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    Nugra, of course, would want to trot out his Starfleet dress uniform like the last time.
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    The staff of UFOP: SB118 would like to congratulate all who saw their hard work and dedication pay off this month. Please be sure to congratulate these members when you see them around the forums and chat room! JUNEAU Randal Shayne to Commander VERITAS Wil Ukinix to Lt. Commander Want to learn more about advancing in rank like these hard-working fleet members? Check out our Promotions Guide on the wiki! The post Promotions for May appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
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    Tim Alentonis Ready for Awards Season.
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    Piravao isn't the biggest fan of big fancy events, but she does know how to dress for the occasion
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    Noa decided to be just slightly more outgoing than usual at the ceremony, so here she is!
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    Ayiana looking stunning as ever in a black strapless number!
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    Melody, all dolled up and ready for her close up!
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    Hi Everyone! I am a new member here at Starbase 118. I am very excited to be joining the Academy next week and getting to know all of you. I love writing. It is my way of being creative and to me, nothing is more thrilling and fun then bringing characters and a story to life.
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    For the first time, Jarred opted against dress whites for the Annual Awards
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    New shoes for Raissa.
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    Maddi decided to try a stunning dress. The red pops according to her opinion so she ran with it!
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    I chose Timothy Dalton as Kells's avatar years ago at the suggestion of @Moonsong, and finding formalwear for a former James Bond makes dressing Kells for the awards a snap! (Although he looks kinda angry here. So maybe he doesn't like dressing up, eh?)
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    All dressed up and no where to run!
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    Sheila Bailey coming down the red carpet with her crutches. She want's to compliment everyone on how they look.
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    German was just about to head out towards the red carpet, but his mother stopped him and now she's his plus 1. It wasn't his choice. Mrs. Galven: My son is single in case anyone was wondering... I would like grandchildren!
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    Just wait til the Juneau Ginger gang rolls in!
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    Nyka Wyss, hoping she doesn't trip in those heels.
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    First time actually dressing to impress this year. Esa's keepin' it classy! 👌
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    Sal is going for serious this year, while Cade is just surprised he was invited...
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    Juneau's own Artinus Serinus sporting traditional Magna Roman formal attire.
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    And here we have Dr. Karise Indobri from the Juneau showing off her finest.
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    Here’s Thalas snazzing it up!
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    Here's Ishka rocking it in a stunning emerald green halter number.
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    Alieth being a chirpy vulcan as usual
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