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The 2018 Awards Ceremony begins on June 28!

June 28: Introduction, General & Staff Awards  •  June 29: Length of Service & Special Awards  •  June 30: Duty Post Awards & Finale

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  1. Just echoing those above in that it's not required that someone be in their 20s when they enter Starfleet Academy – that's simply a guideline. We've heard onscreen of characters, especially Vulcans, being much older.
  2. FltAdml. Wolf

    Questions about our group

    The ol’ “next page fakeout.” 😁
  3. FltAdml. Wolf

    Questions about our group

    Yup, still monitored. Ask away
  4. FltAdml. Wolf

    You can help grow and develop our community by joining a team

    @Sotak 👆
  5. FltAdml. Wolf

    You can help grow and develop our community by joining a team

    Did you try doing the form here on the forums? If so, sorry about that – the forums just pull in the news from the front page, but any forms embedded in posts won't work here. They'll only work on the front page of the site. Use this link: https://www.starbase118.net/2018/join-team-april-2018/ That's confusing!
  6. FltAdml. Wolf

    You can help grow and develop our community by joining a team

    Absolutely. We'd love to have you @Sotak
  7. FltAdml. Wolf


    Totally. Check this out: https://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php?title=Starfleet_Academy_Curriculum (And once you finish training and get a wiki account, you can use the info at the bottom to add your curriculum to your wiki profile!)
  8. FltAdml. Wolf


    You can also check out the fleet roster and click through the links to any of the profiles for some inspiration: https://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php?title=Member_Directory
  9. FltAdml. Wolf

    Training on the 12th of February

    Sorry you didn't get a faster response on this. Definitely still on – it's just that some of our Commandants are from the western parts of the U.S., where it's still Monday
  10. FltAdml. Wolf

    Academy Class 18 Dec. 2017

    I hope so! There are five others joining you
  11. FltAdml. Wolf

    Artistic Licence?

    Hi James, Use what's on our wiki, or Memory-Alpha as a guide. If there's no information, yes you're welcome to make up those kinds of details about a species. Just keep in mind that not all species have a "monoculture." Just because we've seen some members of a species onscreen (or heard one or two snippets about them from a computer database) doesn't mean that the information applies to everyone. So an important festival in one country might not necessarily be even known elsewhere, much like Thanksgiving is an American-holiday. (Other countries have their own versions, of course, but the history and food is unique.) For example, with my character Captain Malcolm Lysander, I chose the Leyron species – whose only claim to fame was having a written language before a spoken language – and created lots of backstory on how their society functioned so that I could tell a more interesting story. If something is simmed on your ship, and not "disputed" by your CO or anyone else because it doesn't seem too outlandish or out of character for the species, you can probably end up adding it to the wiki if it applies to everyone of that species. We try not to add things to species wiki pages that only reflect one character's information. And we try and make sure everything we add to a species page has a link to a sim if it's new information – helps us keep track of where it came from. As always, your CO is the best person to talk to if you need guidance on specifics.
  12. FltAdml. Wolf

    Hello everyone!

    Plenty of opportunities for science officers here so you'll fit right in! Hope you enjoy training
  13. FltAdml. Wolf

    Hello all

    Love the Bajorans Hope you enjoy training!
  14. FltAdml. Wolf

    Kudos and thanks to our Community News team

    Thank you to everyone who put in the time and effort to contribute content to the Community News. I greatly appreciate your hard work!
  15. FltAdml. Wolf

    Alucard Vess – great description!

    Split this off - new topics for everything

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