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  1. Master of the Forge, Sirodonoius "Ours is a violent calling, but as adherents of the Promethean Creed we believe in the Circle of Fire. None can come back as they once were, but in death we are returned to the ash from whence we came to be born anew, our blood and bone bonded with the earth. Through fire are our remains made protean, through fire and the reunion with earth do we experience rebirth. After death, after our duty is ended, we give ourselves to these elements and in so doing become a part of them. This is the nature of the Circle of Fire." — The Primarch Vulkan
  2. My vote is very, very personal and it's for The Visitor. Because I saw it a year after my father's death and the Tony Todd and Avery Brooks performance really got to me. The other ones are very good episodes and in what you ask Journey to Babel and Family are very good. The Inner Light is great, but not so much because of the family orientation but because of the other themes it presents.
  3. We all know the best thing would be the replicator, to move to an economy of post-scarcity and blah blah blah... but what we want is the holodeck.
  4. After discovering that Faith of the Hearth was the song of the end credits of Patch Adams, it fits me even less. I particularly like the composer Max Richter and I think that November from the 0:45 minute would be great for Thor. Obviously for an opening credit that should not last more than a minute, it can be remixed to make the in crescendo faster.
  5. My captain making me an appreciation... wooooo
  6. Hello everyone, my name is Miguel Angel, I live in Spain in the small town of Segovia. My friend Alieth has dragged me here XD I work as a teacher at the University of Valladolid in the degree of Advertising and Public Relations. It's a pleasure to meet you and I'm looking forward to starting.
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