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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen and other Beings, I have an announcement to make: The winner of QotM August is..... no other than our newest Sec/Tac Officer Serren Tan with the quote: Before it could be fixed, the dinosaurs had escaped and were in the market for an exotic meal prepacked in a Starfleet uniform. Crunchy on the outside, gooey on the inside! Delicious AND nutritious. Perfect for every growing Tyrannosaurus. And for this he receives this awesome badge, made by Jo Marshall, who again delivered an awesome piece of meat... I mean art: Co
  2. And there's also Safe Haven from Voyager. 😛 Personally: I have opted for Leonardo da Vinci's workshop. The detail from it, his drawings on the wall. Janeway penning down her logs with a feather pen. It really brought you back into time. Sami, preferring a little more action and adventure, would probably choose for Beowolf. Testing her strength with the foes and whatnot.
  3. Hey all, So far we're doing our best to outsmart them Dino's. And if needed we can find a hidden ship on the asteroid somewhere, put the skipper at the helm and she'll fly us away from there in no time. Now I hear you thinking: why the skipper? Because... our Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds is the winner of QotM July with the quote: Just so we're clear; the first person who tries to take the driver's seat and isn't me gets demoted. And for this she receives this awesome badge made by Jo: Congrats Skipper and thank you Jo f
  4. And miss the scent of a freshly brewed pot wafting through the whole house on a Sundaymorning? Went for the transporters instead. 😛
  5. Ladies and gentlemen, We have a winner for QotM June 2397, namely our lovely Doctor Caitríona Cayne with the quote: She nodded eagerly, her head bobbing from side to side like it was attached to an extremely smaller body and she was on top of the Admirals console as the ship took to warp - the bobble head of the USS Gorkon. And for this, she receives this awesome badge made by our finest Jo Marshall (thank you Jo ) Congrats Cait. 🙂 Greets Sami.
  6. Sami's quarters been mentioned several times, but during shoreleave it's usually the location the ship is at. This reminds me, I always write that Sami likes to try new holodeck programs, yet I've never written her inside a holodeck so far. 🤣 Hm, or maybe just once.
  7. Since this covers a few sims: Imagine a beach scene, the start of the conversation between Tali Namura (written by @Jo Marshall) and Arlo Thornton (written by @Theo Whittaker) A few sims later, the end of the scene: 😂
  8. Thank you all, and congratulations to the winners. All well deserved. 🙂
  9. Congratulations all! And thank you to all the Staff-members for making SB118 the fantastic and awesome place it is.
  10. Congrats to all winners and glad I can do something in return for this awesome and friendly community. Thank you to every person who nominated others and everyone who made these awards possible and all the others who make SB118 the fantastic community it is.
  11. Hey Folks, Gorkon's Quote of the Month May has been won by... ::adds some drum roll::... ::drums some more::... Corliss Fortune with: My boots hated me, and then I used them as ammo. You would think they'd fly farther than they did. Congrats Corliss and thank you Jo for the fabulous badge! Greets Sami.
  12. When listening to them all in one playlist and it hits TNG, I'm always like: wauw amazing, but then when Voyager starts I'm sold every single time again. Can't explain it, but it has something extra. So Voyager it is! (Mind you, most of them are amazing. 🙂 )
  13. Sami for President!!! That's very unlikely to happen, or maybe when she's the last person on a deserted planet and she lost her mind completely. 😂
  14. Congrats to the winners and all those that competed. 🙂
  15. And we have a winner ladies and gentlemen and all other species. The QotM badge for April goes to.... Rachel Flores (aka @Anath G'Renn )with: If anything, lucky was an understatement. She owed the away team a nice fruit basket or some other gesture of gratitude before they departed the colony. The only worry was if the replicator had any “Thank you for rescuing me from a fate of involuntary mutation into a Human-fungus creature abomination” cards on file. Congrats Rachel! And special thanks to @Jo Marshall for making the awesome shroom... I m
  16. Yeah I agree with Wes here. Sometimes it can lead to fun situations too. 😛
  17. I don't see Sami crawling through the Jefferies tubes anymore (with reason) so, she'd like to keep them turbolifts. As for the replicators, I'm sure she'll find some way to get food, even if it means crashing into other people's quarters around lunch/dinner time. 🤣
  18. Sami is a replicator person. I don't see her standing in the kitchen. (Although makes me wonder now why she has a thing for knives...) 😛 And it would also depend how/what it looks like, although I don't see her eating food that is still squirming on her plate like some versions of the Klingon Gagh. Meg on the other hand, I see her cooking now and then, no idea if her cooking is edible though. 🤣
  19. Hm, seeing Philippa Georgiou on the list made me doubt, but I think Sami wouldn't mind taking advice from Janeway. Maybe not all of her decisions were the right ones, but one can only learn from one's mistakes.
  20. Got to keep the original! I like Sami the way she is and like to keep her that way. 🙂 Although that said, could be handy in case something happens to the original and the transporter can fix it... 🤔 Food for thought.
  21. The world needs more humor, went for sitcom... I know, I'm weird like that. 😜
  22. Hm, credit where credit is due, @Jo Marshall also had her part in the JP. 😜
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