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  1. Oddas Aria


    My original ship put tag in the in the subject lines, so I decided to keep them up on the new ship. I've found them useful to determine who is being referred to in a particular post. The same with TAG/TBC. They are most likely redundant standing for TAG and 'To Be Continued' and most players putting 'NT' instead when there are 'No TAGS' for other players to respond to. Its possible for a minor thread to end during an adventure even while the larger adventure to continues. Neither of these conventions are used at the Academy because not every ship uses them and it seems both of you have found your way to ships that do. Its one of those things that can vary from ship to ship.
  2. Oddas Aria

    Hi everyone from Jori Nyseth

    Hi there, Bajorans are my favorite a well. Hope to see you around soon!
  3. Oddas Aria

    Application Example Question

    I'm fairly certain I wrote mine in the layout of a story since I had never written anything for an RPG or a play by email. It also lends itself to including more description and characterization, which is something we look for in the academy. I'm not saying it is 100% required, but again, fairly certain its what I did.
  4. Oddas Aria

    Great Line from the Academy

    Glad to be of service. 😉
  5. ((Brigand Cruiser “Rebuke”, Corridor - Deck Unknown)) ::The sound of screaming wasn’t exactly a rarity in those decks of the Syndicate ship Rebuke. However, it was the first time those walls had heard the laboured cries of a Laudean. By now the wailing had subsided into eerily melodic whimpers and gasps for clean air through the stench of her own sweat, blood, burnt hair and embarrassing urine. It wasn’t the poor girls fault. The urine wasn’t from fear or some unintended involuntary response. It was a side-effect, a by-product, of the electrical currents that were being forced through her from the electrodes attached to her fried, crispy and patchy haired scull. The room had seen this kind of thing before. It wasn’t about torture. - that was just a pleasant coincidence. The purpose of the currents, drugs, and implanted memories were about reprogramming. It forced those outside of the Syndicate to become the most loyal of operatives.:: ::The young Laudean woman Fasha wouldn’t be able to remember any of this place, nor the horrors that took place that day. She would wake up shackled in a cage with the others. Scars healed by dermal regeneration her head shaved clean. Her luck was about to change. She was going to be rescued. But she would be haunted by the shadows of these forgotten memories forever. They would lie deep in the black ocean of her subconscious. Then, one day, when her unseen masters were ready her memories and self would fade away and be replaced by what ‘they’ wanted her to be. Although she would live and move on, her life would never be hers again. She didn’t know it yet. How could she? But her tears that day were not shed for her pain. They were shed by her subconscious for her death.:: ((Brigand Cruiser “Rebuke”, Main Bridge)) Conn: The Thunder has dropped out of warp Magren. Jishi: So quickly? ::She laughed as she sat up in her chair.:: The Romulans would rule the galaxy if the Tal’Shiar moved as quickly. ::They had just informed the asteroid outpost of their pending arrival less than twenty minutes ago. Their operative must have been in the right place at the right time to get that tidbit of information so quickly and relay it to the Thunder. Her comment didn’t seem to be sitting well with their Romulan attache.:: Romulan: They move too quickly. Nothing verified, motives unchecked. If the Tal’Shiar worked as they do, the empire would have revolted or fallen centuries ago. They fell for your ploy far too easily. ::In a passive aggressive defiant tone.:: Perhaps, they merely lost track of us and decided it best to stop. Conn: Impossible! ::In protest of the accusation.:: I made certain they would be able to track us. Jishi: No. They were tracking us. They know where we are going. ::Jishi was confident in the plan and pleased with their progress. By the time they arrived at the asteroid outpost their Laudean sleeper would be ready. Starfleet would do what they always do - swoop in and save the day. Little did theyy know they would be returning to Til’ahn with a ticking time bomb in the facade of Laurel Fasha...:: ((Brigand Cruiser “Rebuke”, Corridor - Deck Unknown)) ::The room was quiet now. The corridor no longer echoed with terror and pain. Inside, on a dirty biobed, the living corpse of young Fasha lay cleaned and pristine like an ancient monarch on display. A dim, cold white overhead light, cast dark shadows over her calm face. Her eyes moved behind closed lids as she dreamed about sweet treats, beautiful creatures of fantasy, or whatever young Laudean girls dreamt about. Her mind and body experienced the kind of shock and trauma that a mind instinctively buries to protect itself. It would be weeks before the wraiths and demons of her death started to haunt her dreams. Then a few more before they started haunting her days too. But for now, at least, the numbness brought her peace.:: PNPC Magren Jishi The “Rebuke”, Commanding Officer And The Corridor - Deck Unknown As simmed by Commander Jorey - Commanding Officer USS Thunder-A Veteran Affairs / Training Team / CC T239002BJ0
  6. Oddas Aria

    Questions about our group

    Plot in the game is written and guided by the players. There are policies concerning sexism, racism, etc between writers (players). https://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php?title=UFOP_Constitution/Article_VIII:_Discipline_of_All_Officers Between characters you generally work it out ahead of time and decide if it would be realistic in the time, etc, remember characters are not writers, and run it by your Commanding Officer. We cover it in training. https://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php?title=Training_Tutorial_2 I hope that helps!
  7. Oddas Aria

    Dear Kr’Abby: Pets

    Hmmmm, tribble bbq sandwich ....
  8. Oddas Aria

    Hey Everyone

    Welcome aboard, I'm sure you're going to have a great time.
  9. Oddas Aria

    Hello all

    Welcome to the fleet from a fellow Bajoran character.
  10. Oddas Aria

    New Captain at Large: Roshanara Rahman, CO of Veritas

    Congratulations Captain!
  11. Oddas Aria

    Badges Awarded to the Top Sims Round Winners from 2016 Round 3

    Congratulations everyone.

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