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  1. This is the first part of their JP and I love the romance in it. They've built up the tension nicely. I could really feel @Lael Rosek 's pain, fear, and anger but most of all their growing love for each other. I adore how @German Galven remains the calm, gentleman he is! Well done ❤️ ((Tribble B Lounge, Deck 2, USS Montreal)) ::German was still feeling out of sorts through his ordeal with being under the virus and haven’t had much to contribute to the mission other than his department pulling through. He was extremely grateful for Stennin as well as Munger who made herself acting chief which showed a level of commitment. However, the dream. Had it been a dream or was he actually in the Unimatrix? It all felt too real and even Arlil felt real, but after the nano tech was removed by Lael, any effort in trying to get back was null.:: ::He did, however, feel relieved that his sister was still out there. Wherever or whenever she was. Once he was out of thoughts to think of, he noticed he had wandered into the lounge. He guessed that his mind was telling him to get a good stiff drink. As he approached the bar, he ordered his usual which was a Cardassian Sunrise, then sat down.:: ::She was only here because she didn’t want to delve into her good bourbon. It would be a waste given that she wouldn’t taste anything after her second glass. She sat at a table in the far corner facing the wall with a couple of glasses turned on their rims, empty, nursing a third glass. In her hands was a PADD connected to a wireless pair of earpieces. It was currently blasting Muse as loud as she could tolerate, though the tech kept the loud, ear-splitting music from disturbing those around her. Taking another large drink from her glass of bourbon, she allowed herself to get lost in the lyrics. It was her escape when life became too much and after that last mission, she was needing it.:: ::Once he had taken a few generous swigs, he sighed and then turned his head to glance around the room. He didn’t see anyone until his vision spotted someone lurking in the corner with their back to the corner. He leaned in and squinted his eyes hoping to get a better look at who it was. He determined who it was by the blonde hair. Lael. After he awoke he hadn’t seen her since she left and they hadn’t really talked afterward. He turned, then grabbed his drink. When he got up from his chair, he approached her knowing she could probably hear him due to her powerful hearing.:: Galven: Lael? ::Apparently, she didn’t hear him when he saw that she was wearing earpieces. Now this was a mission in itself hoping not to scare the woman. He then thought about the next best thing. He walked around the table and sat down facing her. He took a drink and sat it down in her view.:: ::When she caught sight of him, she tensed, smashing her thumb hard into the command that would stop the music before removing the earpieces. Her gaze dropped to her glass for a moment before her gaze lifted to meet his. She opened her mouth to speak, but was lost for words. Shaking her head, she took down the rest of her drink before slamming the glass back down on the table hard enough that a small piece chipped off the rim. Without waiting for his response, she grabbed the PADD and stormed for the door, pressing her thumb to the PADD the bartender on shift shoved in her direction before making a quick exit into the corridor.:: ::Her actions confused the Denobulan. Watching her react in such a way made him realize that something was bothering her. Most likely the dress down she gave him in the ready room before he collapsed. He scratched his head as he got up to go after her. The bartender looked like he knew what that was all about as he folded his arms and looked at him with an arched eyebrow. German shrugged as we ran by and looked both ways out the door and noticed Lael was heading for the turbolift. He caught up to her just in time as the door closed. He bent over catching his breath and put a hand up on the wall to catch himself.:: Galven: ::breathes:: Lael::beat::We need::beat::to talk. Is this about::beat::when I questioned you on the bridge? ((Corridors)) ::She tensed, but kept walking until she reached a hidden alcove. She reached out, grabbing him by the arm, then tugged him in roughly after her. Once she had him there, she did two things in quick succession: she slapped him hard across the face and then pulled him to her, gripping the sides of his face tightly as she slammed her mouth into his, softening her assault only slightly before pulling back panting heavily.:: ::It wasn’t until she reached a hand up to wipe the blood from the corner