decrypter in Ensign Foley giving me assistance, the terminal point metadata had been expertly obscured. We were able to ascertain that the alteration had occurred from someplace within Starfleet Headquarters, but no further. The instigator of the comm log alterations had sufficiently covered their tracks. That is, except for one small overlooked packet regarding travel distances to Zeltion IV. Once we were able to parse that metadata, it gave us the key to unlock the altered metadata on the rest of the communication logs at question. We were able to not only unlock the original orders as they were received, but were able to pinpoint the terminal responsible for the alterations, and narrow it all down to one individual, thanks to that one overlooked message. Skepus: Your Honor, I– … This is highly irregular! Scooter was shocked. This was not the reaction that you would expect from a JAG officer, and a Vulcan one at that. The prosecution's case was quickly falling apart. Aubrey/Any: response Maddox: And with whom did this document originate? How high up the chain of command are they? Traenor: The key document, which allowed us to verify the alterations of all other listed comm documents, originated from the terminal of Lieutenant Dolen, personal adjunct of Admiral Fraser. You will find their dossiers and their personal and professional links to the Zeltion IV mission in Appendix III. Maddox: Please keep in mind the three independent teams reviewed this prior to my submission into evidence. Scooter couldn't believe his ears and from the sounds of the courtroom either could anyone else in the room. Did he just hear what he thought he heard? The office of Admiral Faser had given the original orders and changed them when things went south to save face as he set off into the sunset years of his life? Scooter thought he had a heck of a story when this was about Fleet Captain Rajel but the REAL story trumped that by quite a bit. Aubrey: response Maddox: ::bowing her head::Thank you Commander Traenor. I have no further questions. Skepus: Your Honor, in light of recent evidence, I withdraw my case. :: To Aria, cooly :: Perhaps we will resume this at a later date. Boom. And there it was. The case against Fleet Captain Rajel was over and Scooter was sure the case against Admiral Fraser was just starting. He was hoping for a little downtime after writing this story but it was about to get even better. Aubrey/Rajel: response The room was more than a little chaotic at the moment. People were standing. Some were hugging. The room was buzzing with various conversations. Skepus was obviously frustrated and doing his Vulcan best not to let his emotions get the better of him but anyone watching him didn't need to guess at the inner turmoil he was going through. Scooter wanted a comment and did his best to make his way through the crowd of people. McGee: Excuse me. Excuse me! He continued to gently push his way through as he made his way to Maddox and Rajel. The two were understanbly surrounded by people to whom this case was very personal. McGee: Well let me be one of the first to congratulate you both on the outcome of the case. Maddox/Rajel: ? McGee: Scooter McGee. Reporter with Federation News Service. I've been covering the case but nobody really wanted to talk on the record while the trial was still underway. Now that the trial is over can I *finally* get a comment before we all turn our attention to Admiral Fraser? Maddox/Rajel: ? McGee: Your crew seems very devoted to you as shown by their commitment to helping prove your innocence. And I must say I am extremely impressed by their skill and resourcefulness. You are lucky to have them. Maddox/Rajel/Any: ? -tag/tbc- PNPC Scooter McGee Reporter, Federation News Service as simmed by Lieutenant Junior Grade Jacob Horne Engineering USS Constitution-B C239408JH0
  7. So, since I already wrote *pages* about Ops and how much I love them all, let me give some shout outs to other ships in our fantastic fleet! Seriously, if you get the chance, check out your fellow ships and installations and get inspired! We are a fleet with a mission of unity in 2020 and the awards ceremonies are a great way to get inspired to check out other ships! So without further ado... @Lazarus Davis - you have done a fantastic job this year in building your character. From your relationship with queen, to your portrayal of Skepus, the Vulcan everyone loves to hate, you have really grown as a writer and a simmer! I'm so glad to see you honored with both the Khan Award and TOSMA! @Addison MacKenzie - I have really enjoyed writing with you in the Academy, so I'm not at all surprised that you're also