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  1. I really loved this bit of conversation between @Corey Wethern and @Madison Marsh
  2. Thanks, I hate her Honestly though, I love how uncomfortable this character is making me feel. Well done @Rustyy_Hael❤️
  3. Thank you ☺️ I am sooo curious to see how the interaction continues, especially with Rustyy!!
  4. I adore this bit from @Sal Taybrim Brings out the different takes on telepathy and empathy incredibly well, its really a pleasure to read ❤️
  5. I wanted to highlight this bit from @Solaris - while it isn't a particularly deep or funny, it was a great way to bring the scene back on track by removing her MSNPC for the time being, which showcases a good understanding how to gently push into the right direction and utilizing a MSNPC to help secure the mission outcome
  6. Eeeeek, beat me to it! I loved his sim, and I very much love Ksivi-Sava in general. An absolutely delightful character! ❤️
  7. @Lt Aine Olive Sherlock That title tho... ❤️ LT Aine Sherlock - Chief Of The Ashes
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