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  1. Welcome Robert and Mark. I'm glad you guys are here. I hope you all enjoy this group as much as I.
  2. Savan, You've done a wonderful job with him. He's very much an alive character.
  3. Very cool. I have to remember what injuries my character had. I had relistic ones occurtwo from ship crashes, and such.
  4. Dial, I like both those ideas In fact they could, if you want, be sims. Holodeck technology and sub space signals make it believeable and possible. How's that. You guys game? As for my cadet classmates, I too, am the only one remaining. A few of the trainers might still be around.
  5. Good questions. Cutting: I cut mine when I can tell by reading all the writets have not only answered most or all open tags, but are pushing story forward. I treat the cut as a new chapter not a cut. Also, cut out the other people's descriptions, thoughts (Bits in these oO.....Oo). Put your character's own unique point of view These mean actions, thoughts, what they feel through the five senses, and what they do next.(pushing shory forward) Quotes: if you mean people talking to you or conversations happening around the character, he or she can hear, leave those. I hope this answers the questions. Let me know if it does, or does not. Sometimes I need to tty again. I have trouble stating what I wish. ,
  6. Ahh, not everyone. I just use resources and attempt to coble together sentences that make sense, hopefully in the right grammer structure.
  7. Welcome Jim T'Val, I might need a translation. I think you called Sahriv a crazy fellow. LolHehe I'm still learning Vulcan.
  8. Same here. :-) Inquiring Vulcaniod minds with pointy cute ears want to know. ;-) Hey James, Telis, Alex and I are having fun laughing our butts off in cahts, we'd like to yank you in on the revarly. Bring a towel, b/c you will spit out your tea. ;-)
  9. Welcome Andrew. :-) We are a merry band of misfits, or a hive of scum and villiany perhaps. ;-) Either way, welcome.
  10. It's a blast huh:? Well big welcomes to you all. :-) Feel free to comcall us, we don't bite.
  11. Precisely Admiral. :-) Earth and Vulcan would probably be similar in the department of most if not all citizens have what they need to develop, its what they do with it.
  12. My charactor is a Vulcan and is about 80, since they have a different maturation rate they can enter Starfleet later,have more degrees upon entering. She does have some extraordinary traits that will pop up of needed.
  13. That's my thing too Vareth ,ordinary person doing something extraordinary. :-) My charactor is quite intelligent, but she won't whack people over the head with it. She works behind the scenes and lets the work and result to speak for itself.
  14. My charactor had her doctorates from a different institution. Went through the normal Academy program, although it wouldn't take much for her to obtain an advanced degree from Starfleet via subspace (online) courses while serving on her ship.
  15. Only being IN that universe would be better.:-)
  16. BWAHAHA, madness I tell ya', ;-) jk The system works.
  17. I thought cadets were placed by primary/secondary post desired,how busy or available sim frequently. Do they want a slow,medium or fast sim frequently ship. Sometimes ensigns wash out within a month because of various variables, mainly real life school,work et cetera.
  18. I wanted to learn to write better,have more in depth characters and hopefully have an engaging story.
  19. I'm from Florida, too, but I live in California now. Always good to meet anther Floridian! Where in Florida do you live?
  20. I've visited out there. Amazing! Enjoyed the space museums and tours of the NASA's launch facilities.
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