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  1. When you are feeling down, always remember "Don't worry be Happy!"--- Hey thats good advice LOL Note to self also.

  2. Anyone know why I cannot get my signature back or my image Collective Button? both showing up as the file name minus the htmal coding.
  3. Gah Browser won't allow me to log out

  4. My Dang Email went and put a bunch of IC and OOC Mail into my Spam folder for no reason so mad

  5. This that, and almost nothing

  6. Wondering why that after logging out and closing down my browser, I am still logged in when I come back to the Forums?

  7. Glad I can access SB118 services again

  8. A Lot is on my mind atm

  9. A New ship gives one a new outlook on simming

  10. STILL Confused of Late

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