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  1. Trellis talks to his family on a regular basis, but they aren't members of Starfleet and live on Vissia. I've simmed them on occasion. He's also got a bit of a surrogate family with one of my PNPCs.
  2. I'm oddly more excited about The Orville, Seth Macfarlane's new sci-fi show, than Discovery. The former has more of a Trek feel to me, while the new one feels much like the JJ-verse movies. And my biggest complaint about those was that they felt like action films that happened to be set in space and were coincidentally named Star Trek.
  3. ((USS Gorkon, Deck 9, 'Sto'Vo'Kor' - Main Crew Lounge)) ::Sera stood at the bar having just received her second 'Red Giant' from the old Klingon barman. She'd been reluctant to order any of the synthol drinks having never been a fan of it but after speaking with Mek he'd convinced her to try the bright red beverage. One reluctant taste had turned into many long gulps as the rich flavors hit her, she'd finished it quickly and ordered a second much to the Klingon's roaring delight. She'd spoken with Mek while starting on the second drink and enjoyed his company, but he was soon called away to other patrons leaving Sera to swirl the drink with her straw alone. She looked around the bar and then the many tables in the lounge hoping to find a friendly face, while she did see many familiar faces they were ones that Sera hadn't socialized with before off duty and she was reluctant to join them for the first time uninvited. She decided that it would be best to finish her drink and return to her quarters or perhaps visit the holodeck when she saw someone at a corner table of the lounge that she hadn't expected to see on the Gorkon.:: :: Sitting by herself, reading a padd and drinking what looked like coffee was one of her old Academy instructors, Chief McMann. The Chief had been an instructor on a number of her third and fourth year engineering courses and now her she was on the Gorkon, tunic on the back of her chair engrossed in the padd. The Chief had given Sera a number of dressing downs during her stay at the Academy, most of those had been due to Sera's poor performances in a team exercises or her lack of ability to 'think outside of the box'. But Sera and deeply respected her and tried to take on her advise improving in those areas enough to get her grades up to a respectable level. After contacting her parents, the Chief had been one of the first people she informed that her final exam on the USS Centris-A had been a success. Sera almost skipped over to the Chief's table with her drink in hand.:: zh'Aella: Chief McMann, can I join you. ::Leigh looked up to see a smiling female Andorian over her table holding a colorful beverage. Leigh looked at the familiar, and broadly smiling, face for a moment attempting to recall a name, it took her a moment to make the connection between the face of an old student and one of the names in the mission reports. Perhaps she should have made the connection sooner but she had no idea how common the Andorian surname was and she did make the connection after a few moments. She smiled widely as she fully remembered the former Cadet and gestured to one of the empty seats at her table.:: McMann: Please do. But it's Warrant Officer now. :: She reached behind her and tapped the tunic that was resting on her chair.:: Or just Leigh, in the lounge. :: Sera sat and placed her drink to her right.:: zh'Aella: Congratulations on the promotion, Leigh. :: Leigh hadn't wanted or expected the promotion to Warrant Officer. Perhaps she should have realized it was a possibility, she had completed the warrant officer course. But that had been years ago and she had since completed a multitude of courses when she was chasing a command level NCO position. Still, now she was a warrant officer there was no point in complaining about it so she politely accepted the compliment.:: McMann: Thank You Sera. :: She paused for a moment.:: Is it okay to call you Sera in here or would you prefer Sir? :: Sera was astounded that the human had to ask, hearing a former academy instructor address her by her first name only caused her smile to grow.:: zh'Aella: Of course Sera is fine! I was surprised to see you in here, aboard the Gorkon. How long have you been aboard? :: Leigh tried not to chuckle at the enthusiastic response.:: McMann: Just a few days. I'm still getting up to speed. :: She gestured to the padd and the two empty cups of coffee.:: zh'Aella: It's good to have you onboard. McMann: Thanks. Speaking of congratulations, I've been reading reports from the Gorkon's last mission. :: She gestured to the padd.:: Well done on uploading Federation Standard to the Keepers. :: Sera grimaced at that and swirled her drink around its glass using the straw.:: zh'Aella: That could have gone better. The upload wasn't complete and I personally couldn't understand half the things they were saying. :: With gaps in their language, the robotic spiders had improvised by filling the gaps with other words. The improvised words caused confusing and humorous sentences in equal quantity.:: McMann: From what I've read it was enough to understand each other's intentions. zh'Aella: Maybe, but I'm looking forward to working on equipment that doesn't walk around on eight legs and isn't obsessed with sauce. :: While the last word confused her, Leigh nodded in agreement and finished off her coffee.:: McMann: I can understand that. :: Sera took another sip of her fruity red drink.:: zh'Aella: I imagen the schedule is still up in the air with all the new people, but do you know which engineering shift you will be on? :: Sera asked hoping that they would be on the same shift.:: McMann: Actually, I'm not assigned to Engineering. I'm the ship's Boatswain. zh'Aella: Bosun? :: Sera frowned and her antennae lowered.:: ::Leigh nodded still with a pleasant smile.:: zh'Aella: Well… I'm sure it's only temporary. :: Leigh tried not to curl her mouth in distaste at the comment but kept quiet. She hadn't been excited at being promoted to Warrant Officer, but that was because she was chasing the final NCO rating. Since coming aboard and taking stock of her responsibilities she realized