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  1. To Kieran's point ... our Chief Tactical Officer has yet to fire a weapon! That doesn't mean he doesn't stay busy, though. All true. I admit I was surprised since I got to full Lieutenant and Chief without ever being in a fight. Although there has been some fighting I have yet to be directly involved. For one reason or another I never fired, fought, hit or even threw a bad word... No, wait, that last one I did... But all the rest I am still waiting for a chance to do.
  2. Hello all, since my application was approved it looks like it's introduction time. My name is Bruno Abreu, I am on the other side of the sea from most you, on the lower left corner of Europe, in Portugal. This will be my first time playing and after some search I found your site. Like with MMOs if I ever was starting on something similar to an RPG it would have to be based on Star Trek. After checking your site got my attention because of the help you give to someone new. I work on graphic production for a company that builds museum exhibitions, so I sometimes have spare time while there are stuff in the printers. To finish I will just say that my oldest TV memory, dating back to 1978, is from Star Trek. It might be considered "the worse fight scene ever" but for a four year old that fight between Kirk and the Gorn captain was memorable. Edit: Yes, my spelling is as good as my Klingon, I think I have correct all the typos now.
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