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  1. ((Sisko's - New Orleans)) ::Turns out that the crew was brought to Sisko’s for an award ceremony. After the “Kris Kringle” of which Renae had to participate (she honestly had no clue what it was for due to having a lack of education in the Terran manner)) in. Unfortunately, her’s could be considered a “tough one”. She applauded for everyone as everyone else did, congratulated Oliver for his promotion. Happy for the new Counsellor, extremely impressed with Aron, laughed as she watched Pandora’s lack of an emotional reaction, applauded the new Doctor of which she had almost no clue existed (she
  2. ((Avandar Crash Site - Night)) :: Wide awake, Umas sat with the hull of the Avandar supporting his back. His good leg was bent at the knee, the other was stretched out in the dirt with a cold compress on his ankle to bring the swelling down. In his hand he loving held his daughter’s charm bracelet, eyes glistening with the threat of tears. One end of the bracelet was looped around his middle finger, allowing the piece of jewelry and all of its tiny bobbles to hang at the center of his palm.:: :: The heart shaped charm was so that Veessah would know how much her mom and dad loved her. A sn
  3. ((Triage Tent)) ::. . . darkness still? It was difficult to tell... S’Acul had been seeing flashes of something while unconscious, perhaps dreams, perhaps memories. Needless to say, he didn’t remember much after the explosion.:: ::A pained groan rumbled in his chest, and he scrunched his eyes further closed - which cause a shot of severe pain to lace through his right cheek. Frowning, he opened his eyes... no, his eye. He had to blink away the fuzziness of unconsciousness, and he was very confused as to why his right eye refused to open.:: ::His gaze focused first on the light above his bed. G
  4. JP LT Jen Malcolm, (PNPC) Regg and (PNPC) Audie: Bless the Beasts and the Children ((Dott’s Family Quarters-USS Avandar-Crash site)) ::Regg awakened inside of the closet of his quarters. Before the crash of the Avandar he was not feeling well so the day care teacher took him to his quarters.Crying, he crawled out of the rubble, into the darkness, scared and alone. He wondered where his father was, his friend Ashley.:: oOI’m alone and scared. It’s dark. I don’t like the dark.Oo ::He wandered out into the corridor, looking for anybody that could help him, cowering into the corners of the destroy
  5. "History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again." -- Maya Angelou (( Collapsed Daycare, USS Avandar )) :: Dust swirled around him as Alleran wiggled further into the void which was the daycare room, the laser cutter between his teeth. He had taken the blonde girl back to the others... now his search continued. :: :: The dust was a product of the metal used to make the bulkheads, compressed it would powderize. This area had suffered more than most and it was almost completely rubble... Tan had to stop every now and then to move a hunk
  6. ((Triage tent)) ::Jen looked up at the new arrivals. Blood. Amputated leg. Tan. Davies. No Ashley:: Malcolm: Davies? Where is she? ::He and Burt quickly carried Lt. Tan across the tent to the elevated cot Jen was using as her surgical table. They laid him down, none to gently, exhaustion from the lengthy, precarious walk finally taking hold:: ::Davies’ breaths came raggedly, his injured throat burning with each shallow. He looked over and down at Jen, whose fingers had clamped around his arm. His face must’ve told her what she feared, as he watched his own dread settle into her eyes. W
  7. ((Cooridor outside daycare)) ::Davies helped Gilaars and T’tala sort through the equipment the security guard had returned with. As they organized the tools, two men joined them. Davies looked up, hoping these were the reinforcements he’d asked for. With relief, he instantly observed how small the Trill man was:: ::The Trill was injured, however. Davies frowned at the blood-soaked makeshift bandage that was tied around the other man’s head:: Tan: Ensign, Lieutenant, Lieutenant. What do we have? Davies: We’ve got a small access into the daycare. Gilaars: ::nodding: None of us can fit in tha
  8. (( Mess Hall )) :: Aron entered slowly this time. Even though it was, days into the trip back, too late to assume the ordeal was a lucid dream, he walked as though it was - as if any movement, any heavy step or rough encounter with the edge of a table would wake him up. Not that he would mind the waking. But he felt the same purpose to this mission of his that he was used to feeling in dreams, and he was going to see it through. Aron sat down at the table Didrik still occupied. Of course, he had been thinking about what he would say since he’d caught that glimpse, but now that the time had co
  9. (( OOC: This will be a bit of a back post. Gotta get Ren to the station! I warn you I tend to get a bit wordy when fleshing out a new character. This won’t impact the story line much, if at all. )) ((USS Firefox)) :: Ren took the final swig of his coffee and turned his attention back to the PADD that he had brought with him to the Firefox’s forward lounge. He debated heading back to his temporary quarters and decided against it. Instead he got the bartenders attention with a slight wave of his hand:: Ren: Lilly, I’ll take another coffee when you have a minute please Lilly: You got it babe.
