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  1. ((OOC - This happens around eighteen hundred Night One of Shore Leave. )) ((Command Dining Room, Deck 2 - USS Athena)) ::Sabrina placed the replicated food on the table as she hesitantly awaited Cody’s arrival. Her last one on one meeting with him didn’t go as well as she had hoped. Sabrina knew that first impressions meant a lot, and people rarely got a chance for a second impression but Sabrina hoped that this dinner with Cody would give her a chance to prove that she was more than just a screw up with delusions of Grandeur. Sabrina also wanted to ask his help in prepar
  2. If I had the chance... Joining those sharing: 1. Set after Voyager 2. Seven friends who were at the Academy together, not on the same one ship, but scattered across several different areas. One now works in the Federation. Another is an officer on a starship. Another works for Intelligence. A forth washed out and eks out a living among the criminal element. A fifth is now a freighter captain. The sixth has made it to the Admiralty. The last is a starship Captain. 3. Cross platform. It's set at Starfleet HQ, Earth. It's set in the Federation Council. It's set on one Starfleet starship. It's
  3. In lieu of 2017's Star Trek tv series (in whatever form it takes), it begs for what our own team of SB118 writers would do. So, suppose a team of us were writing a new Star Trek series (as television series have a group of writers). Inquiring minds want to know: When it's set Who's in the main cast What ship/station it's set in Why Where does it take place How does it evolve?
  4. It's going to depend on All Access and the show's producers. If the they and the showrunner are smart... they'll refer to the bibles that were created for TOS, TNG, DS9 and VOY to establish this new series show bible and continue with the prime universe (which is what I would do- 'cause those take an insanely long time to build from scratch). Just thinking about it from a writer's perspective, if they didn't add to the existing bibles, I would be one very angry tv writer-
  5. I remember TNG episodes that addressed this issue (notably, I recall a specific TNG episode where Wes did exactly that- broke a local jurisdiction law).
  6. Here's a thought to consider: While the UFOP isn't specifically "canon", its players have a lot of leeway, and we do our best to keep what we do here on file on our very own Wiki. As a community, we support Star Trek, because we love to write in that particular universe. So the question I would pose to you guys is: in lieu of a "Star Trek Universe" from Paramount, what's to stop the UFOP community from establishing that idea... Bare in mind, we've been running strong since 1994, and we are the longest running PBEM in the history of Star Trek (and that is an actual fact- there is no other commu
  7. I have my copy, but I haven't had a chance to sit down and watch it yet, so no spoilers!
  8. War criminal General Krax resurfaces near Klingon-Federation space By Alexis Crothers Stardate 239207.13 GARRIDON SYSTEM – Defunct Klingon General Krax has appeared just inside Federation space while the USS Gemini was completing a rescue mission The USS Gemini on a rescue mission on the border solar system of Garridon V just before Klingon space was contacted by an unidentified Vor'Cha Class Battlecruiser baring a different ID signature, warning them Klingon Warbirds were inside the system. Before they could confirm the identity of the contact, the Vor'Cha Battlecruiser, pinged as the Demon
  9. Now if you're playing an enemy for your ship.... lol (within limits!) Glad to have you with us and I hope you have fun!
  10. Patience is required because everyone lives in different time zones and areas of the world, along with that thing called RL. That extends to the ship you're assigned to as well- responses may not come as swiftly as might in RL
  11. Welcome Cook! Glad to have you with us and I hope you enjoy your time with us. Welcome aboard!!!
  12. Have fun with it, enjoy it. Waiting can be hard, but it goes through fast, fun and everyone has a blast. Welcome!
  13. Just reading, perhaps a comment or two- ;)

  14. Enjoy your time here and remember to have fun. 21 years and running, lots of good people, fun times, and having fun writing together. You guys are in good hands.
  15. They've finished the pilot, set for a July 2015 release. The prior cast members and new/former crew have been working diligently hard to present this to CBS, and having seen some of the footage and what they did this time (this is the same group that worked with Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols on Star Trek: Of Gods and Men (2008) - they were on a limited budget so the quality wasn't as great, but they had a solid story), Renegades is on par with the production quality of the films, and I for one hope that CBS picks this up. I find inspirational when cast members from various ST television s
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