of her lip where she’d bitten it that she realized tears were streaming down her cheeks against her will. She grimaced, her gaze dropping from his as she turned, presenting him with her back, trying to get the tempest of emotions back under control.:: ::With such a force of the slap and then the assaulted kiss, he didn’t know what to do. He brought up his hand to his cheek and felt a it had already bruised. He winced as he rubbed it. He guessed that he deserved that, but the kiss. All the while it was nice, but the way she kissed him after she slapped him made him in a complete daze. He then figured out what was wrong. He had been out of it under the spell of a deadly virus.:: ::He reached out and grabbed her shoulder, but there was resistance. With his foot more forward than the other, he centered himself and grabbed her shoulder harder which pulled her around and he planted a kiss of his own on her lips. After a few moments, he pulled back and placed both of his hands on her shoulders, then gazed into her eyes. She looked so distraught and there was just a hint of something else.:: Galven: ::murmurs:: Speak to me. ::She sighed, giving in to him, and leaned her forehead against his, closing her eyes. The relief was instant. He was alive. She could hear his voice. She slid a hand up his arm. She could feel him. The familiar scent of his vanilla cologne combined with his natural male musk assaulted her nostrils. By nature of her Al-Leyan heritage, her sense of smell was almost nonexistent; but for some reason she couldn’t quite explain, she was acutely aware of his scent. There were times when she could tell he’d entered the room by that scent alone.:: Rosek: ::bites back a sob and breathes:: I thought you were dead. ::The tears began anew and she tilted her head up again to seek out his lips, her kiss more tender this time. Once, twice, thrice she brushed her lips against his before shifting to bury her face in his neck, her arms wrapping around his upper torso, her hands then resting on his shoulder blades, hugging him tightly to her.:: ::Now it was coming into full circle. He couldn’t imagine thinking the worst if Lael had been in his shoes. With her body so tightly around him, he brought his arms up and hugged her tight. Not wanting to let go. His chin resting atop her head and then rubbed her back. She cared for him, but he hadn’t realized how much until that moment. His eyes started to well up with tears and he took a breath, then cleared his throat.:: Galven: I’m sorry Lael. I didn’t know what happened until after I woke up. I can’t imagine what it was like for you. Rosek: ::murmurs:: I--All those people in the medical center potentially dead and the only thing I could think of was you. I wanted to run to you, but...I was afraid of what I’d find if I did. Besides, the crew needed me to keep a level head. I-- Galven: From what I read in the reports, you did a tremendous job, Lael. You’re a lot stronger than you think and I’m not upset that you didn’t run to me. Rosek: ::pauses:: I--I don’t want to be alone right now. I-- ::moistens her lips and tightens her grip on his hand, then murmurs in a low voice:: I need you, German. ::From the way she was responding and her body language, he had a feeling where this was going. Months of leading up to this with sexual tension, but now...It didn’t feel right. Especially with them hiding in a alcove. He wanted it to be somewhere special. He brought up his free hand to rub her cheek.:: Galven: ::brushes his lips against hers:: I need you too. God, do I ever. ::pauses:: But you wanted to wait. ::She sighed. He was right. The only reason she was so desperate for it right now was because of the emotional upheaval of the last few days. She’d been subjected to unnecessary grief. Hearing those painful words from that vile woman’s mouth had turned her world upside down in a nanosecond. But because she’d been on the bridge, she hadn’t been able to fully take in what she was feeling. Instead, she’d shut it off like a good little robot and had focused instead on bringing Lenik and the Klingon woman to justice.:: Rosek: ::murmurs:: You’re right. ::pauses:: We don’t have to--but...can you sleep with me? I mean actually sleep. I won’t try anything. I just--I feel like if you’re there with me, I won’t have the nightmares. Galven: ::smiles softly:: I knew what you meant and I won’t try anything as well. Does this mean we’re ready to take the next step in our relationship and make it official? Rosek: ::laughs softly:: It’s a step. ::smiles sheepishly:: It’ll certainly be different. I’ve never slept in a bed with a man without--Well, except Chythar when he was really lonely and missing Alex. ---- Lieutenant German Galven Chief Science Officer 6reatDane@gmail.com USS Montreal NC64927 V239507GG0 & Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek Executive Officer USS Montreal NC64927 I238110RH0
