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  1. OOC: The following is an approved plot twist. <evil laughter> (( The Island - Hemix )) Whittaker: It can't be... :: Those were words that should never be uttered on an away team. Nugra gripped his rifle even closer and unintentionally let out a low growl from deep inside his throat. It was a mixture of a low rumble and distinctive clicks. :: Kelly: Talk to me Mister Whittaker, What've you got? :: Nugra watched the butterfly as it flew off and the urge to pursue it started to overcome him. He resisted and turned his attention back to the conversation trying to ignore the call of the jungle. :: Whittaker: My H.U.D registered a.... :: he consulted the data :: ... 0.6% increase in the output of the energy field at almost the same that moth landed on Ensign Ezo's tricorder. Kelly: You're telling me that the little red moth is connected to this advanced energy field? Whittaker: Normally I would say no, but it appears to be too much of a coincidence in this case. :: to Ezo :: May I take a look at it please? :: The young starfleet officer took the tricorder from Ezo and quickly examined it. More and more, in the back of his mind, Nugra felt a gnawing feeling of...something eating at him. :: Whittaker: The energy cells have been totally drained. This tricorder is dead. Ezo: What...completely? Is it possible it malfunctioned? Whittaker: It isn't. :: In the distance, the Gorn was sure he heard a combadge chirp and some talking, but it sounded faint and far away. His mind had entirely focused on a presence that was pressing in on him, speaking to him in wordless speech. The feral beast of war, the Admiral of Skulls, the darkness of his formal life rumbled deep inside him and fear gripped the Gorn's heart. Was he loosing control of the demon inside? Above him, he saw a swarm of butterflies move together taking on the shape of a larger bird. Instinctively, he savagely ripped the weapon from his shoulders and aimed it aloft. :: Ezo: ::quietly:: Theo...? is it still normal to be nervous? Kelly; Lewis, NO! ::He began to move towards the golden EV suited form of the Petty Officer:: Don't shoot! :: Completely on primal instinct, Nugra hunched down lowering his profile as the swarm of butterflies descended on the hapless enlistedman who had the unfortunate fate of not hearing Ensign Ezo's cry in time. :: Kelly: Throw your phasers on the ground. They are intelligent and we need to let it know we are not a threat. :: Insteading of doing so, Nugra slunk backwards, the silent form amazingly making no sound as it blended in to the heavy brush and weeds that grew abundant in the jungle that surrounded them. :: Ezo: ::frantically:: You have to let me up! I have to go to him! Please Theo! :: The deep foliage engulfed him and the frantic cries of the woman seemed to blend in to the sound that was beating inside his head. :: oO I've...I've got to get out of this suit. I've got to be free of it. Oo :: His brain screamed at him to avoid doing that, giving in to the feeling would allow the monster that he had hidden for years to re-surface and take control. He could feel his heart beating wildly, the beast within trying to claw its way out from the deep recesses of his mind. It...was hungry. :: :: Ripping at the seals on his helmet, his sane mind called out to stop one last time before the safety latch clicked and popped off. The sweet smell of the jungle filled his nostrils and his eyes narrowed in to predatory slits as the whole world came in to focus around him. Ripping off the e-suit silently, he slung it away failing to notice the sounds of the newcomers that had surrounded Commander Kelly's team. The Nugra that everybody had known was forced in to a quiet corner of the giant lizard's mind, helpless at the moment to only watch, to weak to try to force the demon back in to its place. The feral monster, the Admiral of skulls, the one that his crew had named Krr'Sak, keeper of the dead, reared its ugly head finally free to the rules and regulations. :: :: A rustling came behind him and he turned, more predator that sentient upon the sound. A straggling pirate had pushed his way through the foliage and spotted him. :: Korvin: Hey you--- :: That was all the sound he got out as the lizard leaped forth, teeth bared in a savage attack silencing the man before he could speak again. Crouched over his prey, Nugra watched helplessly as Krr'Sak, the subconscious id from the days of the war of the singularity took control of the situation. :: Krr'Sak: oO It is time my old friend. it is time that we dealt with anyone who dare defy our leadership. Oo Nugra: oO No! I refuse to become a monster again! Never will I slay just for the sake of killing. Oo :: Nugra's nose slightly turned up in to the air, sniffing at it, knowing that whatever awoke the beast was calling to him. :: Krr'Sak: oO She disagrees, weak one. She wants us to save her from them...Every...single...one of them. Oo :: He looked towards Kelly and the pirates and the monstrously toothy grin covered his face. :: Krr'Sak: oO She will be free. Oo ~tbc~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Captain Nugra Chief of Intelligence USS Columbia, NCC-85279 FWPA '15 Facilitator Captain's Council Magistrate V238008N10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2. Hi there Corena! Welcome to the Fleet! You'll love it here . If you need any help don't hesitate to ask anyone on the forums!
  3. Hi guys, Here is my submission for the Autumn Graphics Contest. I am completely new to this stuff but I wanted to try and get my feet wet in gimp
  4. I think it would be cool to serve on the NX-Enterprise. Sure, the Federation didn't exist yet, but I (and Diego) like to be the first person to discover new things and such. Archer's crew did just that. I always thought it would be cool to be one of the first people to do something LOL. Only problem with the NX-Enterprise was.. well... NO HOLODECKS How could I survive?
  5. Hi guys. Before I continue, I apologize if this already exists somewhere on these forums. So, does anyone here think that something like the starships in Star Trek could be possible in real life? I know it would probably be a long way down the road, but this has always fascinated me. Ever since I was little, I always hoped something like Star Trek would happen in real life( hopefully that makes sense.) I still really hope this could happen in real life. This brings up a couple more questions I have for you guys. If the "Star trek universe" actually existed, and if there was a "Starfleet", who would actually be apart of it? Would you be an enlisted officer for "Starfleet"? I'm excited to see everyone's response! Enjoy! Alex/Diego
  6. I've just started playing STO. I like it for the most part. Sometimes it's grindy, but overall it's pretty fun. Although my only character is level 7, and I haven't explored most of the game's content yet, I still like it! hehe. If anyone wants to form a group or whatever it's called I'd be glad to play with some of you guys.
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