that the role was the type of new challenge that she wanted and having a very junior officer, even one she was acquitted with, talk disparagingly about the position did not fill her with fuzzy feelings. But Leigh was a professional and she realized that the Ensign had simply made a [...] pas, she could forgive that. And she answered while forcing herself to keep the smile on her face:: McMann: It's a new challenge. zh'Aella: You're a professional. :: Sera agreed with a nod.:: But I can have a word with Lieutenant Stoyer about getting you transferred. McMann: Oh? :: Sera was looking at her swirling drink as the warrant officer spoke and she didn't notice the small change in her facial expression, the smile was now gone.:: zh'Aella: Of course. :: Sera sipped again and looked up.:: I certainly don't understand the logic of making you Bosun. :: Leigh's eyes narrowed and she had to fight not to have her temper ignited, she knew the Ensign meant well but the junior officer had gone too far:: McMann: I'm qualified. :: She said it firmly and turned her attention back to her padd, hoping that would be the end of the conversation. It wasn't.:: zh'Aella: Yes, but you're a strange choice. :: Leigh looked over the top of the padd, eye's borrowing into the Andorian like daggers.:: McMann: How so? :: She shouldn't have asked, she knew she shouldn't have. But the masochist part of her was taking over.:: zh'Aella: You were instructing at the academy and now you're running a maintenance team. It would make more sense to have you in Main Engineering. :: Leigh placed the padd back down.:: McMann: Are you suggesting that there is something wrong with being the ship's Boatswain? zh'Aella: Well… :: The single, poorly chosen, word caused Leigh's temper to flare.:: McMann: Perhaps you would care to visit a few of the Bosun Mates aboard the Gorkon and explain to them that they have made an error by not being assigned to engineering? :: Sera's antennae straightened in surprise at the heated accusation.:: zh'Aella: No, no, the position is fine. I just meant that you…. McMann: Perhaps I can't be trusted to plan the daily maintenance schedule? :: The Warrant Officer's voice had risen causing a couple at a nearby table to look in their direction. Sera for her part was confused at what was happening, she'd only meant to compliment the older woman but the situation was getting out of hand:: zh'Aella: Of course not! I'm just saying that you would be far more valuable in Main Engineering. ::Leigh took a deep breath, closed her eyes and then slowly released the air through her nose in a long puff. She forced herself to remember that she was talking to an officer and not a cadet. She reminded herself that while off duty, she could not get away with openly insulting an officer no matter how slighted she felt.:: McMann: Respectfully Sir, my experience in Main Engineering is limited. I was however, a chief in damage control central and a shuttle bay chief. The skills gained from those positions are a good fit for my current assignment. General ship maintenance is very important, wouldn't you agree Sir? ::Leigh added emphasis on the last words and the Andorian blushed a dark shade of blue.:: zh'Aella: Yes. ::Leigh nodded at the comment and returned her attention to the padd but she was no longer reading it, just looking at it while trying to keep control of her irritation. They sat in uncomfortable silence for what seemed like long minutes before Leigh spoke again.:: McMann: You'll have to excuse me sir, I have a meeting scheduled. ::It was a lie.:: zh'Aella: Yes of course. :: Sera said as the Warrant Officer rose and put on her tunic.:: Um…. Good day, Warrant Officer. ::Leigh carefully collected her padd and empty coffee cups as she readied to leave.:: McMann: Good day, sir. :: The words were devoid of any emotion, they could have come from a Vulcan and Sera's shoulders slumped forward as the Warrant Officer left.:: zh'Aella: oO Sorry. Oo =/\= Ensign Sera zh' Aella Engineering Officer USS Gorkon V239107TZ0 & PNCP Warrant Officer Leigh McMann Boatswain USS Gorkon
  4. ((Dropship Neal Adams, Earth orbit))Jumpmaster: One minute to jump! On your feet!::As one, the marine unit rose to their feet. Well, a marine unit and one Starfleet Commander. Ever the thrill seeker, Alucard had called in a favor with an old friend of his and joined this platoon during a night orbital jump exercise.::::The gear was heavy. In addition to a field pack, weapon, and parachute, each jumper carried an expendable heatshield. All told, each man and woman carried nearly their equal in gear. This made the hold of the Neal Adams a very cramped space. The jumpmaster held up a hand and made a fist.::Jumpmaster: Thirty seconds!::The deck vibrated as the platoon turned in unison to the opening ramp at the rear of the hold. Beyond the blue shimmer of a forcefield they were treated to the blue and green curve of Earth far below. It was deceptively small, and ALucard knew it would soon be growing much, much larger.::Jumpmaster: Rows one and three jump!Alucard was in row three.::::He shuffled along behind the Marine in front of him until he faced the permeable force field. His helmet seemed to amplify the sound of his own pulse until that seemed to be all he heard. He took one deep breath, held it, and allowed himself to tilt forward.::::It was like someone had put a thick pillow over the world. Before, his world had been full of sound. The clunk of boots on the deck, orders being shouted across the hold. Now, even the comm chatter seemed to have been muffled, and Alucard was left with his own breathing as he soared toward the big marble below.::::He free-fell for several minutes. It was an absolutely amazing experience to watch the clouds drifting below, and the lights of the low orbit satellites and ships blinking as they zipped by. Soon though, he had to activate his boot rockets to establish control prior to re-entry. His descent flattened out into something akin to a logarithmic curve as he brought his flight path to a shallower angle.::::Ahead was a familiar sight. The USS Gorkon in all of her glory. Like a ballet dancer she gracefully sailed above the planet below, the rake of her struts and saucer