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  1. I had REALLY hoped that the Klingons I thought I saw in the earlier photos weren't actually Klingons... The armor is was too... insectoid looking. Not to mention the fact that they have reintroduced the Klingon Forehead Problem after Enterprise season 4 managed to fix it. The trailer does make the show look exciting, I'll give it that. I'm curious how well it does, and I'll watch it when I can. (Part of the American audience, and I have no interest in buying another streaming service for one show.) But I'm kinda with Trellis in that this looks a bit too much like the Abrams-verse movies. I can accept those movies as pretty decent sci-fi action, but this series does not look to be the return to the Prime Universe I was hoping for. All that being said, I'll keep up hopes that the show is, at the very least, entertaining. I can maintain my Trek fix with everything on Netflix.
  2. Oh, absolutely. The Kelvin-timeline movies are best seen as sci-fi action movies, in my opinion. As sci-fi action, they're pretty good. As Star Trek, though? That's pretty much up to the individual. (And I still have a hard time in that regard.) Still, this one didn't cause me as much difficulty as Into Darkness did. I haven't reached the point of 'hate', but my opinion DID drop a bit on subsequent viewings. And I'll give it this much credit; it didn't torpedo my interest in the franchise like The Force Awakens did with any new Star Wars movie. (Rogue One pulled it back a bit, but The Last Jedi is still in the 'rental at best' category.)
  3. This is, admittedly, a bit of thread necro, but I wanted to add in a couple of cents. Especially considering I've been one of the bigger critics of the Kelvin-timeline movies. I finally got around to seeing Beyond and, I must admit, it was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. So, given the amount of griping I've done at this flick, it seemed only fair I give a bit of an update for it. First, the bad. My single biggest gripe is the continued mistreatment of the Enterprise. After two rather pointless refits (one at the end of Into Darkness and another one before Beyond), and two movies of the ship getting pounded on, the ship's destruction (not a spoiler since it was in the trailer) had absolutely zero impact. Seeing the new one at the end of the movie prompted something of an 'Eh...' from me. Kinda counting down the minutes until they blow THIS one up, too. I'm also a little less than thrilled at the bad guy. I mean... I kinda get what they were doing, but at the same time I don't. I don't knock it as hard as Khan in the last movie, but it didn't really get me going. Now, for the good. And I must say, where this movie did well, it did REALLY well. The character interplay was some of the best I've yet seen. I felt the movie was well written and acted by all the main cast, and that the cast showed that they are the right folks for the roles. (I really don't know who could fill Anton Yelchin's shoes... He'll be sorely missed.) The plot was not nearly as derivative as I feared. I was glad to see that the plot guess I'd made from the trailer was wrong in several key areas. In the end, I was okay with the story they told. (Enterprise's destruction notwithstanding.) The set pieces, for the most part, worked. While the timing of the ending sequence was a little... wonky... I could give it enough of a pass. I was actually okay with the use of "Sabotage", mostly since it's been established as a thing in the Kelvin-timeline with Star Trek 2009. (And... I really liked that sequence... It was pretty cool. ::Smiles.:: ) And there were a few good continuity nods. Mentions of Franklin's captain's history tying back to Enterprise, and both uniforms and shuttlepods from Enterprise within Franklin's recorded footage. Stuff like that I like to see. (And, since Enterprise supposedly exists in both timelines, it's inclusion was appreciated.) And I, too, felt like they gave Leonard Nimoy's passing a very respectful acknowledgement. So, in the end, I actually enjoyed watching it. They've scored a few extra points in my book, and I'll try to look at the next one with a more favorable eye.
  4. I, too, went with option three. I feel it's the best combination of dealing with the problem while hopefully not making it worse. Though I would be quite tempted to suggest a fourth option.... Call in SG-1. ::Smiles.:: They've been doing this for over a decade! Dealing with false gods is what they do! (Okay, this one is not a very serious answer, but it's what I thought the moment I saw this question. ::Smiles.:: )
  5. Being an Eagle Scout myself, I really hope that Scouting still exists in 2393 and beyond. Admittedly, I haven't been able to work with a scout troop in a while, thanks to life in general getting in the way, so I'm not exactly sure how things run nowadays. So, it's kinda hard to figure out how the organization might evolve over time. ::Smiles.:: I'd love to hear from someone who has been involved a bit more recently than 2003. I'll think on this more and see what shakes loose. ::Smiles.:: I wanted to give a response, but 'tis time for class.