the Thor's choice for TOSMA this year! Congratulations!! Keep up the fantastic work, and I hope that at some point I'll be able to guest write on the Thor and get to write with you and your wonderful crew in person! @Artinus Serinus - I have heard nothing but great things from your CO, crew and everyone who sims with you. Congratulations on the Genesis award and I look forward to reading more posts from you moving forward! Keep up the great work! @Chloe Waters - You have always been such a fun simmer to work with on the Eagle, I miss simming with you! Congratulations on the Russ Bar and best wishes for you moving forward on the Arrow! I know you will continue to do a fantastic job! @Toryn Raga - I have loved simming with Lystra on the Constitution and I hope to someday be able to meet your primary character! Congratulations on the Scotty Cross and keep writing amazing characters! @Quentin Collins III - You? Write a devious badguy?! Say it ain't so! You have always been a joy to write with and I hope you keep up the fantastic work! Congratulations, Quentin and keep flying high on that shiny new ship of yours! @Zephyr - You're one of my oldest friends in this game, and I'm honestly shocked that you've never gotten the B-Plot award before now! CONGRATULATIONS! I hope that I can meet your new toon Timothy and get together with Skyfire again in the future! @Jalana - I love writing with you, you know that? If you didn't I'll say it again - I love writing with you!! @Randal Shayne - I miss writing with you, you are a joy to sim with! Congratulations and best of luck with that shiny new ship of yours! I am sure you will do a fantastic job! @Geoffrey Teller - You know, if I had a wishlish of 'people I would like to sim with' you would be at the top. I hope we get to write together someday! Congratulations on your awards and keep being awesome! Good job everyone! Keep writing, keep being awesome!
  8. I am loving all these looking into each crew's mind in the aftermath of a difficult mission! ((Quarters, Habitat Ring, Starbase 118)) ((Time: Shortly after returning to his quarters from the Narendra)) (OOC: I'm not familiar with using FOA, please do correct me if it's not used right) Drevas: Okie dokie, computer, start recording. Ensign Drevas Matthel. At the confirming beep from the computer, he set about organizing his quarters proper. He hadn't the chance upon graduating proper after all. Personal log, supplemental. Whew! What a first couple of days. I betcha most officers don't get shot at by five warbirds on their first day on the bridge. Kinda hair-raising if you ask me. But hey, what can you do? Starfleet life, if that's how it's gotta be I'm cool with that. I didn't sign up for the cushiest job in the fleet after all. Slender fingers deftly undid the clasp on his travel case, extracting a few personal belongings of his. His father's spare earring, given to him by his mother just before he left. A pen and paper notepad, accompanied by a simple black ballpoint, which he planned to use to scribble notes if he had to. Sometimes typing while panicky didn't exactly leave behind the most understandable of words, though legible. A family photo taken when he was a little boy; a final reminder of Drevas Artur before all hell broke loose with the Dominion War. Along with a couple more odd trinkets. Gotta say, I didn't expect chasing after a couple of cultists to be so complicated. What's his name? Janul? The Defense Force commander? Can't quite figure out what his deal is. He seems pretty acquainted with the captain. Don't quite know how they're related. He was clearly flying with the rest of the cultists who shot at us - so why help us? What's his game? There's definitely something I'm not seeing or knowing here. On the small workdesk, next to the monitor went the picture; a small reminder of home, tilted towards him where he could see it easily if he swivelled his chair around. Over the edge he hung the earring. His family, all together in one place - they'd watch as he went about his work, surely. The Prophets would take care of them all, surely, wherever they were at any point in their life. But hey, that's not the be all and end all of my first couple of days. Getting shot at is one thing but meeting the rest made things so much better. The engineers on this ship seem to be pretty well acquainted. There's Romy. Sweet girl, never without a smile for the hour or so I spent talking to her and her colleagues. Interesting attitude and outlook too. In good ways. Pretty refreshing actually! Kudon the Vulcan - definitely gotta chat to him a little more sometime. I haven't had much opportunity to interact with that