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  1. A relatively low-key black dress for Aitas this time around.
  2. Well, at least the not space elves don't have guns?
  3. I have complicated feelings about canon. For RP I certainly appreciate having some clear idea of how the universe works, though in a lot of cases that also involves expanding on or making up stuff to have an example for things that might not be touched on in canon - e.g., 118 including Marines as part of Starfleet or some ships using additional variants for some roles. I am perhaps more fond of black collars for intel than I should be. In terms of more general canon, well...Star Trek is a big, broad, (and as catscatscats mentioned above) often messy thing. I find stuff like DS9's
  4. @Theo Whittaker (( Commander Whittaker's Office, The Hub, StarBase 118 Operations Tower )) :: Reports were never going to write themselves, much to the chagrin of Commander Theo Whittaker, who despised the necessary activity with the passion of a thousand suns. They were dry and analytical and often required their author to see the universe in black and white terms even when most people that it was rarely so. And so it came to pass that Theo was ensconced in his office, writing tedious crew evaluation reports for the bureaucrats at Starfleet Command well into the station
  5. @Sal Taybrim ((Hallways - Starliner Meredia)) ::Sal Taybrim had been headed towards the bridge. At least he had intended to head to the bridge. Then the ship went holographically lopsided and Sal had to admit he was hopelessly lost. That was quite unlike him - he had a fairly good sense of direction and he knew his beloved Starbase forwards, backwards and upside down. But this wasn't his base and when each hallway and passageway kept shift both in aesthetics and arrangement... it was enough to get the even best navigator lost. When one was simply a Captain wit
  6. Aitas has some training in Betazoid martial arts, though she can't use such to full effectiveness given that she's a touch telepath. The stuff she knows there is relatively balanced in style. If she finds it necessary, she's willing to use that half-vulcan strength to put a pretty quick and decisive end to stuff, but that's too severe of a response for most situations.
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