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  1. (( Main Engineering, Deck 24, USS Columbia )) (( 0800 – The morning after the party )) :: Like the majority of Columbia’s crew, the newly promoted Lieutenant Theo Whittaker was still on shore leave. He was not due to report as Chief Engineering Officer until the order to rescind their scheduled downtime was officially given. Given his new position, however, there was much to be done in order to make the transition easier for his department and he did not want to have to juggle those pressing concerns with whatever mission the Nebula-class starship was assigned to next. Thusly, Theo
  2. This pleases me. Never underestimate the sip of tea.
  3. ((Promenade, Starbase 118)) ::He lay there, dying.:: (( --> Flashback, Stardate 231706.04 -- )) ((Ocean Beach, San Francisco, Earth)) :: He lay there, dying.:: ::Edwin Purdy, a Terran boy with whom Solok had become familiar through his attendance at advanced science lectures in the Vulcan community there, called out at the top of his lungs.:: Purdy: Medic! ((Promenade, SB118, The Present)) Rogers: Medic ! ((Ocean Beach, S.F., Earth, The Past)) Purdy: Anyone, please! A doctor -- call a doctor! ::He leaned down over the Vulcan boy.:: I don't think he's breathing! Help! ::Purdy and Solok had b
  4. Isn't the Kobayashi Maru exercise won, paradoxically, by losing? I thought the point of it was to shock a potential commanding officer into realizing there's just no winning sometimes. Therefore one can "pass", only by getting oneself and one's ship destroyed. Or maybe I'm wrong. Is the point to shock a potential commanding officer into deviating from "going by the book" and coming up with an original? My memory on the details of it is fuzzy.
  5. It's been a while since I've seen it, but I don't think Generations explicitly stated the El-Aurian refugees aboard the Lakul and the Robert Fox were escaping the Borg, though I suppose that is implied given what we know about both El-Aurian history and the nature of refugees. I always assumed the El-Aurians in Generations had been expelled from whatever planet they'd resettled on, thus their refugee status. Considering the long lifespans of the El-Aurians, and the fact they'd already become scattered about the galaxy by Earth's 19th century, it's possible that the El-Aurian home world lies s
  6. I think the skant deserves a comeback.
  7. Commander Karynn Brice - Consciousness ((Karynn’s Quarters)) ::The first thing she noticed was how dark it was. In the pitch-blackness, for a moment she wasn’t sure whether her eyes were closed or she had lost her sight or the room was just really dark. The second thing she noticed was the pain. Her head throbbed. It felt like it had been caught between a hammer and an anvil. Or a spike had been driven through it.:: ::A moment passed by and she determined that yes her eyes were open. But she still wasn’t sure if that meant that her sight was gone or the room was just that dark. She f
  8. ((Latched to the Dorsal Fin of a Hardskin Ally, The Void)) :: Iron Breaker sent out a pulse of excitement at the conflict it was engaged in. To the Hardskins it would mean nothing but to its people they would know that battle had been joined in the spawning grounds. And to Born in Broken Light, closer at hand, it would be an admonition towards his inaction. His carapace still glowed a bright pearlescent white as he gave into the hate he'd borne for generations. He could hear, vaguely, Broken Light pleading with him but remained deaf to it and all other entreaties. This Hardskin-friend wa
  9. ((Brice’s Quarters, USS Apollo)) :: Walking into his quarters, Ethan rubbed his hand over his eyes. He was tired. Strike that, he was knackered. Every muscle ached. Muscles that he wasn’t aware he had ached. His brain felt like a rubber ball bouncing around in the empty space between his ears. What time was it? He knew it was late and he was late. He was supposed to be calling Matthew. Going to the replicator he replicated a bottle of synthetic beer, popped the cap off and collapsed onto the sofa.:: ::The dimmed lights in the room made the stars outside the window shine like glitter thrown ove
  10. I'll bet schoolchildren reenact the event in a (US) Thanksgiving-style pageant.
  11. Warning: Spoilers After reading about it here, I watched it today and I downright impressed. It was intriguing to hear the actors' thoughts about their parts in the cultural phenomenon, and in the case of Avery Brooks, strings of incoherencies peppered with jazz piano. It was almost as if Shatner acted as confessor for the other five, but particularly for Patrick Stewart and Kate Mulgrew, to get everything off their chests at last. After all, who better to open up to about how being a Star Trek captain has affected your life—both positively and negatively—than William Shatner himself? For h
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