always giving the impression of forward motion. He’d seen that sight many a time from the [...]pit of a shuttle, but from the little bubble of protection that was his jumpsuit she looked much bigger.::::He tipped his ankles to change his flight path, when was he going to have another chance like this? As he got closer, he applied reverse thrust and slowed down, falling behind the platoon slightly. He cruised across the forward section of the saucer, so close that he was able to reach out and touch it.::::The eyes of some of the ships inhabitants grew huge as he flew by their windows. He waved to some as he went, but mostly he just kept his arms wide, like some sort of cosmic angel, and flew on. The Gorkon was more than just a ship to him. It was a home, and a friend. Every scratch, every dent in the hull told a story as he passed. There was where a bit of the hull had buckled when they'd rescued the Tharsis on their first mission. And there, that was where they'd had to patch in some salvaged hull to replace a bit that had been lost during a fight with the alternate universe Dominon. It had been painted since, but in his minds eye he could still see the miss matched metal.::::All too soon, he’d crossed the ships midpoint just forward of the Bridge and continued on toward the his re-entry point. Soon, he’d have to perform a roll and activate his shield.::::But until then he’d just enjoy the fall.:: =/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=Commander Alucard VessUnassignedUSS GorkonDeputy Facilitator – Featured Bio TeamC238601TB0=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=
  5. (( Dining Chamber, Gallant Runner )) Sandra: He does look taller. They must be slipping something into that replicated food they serve on those ships. Walter: See? I told you--I swear he took on at least an inch and a half. Hawkins: They don't put anything in our food mom, and I-- ::He stopped in mid-sentence when his dad started to laugh. His mother grinned and tucked her bottom lip under her teeth, giving Hawkins a poke between his ribs. The Gallant Runner, a small-sized cargo vessel, sported a quaint dining room that seemed to collect more decorations and memorabilia every time he saw it. His parents proudly displayed various trinkets and curios from the extensive list of worlds they visited and species they'd traded with.:: ::Being here made a swirling pool of warmth simmer in his belly. It was hard not to reminisce when you stood on the ship you were born on.:: Hawkins: ::A sloppy smile:: All right, you got me. So where is this mysterious guest you said will be joining us for dinner? Sandra: Don't worry, they'll be here in time. Let me go and check on a few things, and let you two talk. ::As his mom left through a hatch, Walter gestured to one of the seats and strode to the wall cabinet. Hawkins sat himself in the sturdy, ergonomic dining chair as his father brought a small bottle of dark red liquid and two small glass goblets. He filled them and slid one towards Hawkins before taking his seat at the table. Hawkins smiled and took the glass, sniffing it before taking a sip.:: Walter: I figure this may be the last time you get to enjoy the real stuff for a while. Hawkins: Thanks, dad. Synthehol just isn't the same. Walter: I imagine. Well you seem so different, Frank. More confident. I guess serving out there in the frontier forced you to do some growing up, didn't it? From Ensign to Lieutenant Commander in a matter of months. Hawkins: That's an understatement. There's no way I could have seen that coming. Most people wait years. Walter: I'm proud of you, young man. But that's not all that's different about you. Hawkins: Well, I've seen some things. I learned a few details that made it--it made it hard to sleep at night. ::Walter nodded in slow motion, merging his lips into an uneven line while his thick eyebrows descended over his eyes like black ice slipping down the side of a porthole. He drank from his goblet and slid his thick fingers onto Frank's forearm, squeezing it.:: Walter: Whatever it is, you can talk about it. I'll listen. Hawkins: That's just it. I can't. I can't talk about it, not to anyone. I wish I could. God, dad, I wish I could. Walter: ::Another squeeze:: It's a heavy burden. And that's why you requested a transfer out of the Gamma quadrant? ::Hawkins used his thumb and middle finger to rotate the goblet a few times before picking it up for a swig.:: Hawkins: Partly. ::Pause:: Mostly. And to be closer so I can visit you and mom when I get leave, if it turns to we can arrange it like we did this time. Walter: Oh, we'll arrange it. Don't worry about that, home will always be there for you Frank. ::The hatch swished open and his mother walked in with a giddy smile hiking the corners of her mouth up. When she stepped inside she slipped to the right. And stepping through after her was the person Frank never thought he'd see again. He lost control of his body for a moment, half-rising with his glass held loose in his hand. His mouth opened but something stuck in his throat--she was that stunning.:: Rachel: Hello, Frank. ::Hawkins managed to regain bodily control, setting his glass down. He stood up fully and his chair swiveled around as he bumped it with his knee, stepping away. The flesh on the back of his neck flashed hot and his eyes kept focusing on her the more he studied her face..:: Hawkins: Why... I mean hello. Why didn't you tell me you were coming? Rachel: I thought it would be a nice surprise. Walter: ::Rising:: Excuse me, we better check on the food. ::His parents exchanged knowing smiles and slipped out of the room.:: Hawkins: I can't. I can't believe how much you've--how amazing you. Rachel, I never got a chance to... what have you been doing ever since I left for starfleet? Rachel: Searching, I guess. Looking for my place, somewhere I belonged. ::When she walked towards him, it was as if the room began to shrink and fade away into the background like a veil of mist obfuscated it.:: Hawkins: Did you--find it? Rachel: Remember when we talked about running away together? To the-- Hawkins: --Vedimin cluster. My God, I haven't thought about that since-- Rachel: --and exploring the Vedimin temples, step