  2. ((Fight Deck - Shuttle 'Aiko')) Hasha: The bay doors are locked down as well. ::moving as to stand up:: I'll have to deactivate and open the doors from an external panel. Peeex: ::with a restraining hand:: There's no time. I'll take care of it. ::Peexed fired an armed and unleashed a micro-torpedo from the shuttle's fore launcher. The flash of the matter/antimatter reaction as the torpedo ignited was blinding, and the shuttle rocked and buffeted momentarily from both the shockwave and the rush of outgoing air before a forcefield was raised.The shuttlebay door was gone. It was superficial damage to the Za, easily fixed, but not before they left and returned with Mother.:: Peeex: ::to Hasha:: There. Now launch. Hasha: ::Sitting back down manning the navigation controls:: Acknowledge... hold on Lers: Just get us to Mother safely...::He sits back in his chair and holds onto the side of his chair as the shuttle pushes into safety of the cold space. It was no long before the Za began to move and forced the shuttle to halt when the tracker beam was used upon them:: ::The security officer launched the shuttle through the breached bay doors. The sterile light of the bay interior gave way to the inky blackness of space, and their swing towards the planet was smooth and controlled. Unfortunately, their forward momentum did not last long, as a jolt shuddered them to a stop in the icy blue hue of a graviton field. They had been tractored by the Za.:: Hasha: They are hailing us.... Lers: ::Taking a deep breath he was going to be the old selfish Lers again and stood up grabbing the other Security Officer pistol:: On screen...::Meanwhile he puts the phaser to vaporizing and points it at the Security Officer in the back, he sees the bridge crew appear on the screen:: =/\=Good day Captain...=/\= Rhani: =/\= Mr. Lers. You seem to be in one of my shuttles. With members of my crew. Care to explain this state of affairs? =/\= Lers: =/\=Yes, it seems that way, the shuttle is in temporal use for us ::He looked at the screen as he continues:: I would like to advise you to shut down the tracker beam or I am forced to do something I don't wish to do....=/\= Rhani: =/\= Can’t say as I’m rushing to let you just fly off, Mr. Lers. =/\= Lers: ::He shrugs as they tested his bluff, an ill choice to do so:: =/\=Then one of your man just died due your selfishness=/\= ::He fired without warning his phaser as the Security Officer vaporize with agony pain. Lers points his phaser to the pilot:: =/\=I wonder if you test my patience again Captain, shut down the tracker beam...=/\= Rhani: =/\= I was willing to talk to you, Mr. Lers. I am *now* informing you that if you do pull that trigger again, your lifespan will be as long as it takes for a torpedo to reach you. ::with a smile like razor:: Possibly less. You still have the chance to come out of this alive. I suggest you don’t waste it. =/\= Falcon: =/\= Shuttle is within torpedo launcher fire arc. =/\= Lers: ::Hishnend was not impressed with the counter and he did not even break a sweat over this:: =/\= That does not sound very Federation style, can I taste a bitter sweet Orion pressure tactic in your lines? =/\= Rhani: =/\= Believe me, Mr. Lers. If I was using Orion tactics, you’d be a lot less happy about the situation. =/\= Lers: ::He puts the phaser to the head of Hasha that reacted perfectly in panic and begging eyes towards the screen:: =/\= Miazra, please take the helm controls over, it seems that our Captain is willing to sacrifice yet another crew member....I believe the records state that you are new to the ship Captain? Well short career...you let two members of your crew be killed and at the same time letting your shuttle get destroyed. I believe that it is a court marshal or removal of those beloved pips of yours Captain. Listen to your First Officer and shut down the tractor beam=/\= Peeex: I've got the helm... Peeex: ::to Lers:: I've got control again, setting maximum speed. Lers: ::Gave a grateful smile at the Captain:: =/\=Thank you Captain for your solid trust in this matter, we will return this person back to you as soon as we arrive at the planet =/\= ::Meanwhile he tapped onto the console with his left hand while staring at the screen as he heard a beep and smiled =/\= Oh and beaming us to your ship, not going to work....I placed a jamming device here. We will meet again...soon enough Lers out =/\= Peeex: And I thought my plan was a gamble. Yours is positively suicidal, Mr Lers! Lers: ::Sat