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  1. Love is in the air since Valentine's Day, every where we look around, and over the vast years since it first aired, this space opera in our hearts has given us plenty of on-screen love to wrap our hearts around. Everyone has their favourite relationship from the series, whether it was Jean-Luc and Beverly who stole your breath away, or you're a niche fan of Archer and Riaan rooting for them, somewhere along the line Star Trek has pulled on your heart strings and warmed you up with the smouldering passions displayed. In First Contact, we're given a glimpse into Data's longing for a relati
  2. Exocomp, Tellarite, Kazleti, Err#1, Err#2, Brikar?
  3. Grappling with an enemy, in one way or another, is a staple of Star Trek. Whether it’s wrestling with Gorn in the middle of the desert, scrimmaging with Q in Quark’s Bar, or confronting a horror tentacle monster in the Voyager corridors with a phaser rifle, every now and then, a physical contest rises up. Bare knuckles and sharply traded insults could sometimes replace the stoic and reasonable Starfleet Officer, and at some point, every crew has come to the edge of the mat, slipped on those knuckle-dusters, and set about for a good barroom brawl. We’ve seen some magnificent fight
  4. Gone for "Improve as a writer" for the main one, but some taskforce terrorising is a must this year. Just checking out the SOTFA for this year highlights how much folk do around the Fleet (have a look! https://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php?title=2021_Address). Amazing stuff.
  5. This is a really nicely written sim JP from @Quinn Reynolds(Commander Valen Carys) and @Alleran Tan (Mikali sh'Shar) concerning his Andorian character coming to terms with her issues. Counselling sessions are never the easiest to write, but when it's done like this, and you can tell the writer has looked into the subject to portray it accurately, it's lovely to see. Well done, guys! Discovering New Oceans, Parts I-V ---- ((Recovery Room, Sickbay, Iana Station, Stardate 239711.25, Day 38 of 365)) After twenty-five days in the recovery room, longer than she had actu
  6. It's really hard to pick just one 😄 Weirdly, I've always liked the idea of Officers and Enlisted having a different uniform, because of the difference in duties. If you're in an office all day, no need to wear a jumpsuit to crawl around in the tubes in. Think I'd have to go with the new Picard ones. As much as I love classic Trek uniforms, they say future to me.
  7. Like all military organisations, wearing a uniform shows who you represent, develops a sense of commonality, solidarity and equality. It makes the person wearing it instantly recognisable, stand out in a crowd, distinguish themselves for the service they provide, and has an impact on others, especially those within the Star Trek universe. The same uniform is worn by everyone from the Captain down to the Crewman, the only differences being the pips on the collar and the colour to denote the department. There are some cultural influences on Starfleet uniforms we've seen over the years, incl
  8. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... on the Enterprise-D.
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