by-- Hawkins: --date. It was on the 5th, and you were wearing that silver-- Rachel: --we could still do it-- Hawkins: --and I dropped my... wait, what? Rachel: --never stopped thinking about you. ::They were both older now, and there were those tiny differences you notice when you reconnect with someone after so long. Her smile had changed: it was somehow more reserved. Those things he remembered were still there, like the way she kept touching the pendant hanging from her necklace. He realized with a start it was the one he'd given her, in what seemed like a lifetime ago.:: ::The people they once were, they were phantoms of a sort. Composed of fragmented memories that became hazier every time he thought about them. Was he a phantom that she'd held onto?:: Hawkins: I think about us often, to be sure. Maybe not often enough. Life on a starship is busy, busier than I could have imagined. Rachel: We could still do it. I never--I never met anyone, not anyone important. Hawkins: ::[...]ing his head to the left:: You're being serious. ::A smile and a half-chuckle.:: Just drop everything and run off together? ::Her smile slackened, and refreshed, then slackened again. Like she was trying to stay happy in the moment, to stay positive. Her eyes darted downward, then back up to his face. He felt as if his response hurt her, and his excitement at seeing her took a backseat.:: Rachel: Is that so ridiculous? Hawkins: No, not at all. It's not ridiculous--it's not ridiculous Rachel. It's just so--I have a career now. Responsibility. Rachel: You used to hate that word. I guess you're--a very different person now. So very different. ::And now he hated it even more. He took her hands in his, enclosing them.:: Hawkins: I still care about you. Think about you. But I can't just give up what I've worked to hard to achieve. Rachel: I know. It was stupid of me to think you would. Stupid and selfish. Hawkins: Don't say that. We'll always have what we shared. And I can still see you, from time to time. Rachel: As friends. Hawkins: Is that... so ridiculous? ::She smiled at him and kissed the big knuckle of his middle finger.:: Rachel: No, not at all.
  6. Amazingly, the community has just celebrated its 23rd birthday! That's a testament not only to FltAdmrl Wolf's initial vision but to all of our dedication, hard work, community and fun! Let's keep working hard so we can be here for another 23 (or more) years: To that end, congratulations to Admrl. Renos on not only winning numerous awards (especially the Great Bird Award) but also for coordinating the annual Awards Ceremony and writing the amazing four days of the Awards Ceremony; Thanks to the Federation News Service for their continued contribution of the eight monthly vessel reports; LtCmdr. Shayne & LtCmdr. Valdivia create engaging content with their five Poll of the Week articles; Lt JG. Choi Ji-hu contributed an article to the Journal of Starfleet Corps of Engineers; LtCmdr. Traenor got in two Top Sims Contest articles; LtCmdr. Jorey had a Featured Bio Contest article; Capt. Rahman submitted the article about monthly post totals; Cmdr. Blair contributed an article about the Academy applications/graduates; Cpt. Taybrim wrote two Chat Reminder articles; and Admrl. Wolf as always is the backbone with his eight articles, including the announcement of Commander Whittaker's promotion (congratulations!), the latest thanks to our donors, an interview, the Anniversary post and others to create excitement for the Awards Ceremony. Thanks to everyone for your excellent articles!
  7. Well done, everyone! For the winners from the Za, I am extremely proud of you all. When Femi Cattan first started, coming to us straight from the Academy, she had barely seen any Trek and knew little of the world. Now she's constantly throwing out bits of info only a true fan would know. It's been great to see that dedication and growth, and especially the creativity she brings to the character. Alex Williams does a lot for the ship OOC. I'm glad to see those contributions getting recognized. IC he's recently created a species for first contact and has managed to make them at terms interesting, terrifying, laughable and frustrating. Truly the mark of a good, well thought out species. I really wish we could have seen more of Ruwon's dinosaur. That was a sneaky and dangerous thing to introduce, yet a lot of fun. It really kept all of us on our toes for the rest of the mission. Well done. Kheela Rhani keeps showing interesting peaks at their background. An Orion who grew up on Luna and (maybe) crashed a few small fighters? I want to know the stories behind these tidbits of info! I don't know everyone on Ops who won, but I do know it's a great place to write. Theo definitely deserves the Pathfinder award. Even though I was already established as staff on Ops when he became FO he still showed great dedication to helping me fit into that role. When new people came aboard he reached out personally both IC and OOC. It's great to see that level of dedication to everyone, new and experienced players alike. Flynn's playboy persona belies a deeper character, one who continually surprises everyone with just how devious he (and the other characters he writes for) can be. My character, for example, landed a girlfriend because of him. While that's not devious, per say, it was unexpected. Taelon's Trek knowledge is evident in the character's background on the bio and then seen even more in sims. That the writer also played a Romulan on the Za also shows that fact. Not everyone would feel comfortable writing as a traditionally antagonistic race to Starfleet, but Taelon/Ruwon managed it admirably. I'm happy that Trel'lis has shown a great portion of her life and backstory. She always made allusions to her past, so it's great to see that past fleshed out more and awarded. Mirra's dedication to sass is legendary. That she was awarded both the Silver Palm for boosting morale and the TOSMA for dedication really go hand in hand. Her sims always have a lighthearted element to them, no matter how serious the situation. It's great to see that sort of wit rewarded. Congratulations everyone! I hope I can tell stories about a lot more of you at next year's awards.
