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  1. I didn't know you had posted this! I'm so flattered thank you!
  2. Just saw this tweet posted and it seems to reveal the look of new Klingon vessels in Season 2 of DISCO. I have to say they look great! Very much like K'tinga ships
  3. I jut had to share this sim. I roped one of lieutenant Dermont’s PNPCs into what I thought was going to be a chance for some exposition of my background but he completely blew me away by making a scene that’s both funny and touching while also giving the reader SO much more insight into both of our characters! ________________________________________ USS Atlantis, Sickbay - Deck 5)) ::As the most junior doctor on the staff currently, Toh'jak had been given the short straw and assigned the third shift. It was no matter to the Klingon. He was currently bend over his pad, t
  4. I think they look AMAZING! exactly what Discovery should have done in the first place! What do you guys think?
  5. These posters look so gorgeous. I doubt we'll ever get another TNG movie, but I really hope to get a few more guest-appearances on either DISCO or the two new movies that they've just announced.
  6. I've just seen this! I'm glad that I could help contribute to the story right at the end! Thanks for the appreciation!!
  7. I've just been re-watching DS9 with a friend and have been thinking about this a lot. It would be pretty feasible that non-federation aligned civilizations would have their own currency and would use it. Now, this wouldn't mean that Federation Credits (a term used in TOS but I think could be extended over to TNG as a unit of measure of energy given to each person) wouldn't be accepted with another civilization, they would just have to convert it the same way we convert USD to Euro. If a starfleet officer walked into Quarks and ordered a drink, Quark would definitely have a way to c
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