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Poll of the Week: CSI: Starfleet

Laria Herren

Poll of the Week: CSI: Starfleet  

26 members have voted

  1. 1. Which television genre would make for an interesting Star Trek ​​​​​​​spinoff series?

    • Police procedural
    • Medical drama
    • Sitcom
    • Political drama
    • A different genre? Let us know below!

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Star Trek has varied in tone and style over the years. An individual series can be more hopeful and with a retro science fiction style, or more dark and morally complex. It could even be live-action or animated. But in general, each main Star Trek series is of the same basic genre. What if the franchise decided to branch out in a big way for a new spinoff?

The launch of the new Picard series and the various projects related to Discovery have left plenty of options for spinoffs. Most of these proposed spinoff projects would be focused on particular characters. However, the Star Trek universe is full of characters, technologies, and alien worlds to explore. There could be room to explore that universe through a series that is in a slightly different genre from a traditional Trek series.

A police procedural or a medical drama set in the Star Trek universe would have a lot of options and more than fifty years of reference material to draw on. These other television genres might be unusual for the Star Trek universe, but they could certainly be an interesting look into various corners of the Trek universe. Which television genre would make for an interesting Star Trek spinoff series?

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I play with the idea of a police procedural a little in my pre-Veritas sims.

I would love to have a Starfleet officer sent to go assist the fixer-upper of Nimbus III on screen. I think something like that would eat my time away, tbh.

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I would love to see a series done as an in-universe documentary, on a specific subset of the Star Trek universe - be it a Starfleet recruitment video which showcases the crew of a certain ship, with interviews, or, let's say, a series of documentaries taken on a post-2387 Romulan colony about the life there, or something.

I guess it may fall into a political drama of sorts, but it's still something that I'd find interesting.


Either that, or a series focused on the future of Starfleet - I would love to see more of the 29th century time police stuff from Voyager's Relativity, or more stuff about the Temporal Cold War.

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I truly would love either a police procedural or political drama sustained over a full season of TV. I know we've gotten flashes of both across all the shows, DS9 in particular was good at this kind of "genre exercise", but I would really love to see the nuts and bolts of crime and politics across Federation worlds.

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