  8. Congratulations! I've not had the pleasure of writing with James, Lee, Ann or Rich, but I've been around long enough to see their names scattered throughout the fleet in various projects. My ability to edit wiki pages definitely wouldn't be as good without Rich's fantastic guides. I miss Tony's enthusiasm and wit. I would have loved to see what his plans for the Za included had he stayed around. Hopefully he can come back some time in the future and bring another new, strange ship to the fleet. As for Jamie, I cannot say enough good things. I first met her on my first day in Ops. From the start I could tell she loved Sal, the crew, Ops and the whole universe. Jamie definitely brings Ops to life with humor, dedication and a lot of fun. Every character is unique and 3-dimensional. Being privy to that alone has helped me grow as a writer fleshing out my own characters. All the awards were richly deserved. Congratulations to all the winners.
  9. What will Discovery really be about? Well, two ships, that's for sure. And the first human to attend the Vulcan Science Academy: http://ew.com/tv/2017/06/26/star-trek-discovery-storyline/ This could very well be a new, exciting take on the franchise. What I'd love to see, though, is Trek from a different point of view altogether. Maybe a whole episode/series/season from a Klingon perspective, or Romulan. How awesome would that be, to explore the familiar Federation from an outsider perspective?
  10. Right, no Miracle Max "mostly dead" for Sal! But I do agree, it should be meaningful and useful to the plot somehow.
  11. Welcome Kasper! Great to have you aboard! I've got the imdb app front page on my phone because I recognize so many people and it's fun to see where I've seen them before.
  12. ((Science Lab 4, Deck 12 -- USS Za))Johnson: You sure? ::Doctor man said he was fine but he sure didn't look it.::Skyfire: Yeah. I just--::He hesitated a bit too long. So she changed topic. If he didn't want to talk, he didn't want to talk.:: Johnson: Okay, so how do we prevent an outbreak here, eh? DeVeau: Well, first thing, keep these things in containment. I would do double backups just in case. ::She nodded. Dangerous things needed containment. She didn't want to think about what might happen if these things got loose. The simulations they ran were quite enough.:: DeVeau: Next thing? I’d like to find a way to combat it, inoculate against it, something. We’ll need to study it further of course, but I want a way to deal with things should we run into this. If these people are now venturing out into space, they’re going to start interacting - after all, we’ve just met them. We’ll need to make sure this doesn’t become a problem.Johnson: As I said before, cher, humanoid physiology is way too varied to create a complete cure. But maybe we can do something else. ::she tapped a finger on the console:: So what do you have? DeVeau: I’ve only just started, so nothing yet, but with more brains added, I’m sure we’ll be able to figure something out between the two of us. Fortunately, these were caught by the transporter, so it’s not as if we have an issue on board at the moment. Skyfire: No...but we may have a problem when the away team returns.::Haylie narrowed her eyes. Trellis was on that away team. They would need a cure of some sort before then. She'd already lost too many family members to terrible accidents. And he was like family.::DeVeau: Why?Skyfire: They opted to take a shuttle down to the planet. Chances are that since we didn't get a chance to act with our guests while they were here, they couldn't provide us with any intel such as whether these things are a risk to our crew. To the best of my knowledge, nobody's given any concern to EVA suits either because we were still studying these things before we had a chance to recommend it.DeVeau: :: groaning:: Please tell me you’re joking.::She groaned. That didn't sound right.::Johnson: I thought they beamed over, cher. But that's still at least four people, no?Skyfire: Exactly.... The ones I know are on the away team include the captain, Vondaryan, Pandorn, and Blair. ::He paused and pinched the bridge of his nose.:: Computer, who of the Za's staff has ventured to the Pathfinder?::The computer chirped its list of names. Haylie recognized almost all of the names, even the crewmen assigned to the engineering teams, though not that head of engineering himself. There were far too many people who might have been exposed. She let out a low whistle.::Looking over at boss man doctor she was pretty sure he was still feeling a wee bit sick. She hoped he wouldn't be too laid up if it came to it.::DeVeau: Computer, patch me through to the captain. =/\= DeVeau to Captain Rhani. =/\= ::There were many times she was glad she wasn't a senior officer. Having to deliver bad news like this was one of those times. So she mostly stayed quiet during the conversation, trying to run tests and analyze data as it came in.::Rhani: =/\= Go ahead. =/\=DeVeau: =/\= Please tell me you haven’t made it to the Pathfinder yet... =/\=Rhani: =/\= Over an hour ago, Commander. =/\= ::Another low whistle as she listened. Had they been trying to figure out this cure for an hour already? Less than three days to get it all figured out.:: DeVeau: =/\=Captain, I need you to get out of there. The critter that was trapped in the buffers, it’s carrying a virus. I suspect that our new friends are immune to it, but if you exposed to it...let’s just say you won’t be around for much longer. =/\= Vondaryan: =/\= I'm sorry, Commander, but we just can't do that. =/\=Rhani: =/\= I doubt you’re exaggerating for effect, Commander, but how bad are we talking about? =/\= DeVeau: =/\= It’s VERY bad. =/\= ::It seemed boss lady wasn't afraid to be blunt either. She knew there was a reason she and the lady got along so well.::Skyfire: =/\= Eventually fatal if not reversed. =/\= DeVeau: =/\= I recommend returning to the Za immediately. =/\=::Now it was her to to be blunt. She knew how much Trellis needed information, so she gave it to him. No sugar coating needed.::Johnson: =/\= Every test we've run says death