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  1. Mattheus, Greetings from another fellow Aussie living in the future! I'm from Rockhampton QLD. I'm jealous of you living in the Blue Mountains. It is a beautiful country! Glad you could make it here, and I'm glad that I won't be outnumbered as much!! Don't worry about not knowing heaps about Star Trek, we can all help you with that. Plus, we have a great wiki and heaps of resources if you get stuck. Looking forward to having you with us!
  2. ((Holodeck 2, Deck 7 - USS Darwin-A)) ::It had been a long day, full of highs and lows. Fortunately it ended on a high note, but between that and the last mission, Maxwell Traenor felt like he had been drawn through an emotional wringer. He wanted nothing more but to boot up his holoprogram, the oasis and hideaway that he used to cleanse his cares and soothe his soul. He would maybe add a small smattering of patrons that were programmed to keep to themselves, pour himself a double, and play the piano until his fingers ached. It promised to be a cathartic self-indulgence.:: Traenor: What t
  3. Ok awesome! Couple of things, If I look at the Romulan species name, there is no link or reference to that information. So if I was planning on simming as a Romulan(for whatever reason) or including that into a story, my background on Romulan's wouldn't be complete. I probably would have never seen Brayden's Romulan compilation without asking. Also, on the Factions page, it doesn't list anything that Brayden compiled either. So, what I'm trying to say, is how can we do it better? How can individual ships out there, meeting species and factions, then combine to update our collective knowl
  4. So, I guess my follow up to that would be, is how are we then using that to change the current state of Cardassia and Starfleet etc? If I'm not on the Garuda(or any other ship) how would I know anything about your contact or engagement? Should we not be constantly adding to a section of the wiki, increasing our Canon timeline of races etc?
  5. Just a quick question, given the Romulan homeward was destroyed, and I understand we observed that happening in our universe, have we done any follow up with how they are doing since then? Where is their new homeworld? What is their focus? If we have discussed some of that, then it's not on the wiki? At least not under the Romulan section. Which got me thinking, what is everyone else doing? Is Cardassia demilitarising? What is the Federation's focus etc? I know we operate in our own little timeline etc, but is it worth having a timeline that actually moves?
  6. I hate paying hundreds at once..haha, so I'll probably get them when they come out. I picked up the first season for $50. Bargain. Here's hoping they will take on the rest of them!
  7. So I gave myself a Christmas present of Seasons 1 TNG in Bluray. Has anyone else managed to get hold of a copy? What are your thoughts? My thoughts are WOW. It looks really amazing. Honestly hope there is a plan for them all to be done~!
  8. Seeing as its all about finding the best sim, whats wrong with creating the trend of encouraging your shipmates to go "hey thats a great sim, go submit that right now". I know that I wouldn't submit anything that i wrote. I'm just not that kind of person. But I would submit if I had a few people telling me its worthwhile. Finding out its not worthwhile after submitting isn't so easy on the self esteem.
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