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  1. It was a close call between ENT and DIS for me. Whilst I love the visuals and the shock of the Discovery episode, Enterprise just took it. Showing how the NX-01 crew were in the mirror universe was pulled off superbly and I loved it.
  2. I would almost certainly want to see a Star Trek Musical. Every plot point bursting into song. It’d be absolutely fabulous. CBS need to hop on that 😂
  3. I have to vote for warp drives. I feel the ability to travel to different planets would help solve a multitude of the problems we face on Earth. And it’s just plain cool!
  4. Two appreciation posts from me in a week but I do have to say I’m a huge huge sucker for lots of fine, intricate description. I absolutely loved the atmosphere. MOAR please 😂And I do also have to say sailing ships are fantastic. @Jarred Thoran ((Somewhere in the Atlantic, HMS Destiny)) ((OOC: Just a little something from Jarred's unconscious state)) Jarred stood on the quarterdeck, a sweeping view of the ship in front of him, men busying themselves with work. The ship in question was the 32-gun fifth rate frigate, HMS Destiny, a 19th century Royal Navy ship.It had a dec
  5. For me personally I think instrumental suits the Atlantis but it’s gotta be this piece.
  6. @Dassa Alexander-Dalton I thoroughly enjoyed all of the descriptions in this sim! I found it thoroughly gripping and I just wished I could keep reading. So intense! ((Outside the Service Entrance, Conference Center)) ((Short Timeskip)) The closer they got to the place where Lyra had last seen the assailant, the more nervous she became. Her gaze flickered around the area near constantly, looking for anything that could be used as a weapon in case she needed to defend herself. She was more likely to [...] them off than to do any real damage, but at the very least she could
  7. Well done everyone!! I can’t wait to see what’s more to come!
  8. Although I don’t really like the looks of the Defiant it’s got to win this. It’s the first purpose built combat ship and with its small size (in comparison) it is relatively easy to build in large amounts. It’s got a big punch!
  9. This topic is for any funny, motivational, inspiring (add any adjective you want) quotes which have been uttered aboard the USS Atlantis in it's many adventures.
  10. For me it's definitely close between the banger that is 'Faith of the Heart' and the TOS theme. However, I have to go with the Original, it's what started the lineage of all this great music!
  11. Being an Andorian, Thalas was doing all the music he could. Loving his clarinet!
  12. Picard’s knack for diplomacy makes him a clear winner in this poll.
  13. Thanks for a great first mission on the Gorkon (or Skarbek) and here’s to many more!!
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