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  1. Any content is better then no content.

  2. great writing. T'Mer you are going to really like it here. Welcome! so to cover one of the questions, When a scenario is developed into several rewrites I believe a hypertext would be necessary or a kind of multithreaded jump might work.. but I don't think there is implementation of the multithreaded storyline since... there are several drawbacks for group participation, not to mention confusion. I think you can see how that would cause a problem?
  3. If I "appear" intelligent it is only because there are no more dumb things left to do,.. Done that,.

  4. It's been another very long year! Thanks for being a part of it. If we could only stop these long years,.. From happening,..

  5. Apples and antsbugs on banana's cats on carpets dogs digging ditches elephants eating eggsflounders floatinggerbils getting grosshamsters having hemorrhoids iguanas inventing inter-dimensional-traveljaguars jumping janitors kangaroos kicking Lama's Lamentingmonkeys moaningnewts needing nerdsorangutans opening Orpheus's orificepuppies peeing pooping party's Quala's Questioning qualityRats retreatingSnakes slideways slithers Turtles toasting toadsUakari's under usedVenison...

  6. just watched Equilibrium from 2002 this is the review I wrote during the show..brutal, I don't think I could last in this, on this world... thinking this is about the Librium or Soma from brave new would--- atlas is art - first flaw is the architecture that presents emotional responses from them... cleric's fighting clerics what is this coming to. - I know you are feeling this --- it is the dream of the android that has no emotions to know emotions... he has a little monster for a kid.., I...

  7. I have the fans on and am considering putting the air conditioning on again.. maybe.... it is so hot... I am losing my mind..

  8. We put things on the tree,..

  9. More logging of the eye dr,.@faybennettr

  10. EVERYTHING ,,, everything is on my mind fb so just get out of my mind.. OK?

  11. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes,..Thanks for taking time out to say happy birthday,..Love all of you,..

  12. is one less tooth in his head ... removed at 2:22pm today :)

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