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Ensign Ba'el - 1 Hypo makes you larger, and 1 hypo makes you small

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((This is the continuation of "White Tribble" ))
(( Ba'el's Mind, Paoike Colony-Drever IV))
W'mar: Ba'el, daughter of Laneth, of the house of Konjah.  We need to talk.
Ba'el: Talk? ::Tilts her head in confusion:: About what?
The old monk simply grunted with amusement. He pulled a flask from within his robes, opened the cap and took a deep drink before he returned his gaze to her.
W'mar: About why you are here.
Ba'el was even more confused now. 
Ba'el: Why I am here?  I do not even know how I got here! The last thing I remember was....was
W'mar: Drever IV?
Ba'el looked up sharply. The memory coming back to her.
Ba'el:  Yes! I was helping one of the colonists and went to get some water for his garden and..
The old monk laughed. Shaking his head upon hearing her words.
W'Mar: Getting a colonist some water for his garden? Is THIS the path you left us to follow?  And then what happened?
Ba'el bristled at the old monks mocking a moment before she tried to recall what had happened.
Ba'el: ::furrows her brow:: I went to get the water, as I started to walking back, I heard a noise in the underbrush, and tried to see what it was. Then it starts to get blurry and I must have blacked out. 
The old monk gave her an incredulous look before he took another drink from his flask.
W'mar:  Yes, that sort of thing can happen when you get shot in the 'oSrlq  by a couple of darts!  Not exactly the sort of tale to inspire your fellow Klingons with.
The younger Klingon woman was now confused, embarrassed and angry
Ba'el: Darts? ::Shakes her head in confusion:: Wait, am I dead?
W'mar: No. Merely unconscious. 
Ba'el: Merely unconscious? ::looks around  then back to W'mar:: So this is all in mind mind.
W'mar: ::nods approvingly:: Just so. It's nice to see your wits haven't been completely dulled yet.
Ba'el: If this is all simply in my mind, then you aren't really W'mar. 
The older Klingon again nodded approvingly to her. A look of approval on his face,
W'mar: No, I am not. :: Takes another drink from his flask before wiping his mouth with the back of his hand:: So, if I am not really W'mar, as you say, then what am I?
((TBC: Gotta stop to make dinner, I will pick this up again soon.))
Ensign Ba'el

USS Constitution-B

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