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  1. T'Mihn's dress. I actually have this one with some modifications to jacket sleeves from narrow to bell.:)
  2. I guess there's dancing. Sobe we know who's paired with, but what of the single people?
  3. Yep. Or perhaps Wow! Zinna do you have your outfit yet? Feel free to rob T'Mihn's closet.lol
  4. This a dark teal colored little item. Handmade and embroidered by a local Laudian designer. https://www.cbazaar.com/women/clothing/indo-western/dresses-and-gown/teal-green-one-side-cape-flared-gown-p-bgwrdsaawd422
  5. None of the above but do something different. Match speed with the station, get the ship beneath the station and push it back into orbit. If that doesn't work, hold it in place long enough for their crew to use escape pods or affect a docking procedure and enter my ship. Them move away to destroy the station.
  6. Thanks.: -) I don't know if the year one was around when 2013 came. Four years gete. Wow. Has it been that long?: -) Didn't feel like it,I'd been having too much fun. A joy and time flies
  7. Thank you for the awards and congratulations. I was surprised. In fact any time I get one I'm shocked.: -).congratulations you guys and gals are amazing.
  8. Apoligies if I inadvertantly offended. It was not the intent. It was more intended to be humourus. Such a thing is difficult to convey in a textual format. It's a very nice dress. She's looking ready for a party.
  9. Nice dress. I think the current fad for posing with legs crossed like that makes it appear she needs to find the closest ladies room as soon as possible.; -)
  10. ::raises eyebrow:: ROTFL. Well.. OK. I meant she won't hurt em. Yarg. mi gotta watch what I say 'round here eh?;-) That's funny.;) I nearly spat out my drink.
  11. I remember that. The cliff hangers drove me up the wall. I saw it and went "Auughhhhh!!! Gotta be kidding me!!!".
  12. She don't bite. Isn't stuffy or stuck up. For her after party, she'll keep the same clothing on but ditch her shoes. She doesn't wear high heels at all but finds being bare footed is more comfortable.
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