occurs within 72 hours, cher. =/\=Vondaryan: =/\= Then we've got almost 70 hours to continue our on mission. Thank you for the information. =/\=Rhani: =/\= Commander Vondaryan’s blissful confidence notwithstanding, some sort of countermeasure would be a remarkably good thing for you to have by the time we get back. =/\=::She knew her friend well enough to understand his optimism. He had a natural habit of seeing the best in people and things, despite everything he'd seen. She wasn't about to let him down now.::Skyfire: =/\= Working on it, Captain. =/\=Vondaryan: =/\= Well, call us when you have one then. =/\=Johnson: =/\= Indeed, cher. You'll be the first to know. =/\=::She was sure he could hear her smiling through the line. Like him she was wildly optimistic. Though many people liked to call it headstrong. She'd be damned if anything was going to stop her doing what she wanted to do. Consequences were for people who didn't know better.::Rhani; =/\= Good hunting, people. And thanks for the warning. =/\=DeVeau: =/\= But...=/\=::Uh oh, boss lady was not happy. She sputtered. Boss doctor pinched his nose. He wasn't happy either. Leave it to her to be the only one to see the faith the senior staff had in them.::DeVeau: I’m sorry, but I’m really irritated at them right now.Skyfire: One of my simulations showed a beam-in with the critter becoming part of the crew's cellular structure. It may have a different effect dependent on physiology.DeVeau: Well, yes, that’s a possibility, though usually that sort of thing happening is low on the list of possibilities.Skyfire: Not at all, only simulation results and theory based on them. What I'm saying is that either Rhani or Vondaryan's physiology may react differently than a human's. An additional seven hours, perhaps. If we beam them in, we may not be able to filter out the creatures, because by that time it will likely have mutated into their cellular structure.::That didn't sound good.::DeVeau: We need to get to work. We have less than 72 hours to figure out how to beat this thing.Johnson: Working on it already, cher. ::she noticed doctor boss man fidgeting.:: You have an idea already?Skyfire: One idea only. Take the recipe for the Skyfire Cure and tailor it to reverse the virus' effects on the bug. It's not my greatest plan. The original formula is stored in the LCARS computer.DeVeau: We can try it, but I’ll be honest, I don’t think it’s going to work.::She pulled up the formula on her console to begin reading. Though she'd read it already it never hurt to brush up on the information. Her initial take was that it would take almost too much work to refine the cure.:: Skyfire: Your theory, Alora?DeVeau: That virus is a totally different beast from this thing. Honestly, I think our time and energy would be better spent on tailoring whatever treatment we have to this particular virus.Johnson: I agree, cher. There's too many differences I see already between the Skyfire cure and these little creatures here.Skyfire: Right. It'll be a lot harder to create a serum from scratch, just so you're aware.Johnson: We at least have the creatures to work with, no? And maybe the outline of the Skyfire cure as a guide. But everything always comes from scratch. DeVeau: All right, let’s put our heads together…::She turned back to her console, bringing up all the data they'd amassed so far.:: Johnson: This is everything we have, cher. Where you want to start? DeVeau: What if we started by looking at the way it mutated?Skyfire: It's a thought. How do you figure?::A few commands later a long list of all the mutations between clones -- generations? -- was on the screen.::DeVeau: I mean, if we were able to figure that out, then find a way to slow it down or stop it, it would give us more time, and possibly open the doors to an actual cure.Johnson: It looks pretty random to me so far.::She created an analysis algorithm to help crunch the numbers when she noticed boss doctor stood up, an isolinear chip in his hand.:: Johnson: This is just a cursory glance, though, no. ::she looked up at him:: Where you headed, cher?Skyfire: Understood. I need some coffee if I'm going to be of any use...I've got the data. :: He holds up the chip. :: ...then heading to take it to sickbay to work. :: He glanced to Alora :: By your leave, of course.DeVeau: All right.Johnson: I could do with a cup of coffee myself. This is going to be a long night. ::Perhaps a few long nights.:: You want anything, cher?::As doctor boss man left she went to one of the replicators to get the drinks. She inhaled the coffee, savoring its aroma before taking that first, beautiful sip. There was one thing she liked about her Vissian friend. They enjoyed the smell of food and drink much more so than their human counterparts. But she could never get him to enjoy the bliss that was coffee, despite its rich and gorgeous smell.::DeVeau: A glass of chocolate milk, please. ::beat:: Never mind. Make that a chocolate milkshake. Extra chocolate.Johnson: Should we pull in the whole science crew on this, cher? As you said, fresh eyes don't hurt nothing. ::smiling widely:: Though I think between you, me and doctor man we can get this done in time.DeVeau: It would hurt, but...I hope so. Still, I don’t want to overlook anything, or miss the opportunity to find the answer faster. That might be worth calling in more people.::Her console beeped. The algorithm had completed its cycle. She looked at it quizzically. Just in time for doctor boss man to come back in with his own steaming mug of deliciousness and a set of medical tools.::Johnson: Oh, that's some good information, cher.DeVeau: What is it?Johnson: According to this, the mutations seem random at first glance. But the genes are actually mutating according to the golden ratio.Skyfire: So that means...?::She shook her head.::Johnson: All I know is that these little critters have every 1.618th gene mutating each generation. Though they have a lot of genes, that might help explain some of the redundancies.--Lt JG Haylie JohnsonXenobiology SpecialistSimmed by:Lieutenant Commander Trellis VondaryanFirst OfficerUSS ZaO239208TV0