  10. ((Gray’s Quarters)) :: Gray finished shaving and looked at himself in the mirror. He was looking pale and slightly haggard. He hadn’t been too concerned at first but the passage of time had sharpened his fears and it was taking an increasing toll. :: :: If Davies didn’t come around soon he was sure he would go completely mad. He desperately needed to know if the man would remember the murder attempt. The questioning and suspicion originally aimed at him had died down and if he was lucky and Davies could remember nothing then perhaps a further attempt could be avoided. It would all depend on ho
  11. ((Medical Bay, Private Room - Embassy)) Yael: Until tomorrow. ::nodding, but not leaving his seat even as they prepared their departures.:: ::T'Vei stood, but let the Captain leave first, standing next to the table. After the Captain left, she turned towards Yael and spoke quietly.:: T'Vei: I just wanted to speak to you in confidentiality for a moment. Yael: ::purple eyes shifting up to her:: Was there something else? :: This was said with an air of doom, though of course he wasn't harsh with T'Vei at all personally. :: T'Vei: I don't have any specific concerns. I simply wanted to advise you
  12. Guest

    Round 1 (Round 01) Blake & Sullivan "I just KNEW it!"

    ((Strategic Ops – Security Office (Mercury))) Computer: Incoming transmission from the USS Drake. ::Sky looked up from the PADD she was writing on – her report to her officers about the “merge” with the Marines; the same report that none of them would be happy to hear or read. She obviously saw nothing but the bulkhead in front of her. Considering the most recent fight she had with Major Fanel about which department was more capable than the other (both losing due to Parker’s ability to shut them up, but Sky swore to Fanel that it wasn’t over and that *he* was the one who started it. Bla
  13. ((Sickbay)) ::Eerie entered the sickbay and the door snapped shut, he looked around, there were a few crewmembers there, the Dr. Malcolm was not there, but Eerie had been requested to come down there for a follow up on the almost drowning, he looked around and decided to stand by the bulkhead:: oO I will try to get out of here a soon as possible Oo ::Eerie stood by the wall, watching the medical staff go about their work, sickbay was something that Eerie avoided as much as possible, but orders were orders, not that he had anything against the medical staff, however Brikar would only normally
  14. (( Temporal Affairs )) KELLS: And yet I wonder: why now? The only part of my career I really regret, the only place where my actions carried mortal consequences for others. Why would I have come back to now? :: Aron's archetypes weren't worth much. The temporal affairs office in Geneva had windows on every wall but its north, and the agent in charge of Aron's case was a casually-dressed Betazoid, Vyrix. :: VYRIX: It is a good question, Aron. Why now? KELLS: I can only assume that it was the doing of that machine from the Ring. VYRIX: Yes, that was our hypothesis as well. Would you like t
  15. ((Noosphere - Thracia 2)) ::The noise of all these new minds can be unbearable, like a collection of lost souls on one of those pilgrimages down below. One of the space-fairing vessels leaves and I slowly run my fingers across its inhabitants. The skin rubs up against one last mind. It's a strange mind, somewhat lonely, somewhat connected. There's a cold distance and a child-like curiosity inside and.... maybe I would have made this place home in another life. But the mind slowly disappears. There's a last glimmer as the space around it folds and I whisper into the newly-formed void.:: ::Remem
  16. (OOC- This sim ties in a few years after this sim.) (http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/sb118-ops/message/20401) (Flashback) (Mirror Universe, Mirror St Vitus' Dance) m-Lightfoot: Confirmed. We only have forty percent maneuverability. ::trying to decipher her scanners.:: Captain, it would appear that the lower right quadrant of the rift is rotating..... ::The Mirror St Vitus Dance plowed through the outskirts of the wormhole alongside the Tiger. In seconds, the rift closed behind them leaving behind nothing but the debris of the Independence and the attacking ships. All in all, nothing no big
  17. Welcome to Top Sims 2011! All announcements for the entire 2011 contest will be posted in this thread. RULES You can submit ANY sim -- from your ship, or another ship. All sims are welcome, including staff (Captain, First Officer, etc.) sims. Please find a balance between "too much" and "too little" on the submission end of this contest. Don't submit every post from your crew. But please encourage everyone to submit at least one post to the contest whenever they can. Want your crewmates to win more? Nominate only the best sims, and encourage higher quality sims! HOW TO SUBMIT A SIM Click th
