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  1. Nog. He’s a troublemaker to begin with and doesn’t know what he wants to do but then when he knows what he wants to do he doesn’t give up on it and gives 100% to want to join starfleet
  2. Congrats everyone! and those who nominated me for the award. Wasn’t expecting that at all 😂
  3. Would’ve chose Groznin & Jang but they’re not here 😉 I jest. voted for my homeboi Garak and his daddy-o Tain
  4. What if someone in the role players simmed them simming us simming them
  5. When you say ready too integrate into the crew, remember we have multiple ships. Could be any one of them! Good to have you aboard Cadet! Hope you enjoy training
  6. Here’s to the Columbia! And her maiden voyage with Captain Whittaker 🍺
  7. Groznin descided to wear his dress uniform as he did not own any other formal clothes.
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