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  1. Evan Delano

    Witty Wordsmith: 5 Questions for Better Backstories

    Great tips! I'd love to see some of this implemented to the cadet bio template we currently send in the third tutorial at the Academy to encourage stronger characters right out of the gate.
  2. I wanted to publicly thank the Veritas crew, our guest simmers, and other well-wishers throughout the fleet who helped to make the IC wedding between @Mei'konda and @Evan Delano so enjoyable. I know there are still a handful of scenes wrapping up (I have some tags I need to respond to myself), but I wanted to make sure to put this out there before Veritas gets too wrapped up in our next mission. There were a number of really fantastic sims that came out of the event, and I really enjoyed the chance to explore my character and these relationships in a different context, and to see other people able to do the same. Special thanks to @Tony (Mint) and @Saveron who came back from their respective LOAs to participate, as well as @Quinn Reynolds and @Rune Jolara who were able to sim with us, even though I'm sure they have plenty to keep them busy on the Gorkon and Blackwell. One final shout out to @Roshanara Rahman, who helped to facilitate all of this both in and out of character: you rock!
  3. Evan Delano

    New Academy Graduates

    Welcome, Ensigns. Looking forward to seeing great things!

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