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  1. Sami's quarters been mentioned several times, but during shoreleave it's usually the location the ship is at. This reminds me, I always write that Sami likes to try new holodeck programs, yet I've never written her inside a holodeck so far. 🤣 Hm, or maybe just once.
  2. Since this covers a few sims: Imagine a beach scene, the start of the conversation between Tali Namura (written by @Jo Marshall) and Arlo Thornton (written by @Theo Whittaker) A few sims later, the end of the scene: 😂
  3. Thank you all, and congratulations to the winners. All well deserved. 🙂
  4. Congratulations all! And thank you to all the Staff-members for making SB118 the fantastic and awesome place it is.
  5. Congrats to all winners and glad I can do something in return for this awesome and friendly community. Thank you to every person who nominated others and everyone who made these awards possible and all the others who make SB118 the fantastic community it is.
  6. Hey Folks, Gorkon's Quote of the Month May has been won by... ::adds some drum roll::... ::drums some more::... Corliss Fortune with: My boots hated me, and then I used them as ammo. You would think they'd fly farther than they did. Congrats Corliss and thank you Jo for the fabulous badge! Greets Sami.
  7. When listening to them all in one playlist and it hits TNG, I'm always like: wauw amazing, but then when Voyager starts I'm sold every single time again. Can't explain it, but it has something extra. So Voyager it is! (Mind you, most of them are amazing. 🙂 )
  8. Sami for President!!! That's very unlikely to happen, or maybe when she's the last person on a deserted planet and she lost her mind completely. 😂
  9. Congrats to the winners and all those that competed. 🙂
  10. And we have a winner ladies and gentlemen and all other species. The QotM badge for April goes to.... Rachel Flores (aka @Anath G'Renn )with: If anything, lucky was an understatement. She owed the away team a nice fruit basket or some other gesture of gratitude before they departed the colony. The only worry was if the replicator had any “Thank you for rescuing me from a fate of involuntary mutation into a Human-fungus creature abomination” cards on file. Congrats Rachel! And special thanks to @Jo Marshall for making the awesome shroom... I mean badge. Greets Sami.
  11. Yeah I agree with Wes here. Sometimes it can lead to fun situations too. 😛
  12. I don't see Sami crawling through the Jefferies tubes anymore (with reason) so, she'd like to keep them turbolifts. As for the replicators, I'm sure she'll find some way to get food, even if it means crashing into other people's quarters around lunch/dinner time. 🤣
  13. Sami is a replicator person. I don't see her standing in the kitchen. (Although makes me wonder now why she has a thing for knives...) 😛 And it would also depend how/what it looks like, although I don't see her eating food that is still squirming on her plate like some versions of the Klingon Gagh. Meg on the other hand, I see her cooking now and then, no idea if her cooking is edible though. 🤣
  14. Hm, seeing Philippa Georgiou on the list made me doubt, but I think Sami wouldn't mind taking advice from Janeway. Maybe not all of her decisions were the right ones, but one can only learn from one's mistakes.
  15. Got to keep the original! I like Sami the way she is and like to keep her that way. 🙂 Although that said, could be handy in case something happens to the original and the transporter can fix it... 🤔 Food for thought.
  16. The world needs more humor, went for sitcom... I know, I'm weird like that. 😜
  17. Hm, credit where credit is due, @Jo Marshall also had her part in the JP. 😜
  18. Going for the non-complicated option: no prequels. Would be more interested in seeing how for instance a lower rank person we've seen in one of the shows, advances in career or maybe end up doing something totally non Starfleet and then returns for some odd reason and see how they adjust or cope with possible changes etc.
  19. Well, even though Sami is human, she doesn't seem to care, as it wasn't really celebrated in her family during her childhood. Meg (Betazoid) on the other hand, loves/adores it, not the religion part, but the tree, the decorations, the gathering, the food, drinks, etc.
