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2022 Halloween Avatar Contest: Excalibur check-in

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This thread is for each member of the crew to check in with their new avatar on their profile.

For a check-in to count, each crew member must include a funny quote, quip, or greeting (i.e.- "Trick or treat!") that matches the character or theme.

The more people you have checked-in, the higher your overall score!

Please read these instructions very carefully – missing any step may disqualify your crew!

  • Participants must be checked-in to this thread by Monday, October 24 at 11:59pm Pacific Time.
  • Avatars must remain in their costumed forms until at least Monday, October 31 at 11:59pm Pacific Time.
  • Do not post anything except check-ins here – no other discussion or joking around, please!
  • Players can only check in ONCE per contest.
    • If you're playing two characters on two different ships, you have to decide which ship you want to participate with.
    • Your participation will not count against your second ship. We'll discount the other ship's roster to account for your participation on this ship.
  • If you have crew members who cannot access the forum due to accessibility issues, the CO must notify FltAdml. Wolf. 

The second post in this thread must contain the following: 

  1. A clear and direct announcement of the ship's theme.
  2. Confirmation that your crew followed the "Halloween Avatar Contest avatars uploading processexactly – use the "Section 3. Check your work" checklist to ensure you've not violated any rules. 

Here's an example: 


This year's theme for USS Phoenix-B is "Famous Crabs."

We have: 

  • Properly named all avatar files and uploaded them to the wiki.
  • Properly named our category on the wiki.
  • Properly categorized our category on the wiki.
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I got big dreams. I want Fame. Well Fame cost and right here is were I start paying. 

In sweat.  And...


  • A good dose of charm at your own taste (in my case 2 handfuls)
  • 3/4 spoon of hard work
  • 1/2 liter of luck
  • Passion (all you want to put in)
  • 3 packs of Comedy (physical, smart, politically incorrect)
  • 20 kilos per day of Dedication
  • total lack of self embarrassment
  • 1 grinning smile (mental note to trademark it)
  • 1 wink (also another thing to trademark)
  • a bit of nonsense (carefully measured if possible, it tends to get overused easily) 

- mix all together and take one every morning."


Sil  ;)

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