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  1. That happened back in April technically
  2. Guidelines have been updated a little to reflect new norms and whatnot.
  3. Always awesome to see when our Federation News Service can help bring in new players Hope you enjoy!
  4. I think you're looking for the Graphics Requests forum.
  5. Welcome welcome! Don't worry about messing anything up though We run the training program so that folks have a safe space with other cadets to make mistakes, try things out, see how the whole thing works. We don't expect you to be perfect – or any good at all! – in your first few attempts so just read the tutorials closely and have fun! Your CO and FO will help you adjust anything that needs tweaking. See you out in the fleet!
  6. Hey there. We sent you your approval of application via email from "FltAdml. Tristan Wolf, UFOP: SB118 <personnel@sb118.org>", titled "You're in! Application to UFOP: SB 118 has been approved." on Feb 8, 2019, 8:48 AM (Pacific Time). Training will begin today, so you'll get further instructions on next steps in a bit of a flurry of emails in the next 12 hours or so.
  7. Yes, please provide more information when you have the chance. I checked the email we sent you and all the links appear to be working fine. You can always go to the website at starbase118.net and click "Cadets" in the header to go to the Cadets training area.
  8. Hello. Can you provide more information so I can attempt to troubleshoot? Where exactly are you seeing this broken link – in an email, on our website? And if the latter, what page are you currently on and what link are you trying to click?
  9. I've approved your forum account just now. Have fun!
  10. Woohoo! Thank you for this delightful video
  11. A holodeck recreation of the ship, on StarBase 118.
  12. This forum is open for anyone in the world to see, so that people can ask questions before they apply. Some people request membership on the forums assuming that's how you join the group, so we have a reminder thread here that they also need to submit an application to join the community. You've already received your application acceptance so you're good to go.
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