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  1. @Theo Whittaker (( Starliner Meridia )) (( Time Index: Approximately 10 minutes after Theo leaves the smoking room. )) :: Commander Theo Whittaker had taken his leave of Kasun, Taelon and the newly arrived Ensign Harper, intent on looking for the Zaldan man that had aroused his and the new counsellor's suspicions. He could not get the man's reserved demeanour in the middle of a room of excitable- and irate- passengers. It didn't make sense. His first idea was to ask the computer for information on the location of any Zaldans aboard the civilian starliner- only to find that there were six, three of which were guests- the other three being assigned to the staff. He then refined his search to identify the one Zaldan who had been in the smoking lounge and to give him his present location. Apparently, he was in a holography lab on the far side of the deck. With the information, he had set out in the direction- only he had failed to remember just how large the Meridia was. It was several minutes before he realised he was lost. Standing a cross roads, he looked down each of the three new corridors before him, stumped. oO It's like my first day aboard the station all over again... although without a renegade Starfleet captain trying to start a war with the Romulans... where on earth is this holo-lab? Oo He was about to ask the computer for directions when he heard a faint sound coming from his right. Giving it his full attention, he turned his head and strained to catch a detail that he could identify. It was faint, but melodic... oO Is that... music? Oo. He was half way down the corridor before he had realised he had begun walking again. The melody was growing louder, but with a distinct echo, as though it was being played in a chamber of some kind. Without warning, he shuddered involuntarily as he realised he was growing colder. Rubbing his arms to generate heat, he pressed on, beginning to hear details of the melody- and a vocal that was accompanying the music... "I just want you for my own, More than you could ever know," oO Sounds like... classical music? Oo he pondered to himself, oO Rather lacking in finesse... not that I'm an expert... Oo. "Make my wish come true," He reached an open doorway, where a list mist- likely holographic mist was spilling out around his feet. He peered into the room to find himself looking at some kind of winter wonderland- a kind of ice palace decorated with ornate icicles hanging from the ceiling and floor, the walls were decorated with snowflake patters. Temporarily blinded by the sheer beauty of the sight in front of him, it took him to several seconds to spot a truly gruesome sight. Somebody had been impaled by a particularly solid icicle, yellow blood dribbling from the wound and pooling on the floor, where the body was laying flat. At that the precise moment, the music came came to some kind of climax, having slowly built in intensity: "All I want for Christmas..... iiiiiiiiiiiiiiis yoooooooooooooou!" The song changed track, bursting into some kind of high-energy, jaunty song as Theo darted forward and crouched down next to the man. He reached out a hand, intending to touch the icicle, but stopped himself- realising that he risked contaminating what he already suspected was the scene of a crime. Standing back up, he realised who he was looking at. The Zaldan he was seeking. oO Wonderful! Bloody wonderful! Oo he thought, the irony of his bitter rebuttal not lost on him. He tapped his comm badge, not looking away from the body. Whittaker: =^= Whittaker to Taybrim. =^= Taybrim: ? Whittaker: =^= We've got another situation. =^= :: they were never going to catch a break. =^= Another body has turned up. A Zaldan male. =^= :: beat :: Computer, identify Zaldan male. Computer: DNA scan identifies Zaldan male as Akal-Teke, guest. Whittaker: =^= Did you get that, sir? =^= Taybrim: ? :: Theo was about to reply to his Captain, when a shrill, piercing scream interrupted him. Whirling around, he saw a Benzite lady stood in the doorway, looking at the sight before her, hands against her blue, tendril-laced cheeks. Judging from her elegant gown that appeared to be made of ice- or a fabric approximation of it- and an outrageously large blonde wig on top of her head, she was a guest. oO Oh no... Oo. :: Whittaker: =^= Sal... I'll be right back, I'm about to become a murder suspect. =^= :: he tapped his badge again and started walking towards the Benzite. =^= Ma'am, this is not what it looks- =^= :: The rest of his sentence was drowned out by another high pitch scream as the Benzite fled down the corridor in terror, her wig slipping off her bald head and landing on the floor in an unceremonious heap. :: Whittaker: =^= Whittaker to Taybrim. Sal, I'm going to need a lawyer.... =^= Taybrim: ? TAG -- Commander Theo Whittaker Executive Officer Starbase 118 Operations/USS Columbia C239203TW0
  2. (( Main Shuttlebay 2 )) ::Mirra made her way back to the away team, noticing that Ishani seemed to be holding her own with some evasive maneuvers as a medic was trying diligently to get her to lay down for transport.:: Ezo: ::gently:: Ishani..? You're going to have to let us clear you for duty... Kasun: :: She stopped and turned to face Mirra which allowed the medic to grab her wrists. :: I’m fine. :: Ishani’s words were said carefully and without slurring for once, but her eyes were dilated and she was still struggling to keep her balance. :: Ezo: And I absolutely believe you...but you've still got to let us check you out... Kasun: No you don’t. :: She huffed and tried to pull her arm out of the other medic’s grip, which nearly sent her toppling sideways. This time at least, she caught herself using the poor medic as a railing. :: ::Cradling her face in her palm for a moment, Mirra would never cease to be amazed at the absolute stubbornness of Starfleet officers. Glancing around, she realized that Ishani had a distinct height advantage over her, and if she attempted to escort her to Sickbay, they'd topple over. If the gurney was out...and Tyler had already left..there was only one last option.:: Ezo: ::tapping her commbadge:: =/\= Ezo to Lt. Kro Kro: =/\= Lt. Kro