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  1. Enterprise, for two simple reasons 1. imo it was getting better and seeing a Romulan War arc of some sorts would've been awesome 2. You can't have enough FAITH OF THE HEART
  2. Garak's Misadventures on Romulus sounds sick, I'd watch it. On another subject, when I read the title I honestly thought it was related to Discovery's spinny spore drive 🤣
  3. Okay, I know it's more of a Worf moment but since it has Q in it, this simple exchange:
  4. Allow me to join the party with a few (that don't even get close to how many I have saved...)...
  5. I personally picked this one, because it's just... true. How I see it, logic is in the eye of the beholder. Two people can have conflicting views on a certain matter - but they're both logically sound from their own perspective. Logic is all relative - even the most seemingly illogical acts must have some sort of logic, that may appear to be extremely convoluted and confusing to us, but make perfect sense to the ones making those acts. And that is justification enough, at least in my opinion.
  6. For me, In a Mirror, Darkly is the one - I love the "no characters crossing over" part - and it was good. Also, gotta love the theme 😁
  7. Hey! What about The Adventures of Flotter? They made countless childhoods happier! Gotta love that water elemental
  8. For Noa, it'd be either Earth, Vulcan or Risa. Earth and Vulcan since she has family on both planets. As for Risa... well... she's never been to Risa before, so she'd definitely like to visit it one day.
  9. Congratulations!! Absolutely well deserved, to each and every one of you!
  10. Congratulations, everyone! Very much well deserved! I'd also like to commend (and personally thank) both @Oddas Aria and @Randal Shayne - The two of you were, and still are, among the best faces I have to look up to, whenever it's some brainstorming for a sim (and I'm fully aware how difficult I can be when it comes to that), an OOC need, some much needed venting, and even just a casual chat - you always find the time to reply to anything I have to ask or say, even - or rather especially - with all your OOC work around the fleet, and the general management of the ship. And that, in my eye
  11. I'm torn between the Danube-class runabout and the Delta Flyer, but considering I actually have a 3D printed and painted model of a Danube-class runabout, I think it kinda tips the balance to the latter 😛
  12. Oh right, how could I forget about Archer's Theme?! I love it!!
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