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  1. For all you continuity pickers out there:

  2. Before I read this sentence properly, I was quite honestly looking for the full stop . . . and then realized there wasn't one . . . And then me in my silliness decided to attempt to say the entire thing without stopping . . . I failed miserably. Vaala must have a serious pair of lungs.
  3. From Xx's "Dropping The Base Really Bugs Me".
  4. In response to above from the Tans: It is quite literally the first time they've agreed on something. XD
  5. Getting reeeeeal sick of reaching my "quota" for likes on the forums...

  6. Have you ever had that experience where you'd sit there and absolutely *loathe* a character and dread having to read them, and then you look back on them two years later and you're like "OH MY GODS I LOVE YOU HOW DID I NOT SEE YOUR EPICNESS!!?! I AM SO SORRY FOR NOT LOVING YOU EARLIER!!!"? That's what I'm experiencing right now.

  7. Happy Good Friday!

  8. Hello, Tristam.

  9. Insert epic status here


  11. Lovin' my key face list people!

  12. Just opened Season 3 of Enterprise . . . Why on Earth would you put in more guitar parts on an already-terrible theme song! DX SKIP IT! SKIIIIP IIIIT!

  13. One should update their Face List for their crew if they're not busy. Because, you know, it's really quite easy. And stuff.


  15. Bye bye, Sky and hello Sabor!

  16. Need to busy myself at 3am in the morning.

  17. Right. Awesome.

  18. Using two laptops to update the wiki.


  20. I heard about Captain Worf, but who's Captain Word? Nah, I'm just kidding. Every time I read something about the ST: Captain Worf possibility, it was always shut down for some reason or another. JJ Abrams turned around and said that there was no talks at all about another Star Trek TV show because CBS supposedly wasn't interested (http://screenrant.com/jj-abrams-interview-almost-human-star-trek-cbs/2/ ). However, (and it's obvious that I kind of love screenrant), this article gave me a bit of hope: http://screenrant.com/star-trek-captain-worf-tv-show-michael-dorn/ It should be noted that both these articles are about one or two months before the one you posted (I think), though, so stuff might have changed. ::shurg:: If ST: Captain Worf does happen, (and I'm going to be picky here), I hope that they; a. Rename it. Every Star Trek show wasn't normally (I'm looking at you, TOS) focused on specific characters, so as much as I like Worf, and as much as I recognise that at this stage, he may be the only familiar face we'll see on the show, they should stick to the "show named after the ship" convention that TOS,TAS & TNG understandably ignored. This is why we didn't have Star Trek: Captain Janeway or Star Trek: Captain Archer. Plus, it kind of messes with the three lettered abreviations - TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT . . . CW? . . . CaW? . . . CWo- okay, enough now. Oh Oh! May it would be STW (Star Trek Worf?)? b. GET A FEMALE SECURITY OFFICER. After Tasha Yar was killed off/left TNG, it always bugged me that there was rarely any major females taking charge in Security and Tactical. The only person that ever came close to this was Major Kira on DS9, but she wasn't actually a member of Starfleet. So come on, guys, share the CoS/CTO position for a change! c. Meet up with someone familiar. Captain Riker and (I'm not sure of her rank at the moment..) Troi at least. If they want to throw Picard or Sisko in there, go for it, because I believe that in order to kick this off the ground properly, they have to establish what timeline it's in, separate it from the reboots, just . . . anything to kick it away from JJ Abrams (and I seriously hope they don't plan on sticking it in the Abrams universe). What would be equally satisfying is that they launch from Deep Space 9, that way we get to see Quark again, and Quark gets to set foot on five different Star Trek shows/movies (Next Gen, DS9, Voyager & deleted/cut scenes of Star Trek Insurrection). Heck! Maybe Worf could meet up with Dax. So there. Those are . . . basically my demands . . . Agree, disagree, do whatever. There they are.
  21. "The name of my ship is the Lollipop." ~ Cmdr Riker

  22. You could be swinging on a star . . .

  23. That ridiculously proud moment you feel when you finally learn and master the skill of the drop-down box...

  24. Face list updated. ALL CREWS: Please, *please* remember to update your face listing. Update it like you update your rosters.

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