many Vulcans so far. Except maybe professor T'Lang in Tactical Strategies. Next a couple of books came out from the travel case, stored away on the bookshelves. Bajoran scripture text, some of it, but mostly literary works from across the quadrant. There was even a 'Learning Chinese for Dummies' manual he'd gotten at a sort of flea market held on campus once. And then there's Miskre. She's an interesting one. I'll admit, I have never, ever seen a species of plant-based humanoids in my entire life. She has this sorta... ethereal quality. Kinda... drifty. A sort of carefree-ness. Y'know? Always with a smile to her. You can kinda tell that she smiles a lot. And that's okay. I'm definitely looking forward to meeting her again sometime, and finding out more about her and her people. Finally, he replicated himself a proper dinner: A bowl of Chinese lotus root and peanut soup made with pork ribs. Delicious. He'd fallen in love with the stuff when his classmate introduced it to him, thinking that he might like it considering his resemblance to the race of humans that invented it. And she'd been right. Taking a seat at the coffee table he took slow sips of the piping hot broth. For now I've got answers to find. Who's Janul? Who is he to our captain? What are the staff like? Where can you get the best synth springwine on base? Lots more, but hey, one step at a time. The Prophets never gave anyone answers that easily. Reap what you sow. Slow and steady. And you know what? I'm happy to wait and get those answers nice and slow too. In the meantime I've got a lot of exploring to do, lots of people to meet. Checkup first thing in the morning tomorrow - gotta look presentable. It's gonna be a long journey ahead, but hey, who's to say that's a bad thing? If the Prophets will it then so be it. I'm not walking this path alone, anyway. I've got others to accompany me. With that he put down the bowl of soup, half-finished, and began typing out a letter to his mess hall companions that night. Perhaps they'd be open to meeting one more time. And who knows? It might just become a regular gig. // To: Ensign Romyana Casparian, Ensign Kudon, Crewman Miskre Swenhart From: Ensign Drevas Matthel Subject: Meet again sometime? Hey! So nice to get to know you all that night on the Narendra. Crazy experience, huh? How'd you all like to hang out sometime? Visit the holodeck, walk the commercial district, or maybe just go into the depths of the starbase and find our way back like explorers. We'll see! Now that our nerves aren't quite so buzzing I think it's going to be something awesome for all of us! How about... this weekend? 1000 hours? I'll follow up with a meeting place. If anyone else wants to come along that's perfectly fine! Regards, Drevas Matthel // Message sent he put his PADD away and finished the last of the steaming hot broth. Something like that never failed to warm him up before bed. Mother used to tell me that we're all authors, writers penning the story of our own lives for others to read. Every stage in life is a new chapter. A new arc, with new characters sometimes. My Academy days are over - one chapter closed. And today I've written the first few words of the next one. And I can't wait to write the rest. Drevas: Computer, end log. With that he recycled the now-empty bowl and lay down in bed. Tomorrow was a new day and he planned to clinch it. And he couldn't do that sleep-deprived. Casparian/Swenhart/Kudon: Response Ensign Drevas Matthel Tactical Officer Starbase 118 - USS Narendra 0239706DM0 --
  9. ((Starbase 118 – Meeks’ Quarters)) What a bang up first day at his first duty assignment. After arriving back at the Starbase, Anthony received his crew quarters assignment and quickly found where he would be living for the immediate future. Having rested on the Narindra, Anthony was ready to get to work. Training for a Marine was more like leisure than work, so making reservations for a training holodeck was no burden for him. He hadn’t been integrated into the Marine unit on the station, and while he waited for those orders to come through, he figured he might as well sharpen his skills. It was never fun to train alone, so he tapped his combadge while he walked. ((Starbase 118 - Glover's Quarters)) It had been a hell of a first mission for Glover but he came out of it unscathed. The ride back to the Starbase was one that Noah spent in quiet contemplation, allowing his mind to settle around the events that had taken place. Having been through such an ordeal and looking death in it's nasty eyes, Noah was thankful for those moments of solitude. Now that he was back on Starbase 118 he spent the early part of the day getting settled into his new crew quarters. They were bigger then he had expected, being more roomy then the crew quarters that they had showed them in the academy. That was one of the big perks of being assigned to a Starbase. Unpacking didn't take long, just some clothes, a few pictures from home, and some of Noah's favorite books. Meeks: =/\=Meeks to Ensign Glover=/\= Glover: =/\= Glover here =/\= Meeks: =/\= I have an hour of holodeck time and I’m going to do some training. Wanna join in?