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  1. FltAdml. Wolf

    Greetings from Ari Tullus!

    Sounds like a good start to your character!
  2. FltAdml. Wolf

    Hi everyone from Jori Nyseth

    Welcome! You'll be in one of our two big training groups this week from all the reddit applicants. We're glad to have you!
  3. FltAdml. Wolf

    Questions about our group

    Any reason we can't convince you to give Play By Email a try? We've been running for nearly 25 years now, so we like to think we have Star Trek simming figured out pretty well!
  4. FltAdml. Wolf

    Application Example Question

    Yes, that's the correct interpretation. I encourage you to submit by this evening – we have a training group starting tomorrow and we'd love to have you in it.
  5. FltAdml. Wolf

    New recruit, training July 30th!

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy the training session Make sure to stop by the wiki and read through the cadet orientation: https://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php?title=Cadet_Orientation
  6. Just echoing those above in that it's not required that someone be in their 20s when they enter Starfleet Academy – that's simply a guideline. We've heard onscreen of characters, especially Vulcans, being much older.
  7. FltAdml. Wolf

    Questions about our group

    The ol’ “next page fakeout.” 😁
  8. FltAdml. Wolf

    Questions about our group

    Yup, still monitored. Ask away
  9. FltAdml. Wolf

    You can help grow and develop our community by joining a team

    @Sotak 👆
  10. FltAdml. Wolf

    You can help grow and develop our community by joining a team

    Did you try doing the form here on the forums? If so, sorry about that – the forums just pull in the news from the front page, but any forms embedded in posts won't work here. They'll only work on the front page of the site. Use this link: https://www.starbase118.net/2018/join-team-april-2018/ That's confusing!
  11. FltAdml. Wolf

    You can help grow and develop our community by joining a team

    Absolutely. We'd love to have you @Sotak
  12. FltAdml. Wolf


    Totally. Check this out: https://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php?title=Starfleet_Academy_Curriculum (And once you finish training and get a wiki account, you can use the info at the bottom to add your curriculum to your wiki profile!)
  13. FltAdml. Wolf


    You can also check out the fleet roster and click through the links to any of the profiles for some inspiration: https://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php?title=Member_Directory
  14. FltAdml. Wolf

    Training on the 12th of February

    Sorry you didn't get a faster response on this. Definitely still on – it's just that some of our Commandants are from the western parts of the U.S., where it's still Monday
  15. FltAdml. Wolf

    Academy Class 18 Dec. 2017

    I hope so! There are five others joining you

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