  13. Trellis is rocking this fine tux, with a lovely lady by his side.
  14. I'm not sure what Flynn does is technically called "dating."
  15. It's not MY fault there was a mysterious holodeck accident that made me go invisible.
  16. I'm on a completely different ship in a completely unexplored area of the galaxy, much more than 40 light years away, and I still fear Mirra.
  17. The sizzle of BBQs is in the air, the smell of the pool or beach fills our noses and Awards season is here. But before we jump into (the pool) and the rest, let's give a shout out to everyone who helped May rolling along with an almost full News cycle: Congratulations to Lt JG. Choi Ji-hu on his first AND second article about a ship and species closeup; The Federation News Service contributed the monthly vessel reports once again, eight in all; LtCmdr. Shayne & LtCmdr. Valdivia together submitted four Poll of the Week articles; Ens. Sorel Kaidun contributed another article about the science of sci-fi; LtCmdr. Traenor submitted two Top Sims Contest articles; LtCmdr. Jorey submitted a Featured Bio Contest article; Capt. Rahman submitted the article about monthly post totals; Cmdr. Blair contributed an article about the Academy applications/graduates; Cpt. Taybrim wrote a Witty Wordsmith writing workshop article; and Admrl. Wolf submitted nine articles, including the announcement of Admiral Reynolds' promotion (congratulations!), the latest donors, two interviews and that the annual Awards nominations are open. Thanks everyone for all your hard work! Now let's go nominate some people for awards and enjoy some sun!
  18. Is there a Betazoid afterlife where she'll continue to be sassy?
  19. Funny, I recently got around to watching this too. I was thoroughly unimpressed with it. It wasn't as bad as Into Darkness (which I liked initially then hated upon rewatch), but it was a very "eh" movie for me overall. Like I initially thought, it was an action film that happened to be set in space and also happened to be Star Trek. Substitute a character and setting and it could easily have been another Fast and Furious film so far as I'm concerned. The visual style didn't appeal to me, I thought the story was rather bland and didn't have a whole lot of emotional investment. There was some good character interaction, especially between Spock and Bones, and they did handle Nimoy's death well, but otherwise I was pretty bored with the movie.
  20. ((Science Lab 4, Deck 12 -- USS Za)) DeVeau: From what I have seen, the virus is actually taking over the critter itself, causes it to mutate, then devour some of its young. When passed into tissue samples, the samples began to mutate as well, but not like the creatures. That virus literally changed the structure of the samples, killing off the cells. Skyfire: Interesting in a scary sort of way... :: He'd meant it. It was scary in the same way that Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome was scary, but from what CD was able to observe, these weren't de-evolving. They were tribble-speed evolving into something more sophisticated and creepy. :: Johnson: What might happen to us? DeVeau: Well, I ran some tests using computer models...if this thing were to get into us...some nasty stuff would happen. Skyfire: Did you run any simulations on humanoids? Johnson: It wouldna matter what the simulations say. Biology is too different. DeVeau: I don’t even want to think of it, honestly. Fortunately, the biofilters caught this little sucker...still, I wanted to get a fresh set of eyes as well as a medical perspective on this. ::She paused, then added.:: We can never know exactly how things react, but computer models are there to give us a best guess. From the results...best guess is pretty horrific and, as I said, the tissue samples were devasted, so... Johnson: So what you want me to do, boss lady? Skyfire: Your test results were saved, yes? Mind if I take a look before running some of my own? Johnson: Good idea, cher. I'll look at them too, give you that fresh set of eyes, no. DeVeau: Of course, by all means! That’s why I asked y’all here, after all. :: As much as the idea of watching it disgusted him because of what he witnessed in the creature's behavior, he had to maintain that stoic air of calm and professionalism.He quickly cast his eyes over Alora's results and bit his lip to force back the wave of nauseating bile which rose to the back of his throat. He didn't get super-squeamish usually, but this did not look like it was going to be a usual circumstance. As he began to run his own simulations, he at least had the decency to keep it to the console in front of him rather than project it on the larger monitors. As Alora and Haylie continued to watch the gruesome little critters, CD kept his observations limited to the screen before him. While he was still running his own simulations, he was not liking the results. :: :: The list of symptoms and possible outcomes was rising. Mutations, displaced organs, rearranging of the cellular structure, violent hemorrhages, seizures, insomnia, hallucinations, phased out limbs, blindness, dehydration, muscle spasms, transporter narcosis...the list went on as he continued to run tests. No two results were the same, even across the different species on the away team. The possibility of cannibalism wasn't out of the question either, but that had yet to appear on any of the simulations he'd looked at. He noticed, however, they all appeared to have one thing in common: they were all fatal. He was running them in quick succession with time accelerated to get an idea how long he'd have to act. Finally, one of the