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Ensign Ba'el - And the Hypo Lt. Park gave you, doesn't do anything at all

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((And the conclusion of "White Tribble" and "1 Hypo makes you larger, and 1 hypo makes you small" ))

(( Ba'el's Mind, Paioke Colony-Drever IV))

The older Klingon again nodded approvingly to her. A look of approval on his face,
W'mar: No, I am not. :: Takes another drink from his flask before wiping his mouth with the back of his hand:: So, if I am not really W'mar, as you say, then what am I?
Ba'el stared at him for a moment before she lowered her gaze, unsure how to answer the question. W'Mar chuckled to himself for a moment before he spoke again.
W'mar: Come now, this should be a simple question and easy to answer. I thought you were a trained "counselor', and not a trainee on her first cadet cruise.
There was a mocking tone to his questions, and Ba'el could feel her own temper build in response.
Ba'el: I am a Counselor!
W'mar: Then answer the question! What. Am. I?
Ba'el thought a moment before responding to his challenge.
Ba'el: Since all of this ::Gestures around herself:: isn't real, then it is a construct of my unconscious mind which means ::Glares at W'mar:: You are as well. 
W'mar: ::nods:: Very good. 
Ba'el: Then what is all this about then? ::Glares:: Why now?
The old monk met her stare, and the challenge it implied. It is a test of wills, but Ba'el refused to avert her eye's in deference to the older Klingon. W'mar's steely gaze was evenly matched with the fire in Ba'el's eyes. The standoff lasted only a moment before W'mar smiled and took another drink. tacitly yielding to the younger woman.
W'mar: Good. I see you still have the heart of a Klingon warrior. Even if you reject the warriors path.
Ba'el: I have not rejected the warriors path! 
W'mar: Oh? ::cocks his head slightly to the side:: You left your people, and joined starfleet to be a "counselor" for the glory of the empire I suppose? ::a dismissive gesture:: Bah!
Ba'el took a deep breath to focus her thoughts and not give in to her anger.
Ba'el: I left because that was the path laid out before me in my visions. Not every battle can be won in physical combat! Not every battlefield is so simple as an open field! Not every enemy is easy to slay!
W'mar dismissed her statements with a wave of his hand.
W'mar: Invisible enemies? in our minds?  Perhaps human minds are vulnerable to these "enemies", But a Klingon mind is stronger.
Ba'el: No, it is not. All minds are strong, Klingon or otherwise. But even the strongest ones can be worn down by unexpected foes, by enemies the mind cannot cope with. I have seen it with my own eyes.
W'mar shakes his head in disbelief.
W'mar: I'm confused. You talk of helping others minds, like a doctor, yet you also talk of fighting enemies that are unseen.  So which are you?  A healer of minds, or a Klingon Warrior?
Ba'el leaps to her feet, fists balled, glaring angrily at the old monk.
W'mar looked up at her with a stony look on his face.
W'mar: Is that so? Tell me how this can be?
Ba'el took a moment to regain her control before speaking again. her heart pounding in her chest.
Ba'el: I stand with those who have been condemned to fighting a lonely battle. With no support, no reinforcements and no chance to rest and regain their strength. A battle against an enemy already entrenched within their minds. The enemy is tireless, their very strength can double the moment you aren't looking. It is a long campaign against almost impossible odds.  Against such an enemy, every moment of survival is seen as a victory. For me, there is no more honorable combat than this.  And I will never yield.
W'mar looked at her in silence. The crackle of the fire filling the silence between them.
Ba'el: This is an enemy that does threaten our people.  An enemy against we have no defense. An enemy our people don't see as a threat.  But it is there. And has already claimed the minds of those caught unawares. I have seen those who suffered amongst our people. They are treated as weak cowards, or simpleminded.  But they have suffered at the hands of  enemies that can make a Klingon's blood run cold with fear.
W'mar: What enemies. We fear no-one!
Now it was Ba'el's turn to be dismissive.
Ba'el: The Borg for one.  An enemy that cares nothing for honor, that views us as simply a resource to be harvested. The hearts of even the greatest of Klingon warriors will know fear. The fear of being robbed of the self through assimilation. The fear of defeat without a glorious death in combat.  I remember seeing the Klingons rescued from the Borg on Boreth.  They were hollow shells of themselves, and all but forgotten by their fellow Klingons. 
W'mar simply stared at her. Saying nothing.
Ba'el: I was a young acolyte then.  But I knew this was wrong.  Kahless never turned his back on his people, and yet we claim to follow in his footsteps?  The enemy had shown themselves to me. To fight them, I needed training I could not get in the empire. So yes, I turned to the Federation. And yes, I joined Starfleet. They had the knowledge I needed to fight this enemy. Someday I will return to the Empire.  And when I do, it will be armed with the weapons. the skills, and the experiences of this path.
She stopped to take a breath and looked down at him.
Ba'el: I have freely surrendered my todays, for my peoples tomorrows.
W'mar slowly regained his feet. He walked around the small fire to stand before Ba'el. 
W'mar: Your heart, is truly Klingon. With such fire, futures are forged. 
With a final nod of respect, the old Klingon monk begins to talk back to the tunnel he arrived from. Just before he enters, he turns to look at Ba'el on last time.
W'mar: Ba'el, daughter of Laneth, of the house of Konjah. I wish you well on your path. Qaplah!
Ba'el: Qaplah! Brother W'mar
Ba'el watched him walk into the tunnel. eventually, he faded from sight.
oO Well that was interesting. But I still don't know how to wake myself up. Oo
From the tunnel, W'mar's voice could be heard one final time.
W'mar: One more thing. Getting injured by animal traps will not help you get into to Sto-vo-kor. So try not to get darted again?
oO Darted? Oo
Pain suddenly flared in her hip and side. the burning sensation made her nerves scream in agony. She felt herself falling. Her last sight was the cavern floor rushing up to meet her before she blacked out.
((OOC: I think that should tie it up.  Wake me up outside please.))
Ensign Ba'el
USS Constitution-B


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