here. Ezo: =/\= I need you in Shuttlebay 2 to assist getting more officers to Sickbay. Kro: =/\= You can count on us, Doctor. We will see you shortly. Ezo:=/\= Great. See you soon, Ezo out. =/\= Kasun: Crow? ::She blinked blearily at Mirra. Her thoughts were so fuzzy. :: Why are you calling a bird? Ezo: ::shaking her head:: Not a bird, a Marine. A very big Marine... Kasun: Oh. Ezo: ::smirking:: Yeah, "Oh". Go ahead and tell him that you're just fine.... (( Time Jump)) ::Ishani had since stopped fighting against Mirra and was now focusing all her energy on staying upright. It had been a rather unsuccessful endeavor, several times Mirra had needed to grab her arm to steady her. The wonderful drugs one of the medics had actually managed to get into her had finally kicked in, rendering her once horrendous, dizzying headache a mere footnote in this whole affair. She was no longer as confused as she had been earlier, but her thinking was still somewhat disorganized and her normal filter of professionalism was completely and utterly gone. :: Kasun: :: She stared openly at the very massive marine headed towards them. :: That’s a lot of beefcake. ::Mirra nearly drew blood with how hard her teeth clamped down on her cheek to keep the laughter in check. Yes, Lt. Kro was a rather large, muscly Marine, but she was a professional. She would.not.giggle...in public at least.:: Kro: Reporting as requested, Doctor. Ezo:Ensign Kasun has declined to be wheeled to Sickbay via gurney, but her concussion renders her ability to walk a bit...wobbly. Would you mind escorting her for observation please? ::Kro looked at her and tried to look warm and comforting. Ishani merely smiled widely in return. :: Kro: It would be my pleasure. We will have you to Sickbay in no time Ensign. How well can you stand? Kasun: :: Still smiling widely. :: Stand? Ezo: ::grumbling:: And therein lies our problem Liuetenant... Kro: Oh I see....::With a slight grimace of worry:: I think you had better let me handle the walking.... Kasun: Uh huh. :: She nodded eagerly. :: I bet you walk well. ::Mirra didn't bother to check the grin that broke across her face as she locked her eyes with the overly qualified Lt. Kro being roped into carrying duty. She shrugged her shoulders ad raised an eyebrow as if to say, "Head injuries, am I right?" and watched with no small amount of amusement as the large Marine scooped up Ishani as if she was a small child. She waved them off as they made their way to the exit.:: ::Without hesitation, the Tandaran ducked under Ishani’s arm and scooped her up without effort. He gave a nod to the Doctor and promptly made for the exit.:: Kasun: :: Ishani was enjoying herself immensely despite her disorientation. It had been ages since she had last been carried around like this by someone this good looking, and she was going to take full advantage of the opportunity. .:: Dun worry about hurrying. Dr. Ezo’s being fussy. Kro: ::A warm smile:: Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast. Kasun: Yeah. :: She nodded, not really understanding him. :: You’re big. :: She patted his chest. :: And hard. :: Pause :: Your candle must be huge. Kro: ::Looking perplexed.:: I'm...not sure I follow your meaning. Kasun: You’re big. :: She tried to gesture but only managed to smack Kro in the upper chest. :: You must be big like all over. ::Before he could reply, the Captain's voice echoed ominously through the corridor.:: Taybrim: =/\= Captain to all crew; evacuate decks ten through nineteen. I want all crew under the protection of the primary hull. Repeat, evacuate the shuttlebay, docking controls and secondary engineering areas.=/\= Kro: On second thought, I think running fast might be the wiser choice. Hold on! ::Holding her closer, the Tandaran sprinted for all he was worth. :: Kasun: Yeah. :: She sighed and leaned into his chest. :: Blowing up is bad. Who would take my cats? :: She slid her arms around his neck. For better stability of course. :: Kro: Nothing you will have to worry about. ::The Ensign's arms wrapping more tightly around him, he spared her a glance of concern as the pair rounded a corner. Not that he minded...:: Kro: Are you holding on alright Ensign? Kasun: ::She idly waved off his concern and slid her arm back around his neck. :: Yep I’m fine. :: She snuggled closer. :: Just fine. ::She nuzzled her face into his chest. :: Mmmmm. Kro: Worry not, your hardship is nearly at an end. :: Ishani looked up from Kro’s very nice chest (he looked very fetching in green) and spotted the entrance Albion’s sick bay looming with several medics hovering around the door looking at them. Mirra had no doubt commed ahead to warn her underlings of their incoming arrival. She pouted at the medics then sighed in disappointment.:: Kasun: :: Muttering. :: Fun ruiners. :: She batted her eyelashes and lowered her voice. :: Do you think they’ll let you tuck me in? ::Kro admitted a laugh as he located an empty bio bed and marched toward it, setting Kasun gently down. He caught a few glances from those passing, apparently laughter was somewhat out of place today.:: Kro: ::Grinning:: As you wish. Ensign Ishani Kasun MD, PhD Crisis Response Unit Starbase 118 Ops O239306IK0
  3. For those who use chrome, ctrl+shift +v lets you paste text without formatting also.
  4. It still didn't feel real. Perhaps that was a result of how little she'd slept, her thoughts too tangled up in relief and worry for rest. Or that she hadn't adjusted yet to the culmination of years of study all leading into this, to something new. Aitas stepped to the side, letting the flow of bodies move past her as she thought. The emotions around her were a soft hum, an almost soothing noise in the background. It still felt odd to be surrounded by so many people, as if she could simply fade away into the background and watch. That might make things easier. Get a feel of the place before too much happened. And before she got any messages prodding at how things were going. The bar it was then. If she let herself think for too long then she'd start to wonder if her mother would have been proud.
  5. Why did you apply to join our community?

    Taelon's player tempted me over. She does tend to have good taste.