simulations revealed cannibalism, and his grip on the console tightened to a white-knuckled one as he bit back yet another wave of nausea. :: Skyfire: Alright, folks. Ask your questions and I'll answer them as best as I can... Johnson: Everything I saw said all the mutations would be fatal, yeah? DeVeau : Yes. Any thoughts, Chy? Skyfire: I don't know. They've all been different, with one similarity. This is terminal. :: Alora let out a low whistle. CD didn't have to be standing close to read her expression: not the best news he could have delivered. :: Johnson: I couldn't really tell. Best guess on how long someone might survive if infected? DeVeau: Well, that could vary, but based on what I’ve seen...three days at most. In addition, how the mutations occurred differed with every sample. Skyfire: Each one looks gruesome no matter which way you look at it. Do you want me to go through the list? :: He bit his lower lip. He swallowed hard, dreading their reactions. He once again felt the wave of nausea hit him, and had to fight a bit harder to keep it down as he stared at the screen. On one of the other screens where the bugs were not in display, he pulled up the text of what he had observed so far. His simulations were still running on the screen in front of him. :: Johnson: No, cher, that's not necessary. At least for me. DeVeau: Might as well. I want to know if your findings and interpretation match mine. Skyfire: The longest simulation shows fatality at seventy two hours. All others have been significantly less. :: He cast a worried glance to his old friend, Alora. Of all the miracles he'd pulled off in his time, he was good...but not that good. He was known amongst the Gorkon crew as Lazarus, but as he told Dassa, even he had limitations. Chythar was not a god, just stubborn when his friends were dying at his hand. He couldn't let it happen to Lael, and if he could prevent it, he wouldn't lose anyone on the Za either. He didn't want to think about what would happen if Alex got infested by one of these. Would that jade CD beyond all hope? End his career because he'd seen too much death? Force him into retirement as a civilian on the farm? :: DeVeau: Then my data seems sound thus far. Johnson: Everything okay, cher? Skyfire: I'm fine... oO If I watch him die... Oo :: oO Hypocrite. Oo he told himself. Of all the phrases he hated using, all the ones he hated hearing when working with patients who really weren't fine at all, he had to go ahead and use this one. CD sighed heavily. What could he say? That he was too busy praying he would be able to save them from something like this? :: :: He shook his head to clear it, to force the negative talk out of his mind. It took him nearly three minutes to recover enough to the point where he could speak again. :: ::Johnson’s eyes narrowed.:: Johnson: You sure? Skyfire: Yeah. I just--- :: He hesitated for a moment as he replayed the staff meeting over in his mind. :: Johnson: Okay, so how do we prevent an outbreak here, eh? DeVeau: Well, first thing, keep these things in containment. I would do double backups just in case. :: He nodded to that, his mind racing as he recalled the details of the first contact mission. :: DeVeau: Next thing? I’d like to find a way to combat it, inoculate against it, something. We’ll need to study it further of course, but I want a way to deal with things should we run into this. If these people are now venturing out into space, they’re going to start interacting - after all, we’ve just met them. We’ll need to make sure this doesn’t become a problem. :: It was too late, but he held his tongue as he sorted through the information in his head. If he spoke before he had fully thought out his words, he would likely wind up either talking too fast or making himself otherwise incoherent because he'd be talking in Russian, Japanese, Gaelic, or one of his other forms of linguistic stress levels. :: Johnson: ? DeVeau: I’ve only just started, so nothing yet, but with more brains added, I’m sure we’ll be able to figure something out between the two of us. Fortunately, these were caught by the transporter, so it’s not as if we have an issue on board at the moment. Skyfire: No...but we may have a problem when the away team returns. DeVeau / Johnson: ? Skyfire: They opted to take a shuttle . Chances are that since we didn't get a chance to act with our guests while they were here, they couldn't provide us with any intel such as whether these things are a risk to our crew. To the best of my knowledge, nobody's given any concern to EVA suits either because we were still studying the se things before we had a chance to recommend it. DeVeau / Johnson: ? Skyfire: Exactly.... The ones I know are on the away team include the captain, Vondaryan, Pandorn, and Blair. :: He paused and pinched the bridge of his nose. :: Computer, who of the Za's staff has ventured to the Pathfinder? :: The computer recounted all the names of the away team, including a crewman or two that Chythar didn't recognize. He swallowed hard. Did they had time to warn the team before this became a problem? How would he react if Alex or Lael were claimed as victims? Would he be able to bring himself to honor a request to put them out of their misery, or force himself to leave the room because he couldn't watch? He tried desperately to center himself, another wave of nausea threatening to make an exit. He bit it back and winced this time, hoping nobody noticed. :: DeVeau / Johnson: ? === Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire Medical Officer USS Za, NCC-65305 O239002CS0
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