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Oddas Aria

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    Pretty much any SciFi (Doctor Who to Dune to Lexx), Old Toys and Video Games.

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  1. Hi there fellow Niner. I just finished up another watch through of Enterprise myself, and DS9 was my favorite as well. Hope to see you around soon.
  2. official

    Welcome aboard Cadet!
  3. Congratulations Captain!
  4. Congratulations everyone.
  5. I saw a link about it on Google+ and thought it looked interesting; I've always been a Star Trek fan and writing has always just been something I've done so this looked like something that was right up my alley.
  6. official

    Okas Aria, a 22 Bajoran woman, beamed aboard, excited to finally be out on her own. Aria is the first of her family to leave Bajor and made the controversial decision to join Starfleet instead of the Bajoran militia, something her mother is still not happy about. Looking around the docking bay she smiles, feeling the electric air and takes a long look at all of the people bustling about, wondering where they are all going. Her eyes finally fell on a middle aged human man in gold uniform, holding a padd, and directing traffic of everyone off the ship. "I'm Ensign Okas, Sir," she said introducing herself, "can you dir--" "Ensign, I don't have time for this, if you need help, ask the computer" the man said and scurried off. "Great, " Aria thought, "my first 5 minutes of my career and I've already [...]ed someone off". She sighs, pulls a padd from her bag, and gets her duty assignment.