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  1. Use of 'Tag!' at the end of a sim tends to vary player by player. Personally, I've never used it because I very rarely send out sims without tags, but if I was writing more of what Mei'konda was doing on his own without tagging other characters, it could be a good thing to have in there. Still, if people could just scroll to the bottom of a sim and see whether or not there's a 'Tag!' written there, they might skip reading it at all, at which point, why write it? Oddas explained the reason above why we don't use location tags on the Montreal, either. It was an experiment that Rich and I decided to try on the Veritas some time ago, because some players would miss important details to the overall plot that was going on because they didn't read something that lacked a subject line tag for them. So far it seems to be working out well, but if you need any help at all getting used to it, just let us know!
  2. Cameron pretty much said it all. Thanks so much, everyone.
  3. Welcome aboard, Sakur! Speaking of stuffy Vulcan physicians, when you meet Saveron, don't let him influence you too much.
  4. Welcome aboard, Ensign Han! We're happy to have you.
  5. Welcome aboard, V'Rall! Happy to have you with us.
  6. Welcome aboard, Sebastien! I think you'll enjoy the much greater freedom you have here versus roleplaying on STO. I hope you have fun in the fleet!
  7. Welcome aboard, Arieus! We're thrilled to have you here. Trying a new thing like this is always a little intimidating, I know, but SB118 is full of friendly people who'll help you to get started.
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