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  1. FltAdml. Wolf

    StarBase118 Tribute Video

    Woohoo! Thank you for this delightful video
  2. FltAdml. Wolf

    A Possibly Dumb Question

    I think most people still say Centris.
  3. FltAdml. Wolf

    A Possibly Dumb Question

    A holodeck recreation of the ship, on StarBase 118.
  4. FltAdml. Wolf

    Questions about our group

    This forum is open for anyone in the world to see, so that people can ask questions before they apply. Some people request membership on the forums assuming that's how you join the group, so we have a reminder thread here that they also need to submit an application to join the community. You've already received your application acceptance so you're good to go.
  5. FltAdml. Wolf

    Appreciations for many! (Veritas and Montreal)

    Such a nice tribute! ❤️
  6. FltAdml. Wolf

    Why did you apply to join our community?

    Yes, we have a forum to request a signature graphic and avatar!
  7. FltAdml. Wolf

    Why did you apply to join our community?

    Our training program will help explain everything!
  8. FltAdml. Wolf


    It has something to do with the fact that Gmail's able to recognize when an email sent to a list – especially Google Groups. So when the email comes from the group with your address, it just "deletes" that email and threads what's in your Sent folder. As @Jona ch'Ranni said, you can always just check your All Mail/Sent folders. Another thing to do is set up a Gmail filter that searches for anything sent to an email list, and then have it labeled – i.e.- "Gorkon sim" / "Gorkon OOC". That way you can just drop into that label to see your post. But if you're looking to confirm your email got to the list, you'll need to go to the group page itself.
  9. FltAdml. Wolf

    Responding to Tags

    Sorry I missed this – hopefully the question has been answered by now in the class For future reference of others: Generally the etiquette is to wait at least 24 hours before responding again, more depending on the flow of the story. Some ships sim faster than others, so you'll get guidance on this from your eventual Commanding Officer. Each time you write a post, it'll be a new part of the story. In some cases, there will be situations where a bunch of people are in the same room and you might need to sorta "rehash" the scene as people fill in tags, but most of the time that won't be necessary and you'll just be picking up where you last left off. So if someone's response to your tag requires more "discussion," you can repost the last few lines so that people don't have to go back and look at previous sims, but otherwise you want to have new content starting from that point. Hope that helps
  10. FltAdml. Wolf

    Back in time, again!

    Welcome back!
  11. FltAdml. Wolf

    Questions about our group

    Would you mind trying this link? https://www.starbase118.net/chat/ Follow the instructions onscreen carefully – it does require you to step through a few quick things before you can chat. Let me know if that doesn't work!
  12. FltAdml. Wolf

    Just started....

    Training is where you get to try out your training wheels and get all the buzzy stuff out of your system. Then once you get to the ship you'll feel a lot more confident that you know what you're doing! Hope you have fun!
  13. FltAdml. Wolf

    Greetings from Ari Tullus!

    Sounds like a good start to your character!
  14. FltAdml. Wolf

    Hi everyone from Jori Nyseth

    Welcome! You'll be in one of our two big training groups this week from all the reddit applicants. We're glad to have you!
  15. FltAdml. Wolf

    Questions about our group

    Any reason we can't convince you to give Play By Email a try? We've been running for nearly 25 years now, so we like to think we have Star Trek simming figured out pretty well!

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