down as he looked at Hasha:: Sorry for the brute force, but we can't leverage at this time and time is against us... Hasha: Understandable, just did not expect to feel a phaser against my head ::he shrugs:: Lers: Desperate times, desperate measures.... Peeex: At least we finally are so close to our goal. Whether because of the actions of our brethren or because the Starfleet officers capitulated, we will soon have the mother in our midst! Lers: Good they got some sense in them... move with haste towards the planet. We got no time for any more delays! ::At maximum impulse, they were approaching the planet that they had sought for so long within minutes:: Peeex: ::nervous:: I can't find anyone, Mr Lers. After 30 years, is it possible... are we too late? Lers: ::Taking a deep breath he shrugs knowing that their cryo might have taken a toll on their fellow mates:: If we cease our search now, all is lost and we would not succeed in our plan. I will make some scans ::starting to start up some of the lower ground scans and thicken the array of the shuttle to get a better signal:: Peeex: ::only slightly mollified:: I know we wouldn't be - us - if the mother was no more, but still... What good is it if we can't find her? Lers: I got something, it is faint....weak but it still there...:: he stared, looking closer towards the scans:: Check the following coding 12.0049399, 79.81303950000006 ::Looking at Peeex:: Peeex: Yes... yes! I see it now. It's the mother! ::scrutinizing the scans further:: But... but her host is dying or dead. The mother is weak, I can barely make her out. Lers: The long years have taken its toll on her, she will need a new host to get back into life itself ::Taking a deep breath:: This is is a heavy burden to carry, but so far scans have indicated...she is suffering badly as her host is barely holding. Peeex: We can lock onto the mother and beam her directly into one of us. Then she will survive, and we can get her back to the Za. ::resolute expression:: Then all will be as we had always planned. We will finish what was started 30 years ago! I should take the mother. This host is genetically predisposed to co-existing with a large being within it, and the host will likely handle the transport and integration the best. Hasha: ::incredulous:: Why should you be the honored host? I can host the mother just as well as you! I should be the one to take her! Lers: ::Both offers were gracefully and noble by heart, he took a deep breath and nodded to conclude his judgment of the situation. The situation was dire and he could not waste time anymore:: Hasha you will take this honored duty, get ready in the back for transportation into your body ::He nodded towards the man that stood up and made his way towards the back as he looked at Peex that was kinda disappointed:: I need your skills and thinking for something else, the way back....if we return to you as new mother, it would only be logical to shoot you first. We can't take this gamble. Start the process.... =============== Hishnend Lers Engineer, Morning Star ~as simmed by~ Lieutenant (JG) Nak'aqi Socxo Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS Za FNS & Podcast Member Z239308NS0
  3. I like simming a relationship together with another player. I don't care if that is a PNPC or a main character as long as another person is involved. It could result into adverture, romance, conflict and so on since it is unpredictable. There are two people working on a relationship like it goes in real life. Right now my main character is still in the dating stadium and it is so much fun to write this together. I hope it will work out into a relationship but we'll see where it ends up. 😚
  4. It was so much fun! Let's hope our next shore leave is as wonderful as this one....hopefully even more
  5. Hello everyone! My name is Yasmine and I'm 22 years old. I live in The Netherlands and study Speech and Language therapy. You can compare it wit university. My boyfriend (Patrick aka Rawolf) is a huge Star Trek fan and joined this community. Since I know less than nothing about Star Trek I thought this could be a good opportunity to learn more about it. I love writing fantasy stories most of them are fanfiction. Right now I am in training here 😇
  6. Hey there! My name here is LunarStar I am Rawolf's girlfriend. Don't worry, he did not force me on signing up. I like writing stories but not only about SciFi. Mostly about Fantasy. Patrick here is a huge Star Trek fan and I want to get to know more about Star Trek. This site might provide the basics I need. My name is Yasmine and I also live in The Netherlands. Nice to meet you! LunarStar
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