=/\= Noah perked up at this. Anthony and Noah had served together during the academy and during their recent mission the Captain had assigned them both to the Klingon shuttle together. Noah liked Anthony, he handled himself well during the mission. Glover: =/\= I would love to. I will suit up.=/\= Meeks: =/\=Copy that. I’ll meet ya on Training Holodeck Thirty-Two.=/\= ((Starbase 118 - Training Holodeck Thirty-Two)) Anthony tapped the console outside the door of the holodeck and loaded the program. With a chirp, the computer acknowledged the command and the holodeck doors slid open. Stepping inside, Anthony found himself standing in a mid sixteenth century Japanese dojo. The walls were dark wood framed rice paper and the floor was bamboo matting. Racks of period weaponry lined one of the walls. Taking the time while he waited for his new found friend, Anthony started a stretching routine. Noah arrived outside the Holodeck shortly there after. He was unsure exactly what training program they would use and felt it best to be prepared for anything while in his uniform, so he opted to wear his Starfleet uniform. Noah smiled when he entered and noticed Anything was already there and stretching. Glover: Ah, great choice on the program. I love the martial arts. Meeks: I figured we’d start slow with some stretches, then work our way into some jujitsu and aikido. How’s that sound to you? Noah smiled and nodded then quickly joined Anthony and began to do some stretches, making sure his body was prepared for the work Noah was about to put it through. He was happy to have made friends with a marine, he knew that Anthony would keep him challenged which would prove very useful in his line of work as a security officer. Glover: I will never get tired of the magic of the Holodeck. It is like we are really in Japan, I can even smell the Japanese wood. Meeks: ::Unable to suppress a smile:: It is pretty amazing. Sure beats a sweaty ol’ gym. Once they were warmed up, the pair moved to the center of the room. They squared up on each other and Anthony moved first. He was a little surprised when Noah slipped to the left of his advance, and before Anthony was able to regain his balance, he found himself on the floor. Rolling to his back, he took up the guard position as Noah mounted him. Bracing himself, Anthony arched his back and locked his legs around Noah’s waist. This kept Noah from being able to strike. They struggled for a few seconds in that position then broke, regaining their feet. Meeks: Smooth, Amigo. You got some moves, my friend. Glover: Your defense game is on point. Meeks: Let’s try that again. Glover: Brace for impact Lieutenant. ::chuckles:: Once the motion started, it was Noah who found himself on the floor again. He had dropped to lunge under Anthony’s raised arms and Anthony stepped into his advance. Anthony grabbed Noah around the waist and twisted, throwing Noah onto the bamboo mat. Before Anthony could advance on him, Noah rolled onto his knees and to his feet. It appeared to Anthony he had found a worthy sparring partner in the young Ensign. The twisting and turning grappling match went on for the full hour, and by the time the chime sounded, signaling their time was up, both men were sweaty and maybe a little bruised. Anthony grabbed a couple of towels from the rack and tossed one to Noah. Meeks: Now the only thing left for me to do, is buy you a beer. You game? Glover: A beer sounds perfect. Meeks: Promenade in an hour? Glover: I will see you there. Thanks for the workout Anthony. ::smiles and waves goodbye as he exits the Holodeck:: ((Starbase 118 - Glover's Quarters)) Noah stepped under the warm water of the shower and released a long sigh as the water massaged his sore muscles. He couldn't help but smile as he thought back over the past few days, his dreams of being a Starfleet Security Officer finally a reality. The fact that he had already made friends with Anthony made it even that much better. ~~~ End ~~~ ~~~ Ensign Noah Glover Security Officer Starbase 118 Ops O239706NG0 and 2Lt. Anthony Meeks Marine Officer - 292nd TMR Starbase 118 Ops R238801IG0
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