  18. OOC: Thanks to Zonhar for coming up with the pretty title "Awaken, from dreary night newly shaken, and squeeze the hand of faithful few." -Jason Kelly 2011 IC: ((ICU ward, Sickbay)) oO What is that wretched beeping? Oo :: It had been going on for what seemed like hours, refusing to allow him to remain sleeping, when that was all he wanted to do. He reached out in the darkness, aiming for his bedside table to smack his alarm off. His hand met with nothing but air and he was instead assaulted by a searing pain shooting through his chest. Lord, his right side was killing him:: ::Voices echoed aro
  19. ((Observation Lounge)) :: It had been a stressful day, starting with the failed effort at prising samples out of the cat-person, the incident in the hazardous mats lab and subsequent investigation, the new mission briefing and finally the meeting with Dickens. Evanna thought the day could hardly be considered the most successful one. Her shift was about up and she decided to seek refuge in the peaceful observation lounge to plan the drills she was going to have to do with some of the scientists. She’d made her way quickly through the bridge and down to the lounge and was now sitting down with
  20. (( Redstone-Waltas Quarters // USS Discovery )) :: She had finished her shift and, since the there appeared to be no immediate threat to the ship, left a member of her department on the Bridge with orders to contact her should that change, and headed back to their quarters. Worry etched into her features as she waited impatiently for the turbolift doors to open. Only a few days from the start of her sixth month of pregnancy, her rapidly expanding belly had begun to alter the way she moved, slowing her down a bit, making it harder to get out of a chair that was a bit too comfortable. Still, she
  21. ((Sickbay)) :: Jen Malcolm never imagined that on her first day aboard the new ship she’d already have a patient in her intensive care unit. She sat with him, with the dermal regenerator poised over his forehead working steadily at repairing the scarred skin beneath. It was a slow process.:: :: Gray walked back into sickbay, he looked and felt haggard and weary. He rubbed his tired eyes and forehead and folded his arms. He was relieved to be away from that disgusting Denobulan, his constant rambling sapped his energy and will to live. Hovering near Davies biobed he knew how grave the situation
  22. ::It was a skeleton crew shift that walked the corridors of the Avandar at the hour that the Man of No Limitation silently and inauspiciously made his way towards the secured computer core of the USS Avandar. Normally, there would be far more officers and workers about, but it had seemed that nothing so exciting could be expected to happen before the nicely new Luna Class made her maiden voyage, and perhaps security was not as up to par as quite it should be. After all, in the rather chaotic moments right toward the end of shore leave and the final sign off for departure...it was quite normal
  23. JP: Lt Jg Zinna & Ens. Alexander Richards - Dealing with the nightmare part 1 [[DS17 promenade, 24 hours after the briefing]] :: Time with his family should have been a joyous occasion. However for the tall, blond ensign events of the previous mission continued to weigh heavily on his mind. He found himself getting distant from the important things in life. A fact that hadn't gone unnoticed. The worst thing for Alexander was that due to the nature of the previous mission he was unable to discuss anything that happened with his wife. The recurring nightmare after the link had been broken wa
  24. ((Main Holodeck-USS Avandar)) ::Alexander walks into the holodeck to create the setting for the evaluation of Lt. Cmd. T’Lea. The last time that he had to be in the this situation he had to kidnap her with the transporter for her phaser evaluation. Alexander was a little bruised and battered after that encounter, but he survived. The question is will T’Lea ever forgive him for that act? Only time will tell.:: ::Alexander walked over to the computer thinking that this time he will set the scene in a different aspect. Taking off his comm badge, and rank Alexander is placing himself as an civilia
  25. ((Sickbay)) :: Zonhar headed to sick bay after being summoned there by the good Dr. Malcolm, and truth be told he was glad for a little exercise (that didn’t involve Li’ainea) and to worry about someone else’s problems others than his own.:: oO Funny- Avoidance: That one characteristic we counselors chastise our patients on, and yet cling to most enthusiastically ourselves. Oo ::Arriving at sickbay, Zonhar promptly went in and spotted Dr. Malcolm and approached her.:: Zonhar: Good day Dr. How are you? How may I be of assistance? ::She nodded toward the biobed where Gray waited patiently:: Malc
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