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  1. Remind me again who holds these guys accountable?
  2. Have fun watching, US. Australians still don't have a release platform announced.
  3. VOY's Lineage. I feel like it's constantly overlooked. Yes, it lacks (quite deliberately) 'heart-warming' moments, but it's an important discussion about acceptance in our (and Trek's) society today.
  4. Prepare the younguns: Another animated series for Star Trek is on its way, due 2021.
  5. I like Jeff Russo -- he did some extraordinary work on What Remains of Edith Finch... but his Star Trek work has been fairly underwhelming. Discovery's main theme is hardly what I'd consider 'iconic', and Picard unfortunately latched on to that one episode with his flute and stuck to that concept. Both fairly impressive compositions, but ultimately too 'air-y' and constantly warrant a skip. That said, they're not to the level of Faith of the Heart. At least he's ahead of something.
  7. Ukinix is about two more "can you hear me?"s away from taking a long walk out of a short airlock, and it shows.
  8. I play with the idea of a police procedural a little in my pre-Veritas sims. I would love to have a Starfleet officer sent to go assist the fixer-upper of Nimbus III on screen. I think something like that would eat my time away, tbh.
  9. You're not the only one. I felt the first two episodes were excruciatingly slow. But strangely enough, because they introduced us to (what will now be) Picard's crew, it seems to have improved significantly. Rios and Raffi have added some flavour to the mix. Rios, more than Raffi — because what's better than one Santiago Cabrera? Three Santiago Cabreras.
  10. It's like going to Maccas and finding out the drive-thru speaker is buggered.
  11. If you didn't like Star Trek: Picard very much, it's okay. Santiago Cabrera comes into the third episode to rescue the entire show. 

    You're welcome.

    1. Hannibal Parker

      Hannibal Parker

      I was liking Michelle Hurd myself....

  12. Do I think androids, holograms, and computers should be considered sentient beings? ...No. Do I think they should be afforded the same basic rights and respect of sentient beings? Yes.
  13. Having watched the first episode, I'm looking forward to it actually picking up speed...
  14. Depends on how you define "prequel" in our current Trek circumstances -- since Discovery is in both past and present, and Picard takes place after Nemesis, we can't really call any of the shows "prequels" anymore. I disagree that prequels are evil on principle. I'm still crossing my fingers for an Anson Mount Pike show. But I can't see any of these captains in a show. We already know all we need to know about these guys. If we need another prequel, I'm thinking more of Erika Hernandez, Demora Sulu, or Rachel Garret -- both captains who were important in Trek history, but typically glossed over in one or two episodes (or in Sulu's case, a scene in a film) with next to no screentime. Actually, now that I've spent time thinking about the possibilities, I need a Demora Sulu show. Please, CBS.
  15. Excuse me I just gotta go stick my head in a pillow and laugh this out for a couple minutes I'll be right back
  16. Nice vote of confidence from our CMO there... XD
  17. Sky Blake: ISFJ-T, "Defender" Traits: Introverted 53%; Observant 83%; Feeling 72%; Judging 53%; Turbulent 54% Blake is also a sentinel. Role: Constant Improvement ---- Tristam Core: INFP-T, "Mediator" Traits: Introverted 56%; Intuitive 76%; Feeling 78%; Prospecting 75%; Turbulent 63% Role: Diplomat Strategy: Confident Individualism ---- And then, me: ISTP-T, "Virtuoso" "Virtuosos explore ideas through creating, troubleshooting, trial and error and first-hand experience. They enjoy having other people take an interest in their projects and sometimes don’t even mind them getting into their space. Of course, that’s on the condition that those people don’t interfere with Virtuosos’ principles and freedom, and they’ll need to be open to Virtuosos returning the interest in kind."
  18. I know it's been a while since it was simmed, but we still need to talk about this genius scene:
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