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  1. I'm fairly certain Aria made an extra curricular out of avoiding all that stuff.
  2. When I was an XO a new Ensign came up to my character and addressed her by the wrong name and rank. Our characters became good friends - after the requisite ribbing.
  3. I sim Aria as listening to basically Electronic / Techno / Dance music that I've decided was all the rage when she was being dragged to clubs back on Bajor in whatever the Bajoran equivalent of High School is.
  4. Aria would run like the wind from doing counselling work. All those feelings ...
  5. There was a sort of subtle Seven and Janeway thing going on. I think if the show had been made in a different time ...
  6. I might make Aria do some sort of Intelligence gathering role. She likes doing research, so it would only makes a certain amount of sense.
  7. That is awesome... And just formed the basis of an awesome prank I played on my wife.
  8. I voted for politics, but then I remembered this... That might be a show ...
  9. So, I was playing Mass Effect again and I think its in the second one or so when its mentioned the Geth wake up one day and say 'Do I have a soul?' I'm pretty sure that's the red line for me when I say 'you know, its time to start treating this thing as if its sentient, alive, and has those rights'.
  10. I don't know that I would go as far as to say they are evil, but I'm not sure I need another prequel. That said, if they were going to make another prequel, I'd want to see one with Sisko, mostly because when people ask me 'Picard or Kirk', the answer is always 'Sisko'.
  11. I sort of imagined Odo groaning before explaining how I had just given him a chore in finding a place for the gift, finding something to give back to me, etc, etc.
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