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  1. Thank you!! Y'all are so sweet, it was GREAT fun to write, and @LtJG Aine Olive Sherlock is an amazing scene partner to work with!
  2. I'm always open to make that happen! The two would definitely be a fun combo 😄
  3. Originally, Melody was supposed to be an engineer. But I feel like if she were to do a career change now, she would probably end up putting her skills in stellar cartography to good use.
  4. Short, but very very sweet. It was an amazing read! @Ben Garcia (( A Romulan Republic colony. Time index: several years prior to current mission. )) Rain clawed at the slated rooftops. The dank smell of damp leaves mulched under the heavy thread of cold, treacherous boots that trod along the midnight pavement. At the corner of the street, a light – a dull yellow porch light - flickered against the howl of the wind. Across the way, a gate slammed monotonously against its latch. Somewhere, a dog snarled. Rain beaded and trickled off the stiff, polished leather boots as they continued on and scurried their way down a side alley. A voice. Then another. A handshake. A packet exchanged. Several stories above, Koteel drew a fine, powderless wisp of breath. Koteel’s eyes narrowed as the cranium of her target found itself framed within the deadly web of her crosshairs. In less than two beats of the heart, the target would be neutralised. The accomplice? Perhaps two steps – or three if he was lucky – before the silky thread of Koteel’s crosshairs ensnared him in the oblivion of death. Koteel’s wisp of breath waned into nothingness. Now, through the crosshairs, Koteel marvelled at the pooling blood that trickled around the slumped carcasses. The packet? A dud, planted by the Republic to flush out the Tal Shiar vermin known to scurry these streets in the afterhours. Koteel’s counterpart nimbled along the alley way, secured the packet and secreted it into the folds of a heavy raincoat. The hatted figure turned briefly and dead-eyed Koteel through the crosshairs. The deed was done. End. MSPNPC Koteel Nk’htho Ambassadorial Attaché to Tr'Kenda (Political/Diplomatic Security) Romulan Republic ---------------------- Lieutenant Ben Garcia Second Officer/HCO Embassy Duronis II - USS Thor NCC-82607 Author ID number: G239102MR0
  5. Melody tends to go for a bit of a midpoint between stylish and practical. I think if I had to sum up an era to describe her fashion sense, i'd say 1940s New Yorker
  6. Thank you so much!!!! 😁 @Jo Marshall I had great fun writing this, and i didn't realise how emotional it was to read until i sent it out and gave it a read. Thanks for the appreciation ❤️it means a lot
  7. Star Trek for me is probably the most influential thing in my life. Early in my lifetime and to this day, Star Trek has constantly reminded me that i have a voice despite my age and that voice is powerful enough to make a change, no matter how insignificant or un-intimidating i may seem. Watching normal people constantly go above and beyond the sums of their parts has always empowered me, be it a plasma leak or full on core breach. Their ability to pull through in a pinch has always just amazed me on so many levels, despite the flaws that hold them back.
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