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  1. @T'Lea Wrote two wonderful joint posts together. An outstanding writer.
  2. Though i liked Discovery, i do hope that they return to canin a bit, regarding the klingon look, among other things (spore drive..)
  3. Very nice! When i can drink again (can't right now, because medication) i'll definetly try some. Also, there is a James T Kirk themed bourbon out now. Just FYI.
  4. Great to hear, thanks @Rune Jolara
  5. Are joint posts a thing here? I always loved doing joint post. If so, where can i request one? In my ships OOC group, or the forum?
  6. Aye, will do. I'm thinking i'll just work in the google group, maybe. I did that with yahoogroups as well. A long time ago, in a different star trek simm
  7. How come my latest post shows up in the googlegroup, but not in my g-mail inbox? Does that mean it wasn't sent or received properly?
  8. Excellent. I keep being more and more impressed with the depth of this simm community. Love it.
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