  6. I, too, had kinda been hoping for a setting between TOS and TNG, but I won't knock the series for the timing. ::Smiles.:: As for "redefining the style", I have a couple thoughts. First: We've already caught a glimpse of the ship, and she has a rougher overall look than the original Enterprise. (Darker metals with texture, as opposed to the smooth white plating.) That may be a common theme throughout the show. Second, while TOS will always have my respect as the one that started it all, it was VERY 60's. I highly doubt we'd see our lead female in anything like the TOS miniskirt. Depending on how long the series runs, we may see a few breaks with continuity. (I am not forming an opinion on this unless I have to, just giving my thoughts on what we might see.) I must also admit... I'm really glad they're not setting this in the reboot timeline. The reboot movies are EXCELLENT sci-fi action. I've read enough reviews about Beyond on the forum that I'll watch it when it hits disc and enjoy it for what it is. However, while it's had the veneer of Star Trek, I still haven't seen the true spirit of it. My heart will always be in the Prime universe, and I'm glad we're going back to it for the series. All-in-all, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. I really want this to succeed!
  7. I'm very much on board the Wrath of Khan train for this one. ::Smiles.:: The atmosphere, the music, the flow, the models, and the effects. Pretty much every element came together in the best way possible! It remains one of my favorite battles in all of Star Trek. (And I'm not saying that just because I was ON a submarine for three years. ::Smiles.:: ) There are MANY good ones out there that I love to watch, but this one always manages to keep the top spot.
  8. Plausible. Very plausible. Registry number MIGHT be a little high for that, but the overall ship style could well support.
  9. I read this to my wife, who immediately replied with, "Awwww!" Mirra, Kaitlyn might not be able to fully appreciate it for a while, but Shadonna's definitely got two new fans in us!
  10. I'm actually not opposed to what they've got, there. I could immediately see the design lineage Rahman mentioned; the old Enterprise concept that got built as a couple study models and used in Star Trek 3 and a couple places in TNG. I agree that the ship looks to be pre-TOS, both due to the registry number and the overall ship's design. I could see her fitting in between the NX-class and the Constitution, though I'm not sure where on the line it fits best. Looking at Rahman's Star Trek: Beyond screenshot comparison: I can see what you're talking about. There are a few design elements which appear similar. Some shared inspiration, perhaps? As for the design itself, I'd be interested to see more. I would not say this is my favorite looking ship out there (ST6 Enterprise-A still holds that particular mantle), but she's far from being the worst IMHO. So, I'm still okay with what they're showing us. My only major issue with the show is the CBS streaming requirement, which means I'll likely be watching it long after everyone else has. ::Smiles.:: That being said, I'm still looking forward to seeing how the series does, and I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  11. Give me the ST:6 Enterprise-A bridge as an option, and I am SOLD! All-in-all, it looks like a more advanced version of the Artemis Bridge Simulator game, which is a whole lot of fun itself. I LOVE this implementation, and I really hope it works!
  12. I'll be waiting for DVD as well, because I have enough streaming services in my life as it is. ::Smiles.: That being said... I'm actually holding out some hope for this series. Enough good people are involved in it to give it a solid chance at success. I'll keep my fingers crossed. And Tatash... WHY?!?!?!?!?!
  13. Seeing as I never miss an opportunity to bash at this thing a bit, I can hardly pass this one up, either. I'm in agreement with pretty much everything already stated. Looks better, but that's not saying much. It's sci-fi action, not Star Trek. Entertaining... maybe, but everything else about it is killing it. Solaris; I asked that same question. It looks like some variant of an NX-class to me, as well. Suggests the moviemakers think the NX-class is superior to the Constitution-class, but at this point I'm too tired of them to really care anymore. Admiral; your comments about the Enterprise as an integral character and how she deserves better are spot on. I said the exact same thing on seeing the first trailer. Based on this trailer, here's how I see the basic plot of the movie going. Enterprise is destroyed, most of the crew is captured, with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy (plus others, maybe?) get back to Earth. They then steal a ship to go back and rescue the others, the aforementioned NX lookalike. This time, they manage to destroy all the stuff that killed Enterprise and save the day. So, they're doing Star Trek 3. They're just doing it backwards; stealing a ship after destroying the Enterprise rather than stealing the Enterprise to have it later be destroyed. Sadly, this comes as no surprise to me. The folks making these movies have proven multiple times that they have a serious lack of imagination when it comes to plotforming. I'll wait for the reviews, see what people think, and learn everything there is no know about this movie before I even consider watching it. Which actually puts it on part with both up the upcoming Star Wars movies. Maybe the new series will be better? At this point, it's hard to feel any kind of confidence...
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