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  1. I'm not sure if this will help, but I was able to use filters in gmail to ensure all 118 emails go to the same place, including ones I've sent. I set up a "Starbase 118" label, and whenever an email from SB118 ends up in my inbox, I filter it. For example, one filter is: The nice thing about it being "from" the Google Group address is that I didn't have to set up filters for every individual writer in the Montreal Sim (that being said, there are a few individuals or lists (like the webmaster, my mentor, or the fleet news) that required individual filters). I can explain the process for adding labels and filters in detail if needed. (Side note: the label is actually "118 Starbase 118" because "Starbase 118" put it too far down my labels list alphabetically.)
  2. Thanks for all the replies! It all makes sense now. I can see the pros / cons, but I'll just follow what my ship manual states.
  3. I found the training extremely useful. I think that most of the questions or issues I had arose naturally through the training, and I (and other cadets) was able to ask them of the trainers and have them answered. The website is very well done. I do agree with Gogigobo Fairhug that it would be helpful to know what equipment is issued at the start. I know Star Trek pretty darn well, so it was easy for me, being assigned to the medical station, to say that I found a medkit and medical tricorder, but I was still unsure if I had a phaser at the start, and I can certainly see someone with less Star Trek knowledge needing more info about the equipment of the setting. I did find the time limit a bit stressful for training. I understand that it's in line with the minimum that slow ships in the fleet have, but learning the ropes and being unsure how long I should wait between sims lead to a sort of last-minute third sim before the end of the week. I would suggest making the time limit a week and a half, or maybe two (I sent specific concerns why getting quality sims in on time was stressful to my training officer, Lt. Cmdr. Sevo). Edit: I'd also like to add that a brief primer on simming terminology should be added. For example, email vs. sim vs. mission vs. story vs.... etc.? It was just a little weird for me to come in and intuitively think of the term "sim" as applying to the entire thing, and have it actually mean a single email. I'm also a little unclear on what the term for the whole thing is - are we on a mission? Are we writing a story? Another edit: It would be useful if there was information on the forum settings (and maybe there is and I haven't found it). Specifically, notifications - took me half a day of trying to figure out how to get in-browser only notifications on topics I follow, instead of emails. Edit: Just noting I took the training 10.23.18 - 10.31.18 (finished two days before this post)
  4. Hello! After graduation, I've noticed some sims in my assigned ship ending with "tag/tbc". Now I've been able to (hopefully) suss out what they're used for, but I wanted to: 1. double check I had it right, and 2. point out that as far as I can tell, these specific acronyms aren't explicitly addressed in the training or on the wiki. As far as I can tell, using "tag" in a sim means you've tagged other people to respond. But I'm confused as to its use. Clearly some ships use a tag in the subject line to make clear who should respond to a sim; the Montreal's manual states that "Tag: Name" isn't to be used in email subject lines, and I have seen at least one appreciation post that does so, so that much is clear and makes sense. But what's the purpose of putting it at the bottom of an email? It seems to me fairly self-evident that a sim that contains "Name: response" is "tagging" the person named. Is putting "tag" at the bottom of an email just to make sure people know that there are spots they need to respond to? I'd also like to point out that in the training, the ((Location)) that is required at the start of every sim was referred to as a "location tag," and that the ::double colon:: was also referred to as an "action tag". It seems to me that narrative indicators and calls for a response are two entirely separate things, and should have separate names. "TBC" appears to stand for "to be continued." If that's not what it means, then I am very confused. But even if that is what it means, I'm still confused, because the nature of an an ongoing collaborative narrative sort of implies that every sim is "to be continued," right? Unless the CO makes a final sim that wraps up an adventure, there's no reason *not* to continue a story, right?
  5. I voted for a barely hospitable planet... As terrifying as small, limited space areas are by nature, I think a place that's not supposed to have terrifying lifeforms suddenly becoming a place of horror would be worse.
  6. Hello! I'm Felderburg. I live in New Mexico, USA, and I currently work at a nonprofit. I found out about this site on the Treknobabble subreddit (someone posted there a few days ago). I've roleplayed in MMOs and pen & paper, but never PBEM, so I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes. I haven't played Star Trek Online in years, but the character I applied with is intended to be an adapted version of my main there.
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