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  1. Welcome! Hope you enjoy training, and glad to have you back among the simmers I always find that watching a few episodes of Trek gets me really motivated! ENT gets really good in the third season, right before they cancelled it. :-\
  2. I can update it for you with the Training team
  3. Welcome! Hope you enjoy training
  4. The only thing we need from anyone to join is an email address. You can use any email address you want. You can use any nom de plume you want, or just go by your character name. Note that if you use your social media profiles to login to the forums or other areas of the site, that information may be visible to us. Our JAG department is entirely OOC. We don't allow new players to sim anything like a JAG officer, although experienced officers who prove their simming abilities are often able to move into specialized roles, with the permission of their CO. So you may want to start as a security officer, and talk to your CO about your goal of moving into an IC JAG role, and set a plan for that. Both Ops and Embassy currently receive about 7 sims per day to their email lists. This is an average of the last three months of sim activity. As Cmdr. Kelrod above mentioned, each individual simmer is expected to post a minimum of three sims a week / 12 times a month on average. If you're wanting either Embassy or Ops as a posting, you'll want to make sure we're aware of that on your application. If you're wanting to join us, I encourage you to post your application today or tomorrow – our next training group starts on Monday
  5. Welcome back
  6. need to speak with you. urgent. what is the best way?

  7. Hmm... I actually don't have a form entry on file for you! But no worries, I'll add you now. Thank you!
  8. Which link? They all seem to be working for me...
  9. We've had members who've played as enlisted in the past, although I don't believe we have any in the fleet currently. But yes, if you wanted your character have been only enlisted previously and then go through the Academy, it's certainly something you can put in your bio.
  10. No worries – that's what train is for! Work out all those bugs before you land on a ship Have fun!
  11. That was added by one of our committees and unfortunately does not reflect any canon that we recognize. The Xindi-Avian species should be marked as "Forbidden" and the information about them not being extinct should be removed. Sorry for the confusion.
  12. Glad we could clear that up!
  13. Ah, ok -- I see the confusion. Everyone sims via email. And our sim archive literally just pulls those emails as they come in and displays them. Usually people don't title their sims "part 1," and the next person "part 2." I might title my sim, "On the bridge at night," and tag someone else who's on the bridge with me at the time. That other person might title their sim "Feeling snoozy on the bridge" and respond to those tags by rewriting the scene I found my tags. The sims in the archive which have the "Name: Tag" will never actually be updated in the original post. You'll just see the conversation get "filled in" in later emails. So you'll really need to read through email-to-email to see the scene/conversation as it develops.
  14. Can you clarify what you mean by "incomplete"? Per above, the conversation is always going to start incomplete, but over the course of a few days the other players in the scene should "finish" the conversation by adding their parts in later sims. We generally discourage the use of the "Anyone" tag for that very reason – it tends to be ignored. Best practice is to tag specific characters in a logical way. If someone has already simmed themselves into the same room with you, it's logical to tag them, of course. The goal is for any responses to be general enough that they don't "trap" you, the writer, into saying something specific. If you're finding that another writer is doing that a lot, you'll want to approach your captain and ask for help with trying to resolve the issue. Your captain will be eager to help you find a way to resolve the situation in an agreeable way.
  15. And actually, I just realized that tutorial wasn't updated with the most recent version we're using in training. I've updated that now