  20. Seeing a certain person @Geoffrey Teller is expanding his Brew Continuum Empire, it's only fair to show him that some people namely @Jo Marshall are doing all they can to promote the BC merchandise. (( Research Station - Giáng Sinh )) “My Dearest Parents. I put words to this communication on the hope your good selves shall receive it before you attend Giáng Sinh. First, the Admiral doesn’t like guests. Secondly, You’ll be quartered either on the Gorkon or down on the surface; it’s entirely up to you. Your original request for organic avocados has proved difficult. Smashed avocado on toast from the replicator does not constitute a war crime allegation. The coffee is plentiful and there’s a coffeehouse on the ship — Erin grows the plants. There’s snow down here and no, there’s nothing I can do about it unfortunately it’s just part of the weather system. Please don’t mention the Hawaiian shirt and leather jacket incident. Looking forward to seeing you. Take your time getting here. Much love.” Jo slumped back in the chair and wiped her hands over her face, wondering if she could get away with the slightest, smallest note going. “Please don’t come.” But they were already winging their way to the planet, both excited to see the terra forming activities taking place, spend Christmas somewhere that looked and felt like a Christmas of their homeworld back in their childhood years, and, time permitting, see their daughter. The blonde slipped her fingers through the handle of the travel coffee mug (Brew Continuum, Fastest Coffee in the Fleet!) and stirred it around with the power of centrifugal motion. She looked up out of the small window afforded by the Operations building, reminded of the administration centre back on Starfleet Academy campus, and the day she’d followed the then Captain out into the grounds after their return from Over There. It hadn’t been snowing. Quite the contrary, the sun had shone heavily in a blue sky and flowers bloomed beneath. Her parents hadn’t made it back for that, either, and Jo had disappeared from the Japanese Tea Gardens on her bike with one Erin Reynolds; the two taking off for the high hills of the San Mateo region. Erin drove, Jo had held on for dear life as the hybrid tested just how fast the engine could go up the winding roads beside the Pacific Ocean, illuminated by the blaze of sunset light streaming down from the horizon. Little did she know then that Erin would come to occupy her thoughts for the next two years. Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise the Bajoran enthusiasts had refused the invitation. Lost in her thoughts, as she was, Jo lifted the coffee to her lips and took a quick sip, momentarily forgetting how hot the Brew Continuum branded travel mug (100% leak-proof vacuum, insulated for perfect heat retention, and a strip of silicone for easy carrying, available at all BC franchises) kept eighteen ounces of coffee perfectly sealed. A quick burn to her bottom lip and a reactive wince saw the mug fall from her grasp and roll onto the floor. She considered sending a message to Bear, entreating him to come back quicker from wherever he’d ended up with the former pirate for the backup, for someone to throw in front of her two life-givers like a ritual sacrifice or cannon fodder. What she needed was a swift distraction. Rescuing the mug from the group, and noting that it was completely and utterly leakproof (available from all good Brew Continuum franchises), Jo strolled outside. Snow lazily drifted down from the sky; large snowflakes covering the ground and surrounding decking. Containers hauled from the support ships for the colonists covered in the white powder, dry and beautiful, untouched in the thick morning air. Everything felt a little serene as Jo looked around, taking in the day's smell. Erin, with her wonderfully scientific brain, had informed her that snow didn’t have a scent, and instead what she could smell did not differ from a cold, dry day on the planet, or impurities in the frozen water, like dirt and salt from the water source. She’d also informed her of the stimulation to the trigeminal nerve in her face caused by the cold air they breathed, which stirred an all around sensory experience of snow. Those small things that Erin thought were perfectly mundane pieces of information delivered in such a simple manner were one of the many reasons Jo loved her. Her botanist could make the smallest things seem wonderfully magical. Across the way, Jo spotted Ghant Xerix, their pilot extraordinaire making his way across the town square, on his way from or to somewhere or other. The Betazoid had made some interesting relationships in his brief time on board the Gorkon — ‘Kos appearing in their quarters heartbroken, Erin because of that, Caedan as sad and dejected as if someone had stolen his happy, Valesha because of that, and those were only the ones she knew about. However, Jo liked the guy. He was a good pilot and operations officer, dedicated himself to his work when he wasn’t breaking hearts and taking names, and it felt like the young fella had been with them from the start. With that in mind, Jo placed the mug down on top of the container and watched for a second as the insulated one-hundred percent leak proof travel mug didn’t melt the snow at all. She scooped up a handful of snow in her hands, cutting a clear edge in the beautifully unblemished snow covering, and padded it up into a ball. Then, with the precision of her days playing endless games of springball, she threw it dead centre at her target. Xerix: Response Reactively, Jo ducked down behind the container crate before he could see her, her back pressed up against it as though enemy fire was about to come shooting toward her. She scooped up another handful of snow and looked over the top of the crate. Poking up over the top, she sent another ball of snow in an overarm angle toward the pilot and retreated to cover. Xerix: Response Another handful of powder scooped up, Jo couldn’t help laughing this time and glanced around the side of the crate. Marshall: Evasive maneuvers, Mister Xerix! Take up a defensive position! Xerix: Response -- Lt. Commander Jo Marshall First Officer USS Gorkon, NCC-82293 G239304JM0
  21. I'd go for Picard. Not including the soundtracks, if there was one song from all Star Trek I've seen/heard, that stood out, it was that song and the sound of the Ressikan flute. And accompanied with a whole orchestra it could be a great concert. 🙂 (With guest appearances of the others. ;p)
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