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  1. I either want Barclay's A-Team because that sounds sublime... or Quark's Cheers.
  2. With a laundry list of accusations, enemies, nicknamed "The God of Lies", Guinan doing the cat claws, described as "obnoxious", "interfering", a "pest", and Picard's glowing character reference of "devious and amoral and unreliable and irresponsible and... definitely not to be trusted," how could we not cover the most wonderful, the sublime, and the irresistible charms of Q? As a powerful, almighty, and divine-like entity from a race of [...]-celestial beings known collectively as the Q, Commanding Officers of starships were briefed on the existence of this super influential race. Q would
  3. Over the years, science fiction has become synonymous with the weird and the wonderful, and the downright spooky. Twinning with the likes of horror and thrillers, such as the X Files and Doctor Who, during its run, each series of the Star Trek franchise has found something creepy and fantastic about exploring the edges of our understanding, our universe, and where the fringes of our reality lie. Week on week, Star Trek explored these ideas in sometimes fun and frolicking episodes, sometimes whimsical, sometimes philosophical, and now and then, we all had to get a cushion ready. The horror
  4. Ro is blowing it out of the water here 👀 What made her so popular?
  5. Following on from last week's poll for Best Male Character of TNG , this week we want to explore what made the women of TNG special and which of these wonderful women captured your attention week on week. Were you a devoted fan of Beverly Crusher? Most often the soothing voice in troubled waters, our forthright Doctor Crusher could whittle the woes in the medical world with nary a scalpel spent in the process. In the series, she slipped into the role of the ship's Chief Medical Officer with ease, providing the contrary opinions to Picard, and the sole parent of Wesley. Arguably included
  6. For all Star Trek is a science fiction series, one reason it draws such a diverse range of fans is the episodes center on the characters and the relationships cultivated on the journey the characters take throughout the run. viewers go on this journey with the characters and see how their natural chemistry works on screen, how they form strong bonds with one another, and over time, have become as iconic as the starships they live on. From The Original Series through to Enterprise, we saw these relationships develop. From on screen tension you could cut with a bat'leth, to emotional conne
  7. Written by @Jona ch'Ranni - a beautiful jigsaw piece falling into play that prompts as many questions as it answers. A perfect cherry on top of a great mission. -- MSNPC Chief Scientist Hankins & NPC Coorg - Pact? ((Crew Quarters, USS Triumphant)) Hankins sat in the single lounge chair of the annoying cramped quarters he had been assigned. He held a tumbler of dark liquor in his left hand, slowly swirling the glass and watching the light refract off the container's faceted sides. He brought it to his lips and took a slow draw from the cup. Its fiery aftertaste di
  8. *ahem*, it's been a long road, getting from there to here... @Genkos Adea and @Cory Stoyer - Really enjoyed this! The pinnacle of their grievances and great character development. Well done guys! -- JP: LCDR Genkos Adea & (PNPC) LT Cory Stoyer - Mending Bridges - Parts I & II ((Stoyer Ranch, foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Earth)) Cory finished packing his bags up and tossed them on the bag. His bereavement leave was over soon and he was headed back to the Gorkon. The time away from there and the time to process everything had done wonders for him. H
  9. Gene Roddenberry cut to the bone for science fiction fans across the world when he created a small starship show about a "Wagon Train to the stars" and, arguably, helped to usher in a new attitude for the modern times. Inspiration took hold in many hearts when they heard those opening lines of the first Star Trek episode, explaining to viewers his vision for the future we could have, stretching ever forward, and Trek has continued to deliver hard-hitting moments of wisdom and wonder to motivate and inspire ever since. Star Trek has inspired multiple generations; from the cast and crew at
  10. I really liked the episodes with cake. But yeah, agreeing with Zanti, all about the human experience for me, and how even 400 years from now, they're still fundamentally flawed but *striving* to be better.
  11. @Jona ch'Ranni - I'm not the only one on the Gorkon who's been watching the steady progress of Bert's character arc throughout the mission, and this felt so satisfying to read. Like a culmination of it all into one blowout. Brilliant stuff. --- ((Weather Net Control Room)) Bert flicked the activation switch on the now bug-free weather station console and held his breath. The batteries on the floor still cast a small bluish glow as the final creatures entered the power cells. He didn't know how long they would last but he hoped it was at least a second longer than what they need
  12. The Federation News Service (FNS) — our sister site and for all in-character galactic news reports — takes a chunk of time and creativity. From writing articles on Current Affairs, Science and Technology, Trade and Business, to editing mission reports submitted by every ship in the fleet, the FNS team makes sure there's up-to-date news flowing every week for everyone to enjoy. And so, in recognition for all their hard work in bringing the FNS to life on a monthly basis, here's a small thank you to our team! Congratulations, everyone! FNS Editor Presented to those who
  13. @Alleran Tan, loving these snippets into the life of the previous Tan symbiont host and partner in crime / cruise liners / civilian travel / escapades. Looking forward to reading more! -- (( Passenger Compartment, YanCo Liner 33 )) Safine always hated civilian space travel. Compared to the expansive Starfleet vessels, civilian travel was cramped and crowded, and there was no control — the ship loaded, plodded along the designated route, arrived, unloaded, returned. Then again that was what Starfleet vessels did too, just with more shooting. And fewer screaming babies.
  14. I really loved this delve into the mind of a survivor on the asteroid; beautifully written as always, and pulls out some real emotional moments. Panic being one of the biggies. Well done, @Samira Neathler! -- (( Weather Complex - Trueno )) She didn’t hear them. Well, maybe she did. Murmurs sounded in the background. Voices she did not recognise, well except for one. Bertrand Hankins. Not that she knew the man. He was the big shots, the scientist all other science people looked up to. But the man only had eye for his creations and not those who took care of those achievements. S
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