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  1. Per the Community News post about the closing of the Top Sims Contest, please note the following: Round 20, 2017 – which closed on Sunday night – is the final submission period for this contest. Run-off Round 3 will open next week, and close approximately a month later by September 15. The final vote – which will pit the winners of 2017 Run-off Rounds 1, 2, and 3 against each other – will be open for 30 days, ending mid-October. You may still post sims in this forum as a way of highlighting great writing of your crewmates. We plan to transition from a contest format to more of a "kudos" format, where we encourage everyone to post great sims in an open and free-form way.
  2. Hello All

  3. Greetings

    Welcome! You'll find lots of other obsessed fans here Training starts on Monday – hope you enjoy. Make sure to share with your friends!
  4. Fresh Meat

    22 or 23, except if you're a doctor, in which case you add an additional 4 years. That's something you could sort out with your CO when you're placed. We try and avoid situations where newer players have an advantage for their characters by adding all kinds of extra education and so-forth. Everyone is always placed as an ensign, so there's no rank benefit IC or OOC whatever the case may be. No, in this case "Science" would be their major, and then you'd choose another minor like "Medical" or "Operations." The specializations are part of the science major. Not until you finish training, but you don't have to worry – it's not a lot of competition. It'll be there when you're done More info here: https://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/T/E_Rating_System – make note of the "see also" section. If you have other questions on this you can post here in more detail. Interested to hear if anyone has any tips! Generally the only issue is that these mobile keyboards don't like our ::action formatting:: which can be frustrating. So you may want to do a little research on how to turn it off or something like that. But since everything is done via email, you're basically just interfacing with your email app. The only other thing to watch out for there is remembering not to reply to a thread, but instead start a new one – so you'd add the group's email address to your contacts to make it easy to do that. You'll learn more in training
  5. Hey Guys

    Hope you enjoy training
  6. Greetings All

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy training, and glad to have you back among the simmers I always find that watching a few episodes of Trek gets me really motivated! ENT gets really good in the third season, right before they cancelled it. :-\
  7. Questions about our group

    I can update it for you with the Training team
  8. Hello From Laehlani Antorri

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy training
  9. Top Sims Contest Discussion

    Congratulations to @T'Lea and @Rune Jolara for their winning sim! Thank you for your creative writing! And thanks to all who participated in the contest by nominating their peers, voting, and helping to judge the competition.
  10. Vote here, vote now to crown the Top Sim of 2016!

    This is it! Polling closes soon – make sure you've voted!
  11. Questions about our group

    The only thing we need from anyone to join is an email address. You can use any email address you want. You can use any nom de plume you want, or just go by your character name. Note that if you use your social media profiles to login to the forums or other areas of the site, that information may be visible to us. Our JAG department is entirely OOC. We don't allow new players to sim anything like a JAG officer, although experienced officers who prove their simming abilities are often able to move into specialized roles, with the permission of their CO. So you may want to start as a security officer, and talk to your CO about your goal of moving into an IC JAG role, and set a plan for that. Both Ops and Embassy currently receive about 7 sims per day to their email lists. This is an average of the last three months of sim activity. As Cmdr. Kelrod above mentioned, each individual simmer is expected to post a minimum of three sims a week / 12 times a month on average. If you're wanting either Embassy or Ops as a posting, you'll want to make sure we're aware of that on your application. If you're wanting to join us, I encourage you to post your application today or tomorrow – our next training group starts on Monday
  12. Does anyone remember me (T'Reshik)?

    Welcome back
  13. need to speak with you. urgent. what is the best way?

  14. Join the News Team and help tell the story of our community!

    Hmm... I actually don't have a form entry on file for you! But no worries, I'll add you now. Thank you!
  15. Poll of the Week: Most awesome space battles from Voyager

    Which link? They all seem to be working for me...