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  1. Thanks Toni. It's good to see you are still here... I have no idea what I have missed? I can't even imagine... I'm Looking forward to new things..
  2. I am starting a new character(chapter) so I created this character ... in 2015 like five years ago.. -and it was just a name. no direction or idea for any background or way to proceed because I have had various characters here as they are listed in the wiki but I have not been here since making the name Clase Drene //so IDK, I think I wanted to approach the character again in the future with new vision and without preconceived ideas of what his origins are. I choose his. actual race and species this morning. This did not he that till today. He did have a gender since 2015 but now a race. // I hope to fill in all the blanks as best as possible. The last time here I was losing time to read what I needed to read in order to keep in continuity with other shipmates due to real life time restrictions. I am Bill being a musician, artist with the media at hand. In computer art music and so forth. Before I did a (toon) sim character here from 2002 with xoet. LIke back then I am still looking to improve my writing and group writing abilities, thru cooperation, empathy and compassion, my writing and reading process has significantly improved since being here five years ago. I mean if I can see this then I guess it has changed. But I also see things like increased typos happening, and rewriting being more important than actual first drafts. I am starting at square one, bottom level with a cadet to see myself get to the higher ranks over time. I will be portraying an engineer this time not the usual science guy I usually like. Unless I am really needed in science which would probably not be as good. I'm a returning sim player with some knowledge about this, but going to go over everything here with a fine tooth comb as I am doing so far, and really enjoying all of this with great determination going on.
  3. begin status entry:

    Things have changed ... all the better.  ---- I guess I am a cadet again.. ===reporting for duty.(I started this character .. a long time ago then dropped off the SB118 grid.  I figured I might be back to sim.)  so with these tools to write == I will update what happened between the years say 2012 and now-- about --I don't really remember when I dropped out of starbase 118 to inactive.(edit: in the wiki logs- 2015)  but started the journey here in 2002 as the records indicate.

    I have stopped playing the space ninja video game(warframe) and the STO --- as the three D environments had me spinning and dizzy into nausea.  Thus needing to take the zofran in prescription form just to settle my stomach --- sad it is like the roller coaster dilemma I suffer from .. were I have not really been on a roller coaster since high school.  I did play these video games at like 8 hrs a day almost everyday..---  now empty space.  in parallel I was a member of the star trek sim site (deleted). (briefly) where I have news -- the alt universe sim did fall thru when the lead player in RL died. sad but then after a few months they erased all the sim activity and never to be found along with my account there.. == so I leave them with the time gone.  (Not a good feeling) I think this .. can be marked up to learning- so= I saw there sim process very different from here (maybe)  most of the posts were JP = well all the posts very few solo things. with stuff the interface was.. if you will - designed to magnify a JP this is most likely possible as well at google IMO.. but IDK the posts were done daily and in contact sheets one to one or one to three or so like that. there would be openings in the jp to fill in. but- you would only do so after the other simmer filled in their spots and such..--- the format was typical novel group writing. I started the google group for the eagle back when we switched from yahoo.  Wolf- asked to open that up for the sim site and I kept inside the group getting every email they posted since day one in my google email.  this is really what led me to wander back here- the fun I saw.  and I wanted to be apart of and since it --- is like --- ended, over, and deleted at that other sim fleet.. and my game is at zero now --- I was a time-science ensign there-- that never really got past the counseling desk at a wormhole timeportal starbase... full of holo-lifeform simming.  thinking about it I might have those logs in old emails from before the holidays.

    I will put-in the cadet .. forms and re-apply and look at the shiny new things I have missed.  please any thoughts about this entry feel free to comment.. I would like that, from anyone-  Oh my main character here 'xoet 12' reached lt commander as science and ended there..--- a very long time ago.

    end status entry.

  4. Any content is better then no content.

  5. great writing. T'Mer you are going to really like it here. Welcome! so to cover one of the questions, When a scenario is developed into several rewrites I believe a hypertext would be necessary or a kind of multithreaded jump might work.. but I don't think there is implementation of the multithreaded storyline since... there are several drawbacks for group participation, not to mention confusion. I think you can see how that would cause a problem?
  6. right I played them.. I guess it was the delta thing that was big news and the new thing going on...
  7. i stopped at about level 35 if I remember not going to try again for a little bit more time and probably not sign in to sto for the next week but... when I say something like that I usually sign in before that.. I try to focus on the writing here not the video there.. there is another game in the startrek universe too about the delta quadrant playing the characters themselves somehow? or is this the delta thing going on at sto? I would try inventing new scenario's in the sto foundry but my system probably can't handle back-end behind the scenes stuff to make new missions.. ahhh welll I do have lots of ideas but no way to resolve the missions in there because of time basically.
  8. I have not played the sto in about a month I think that alt fleet I was in threw me out I would of ,, if someone left for like a month or more. 000 so I will attempt an invite into the fleet maybe tomorrow
  9. these choices are so telling about peoples trek experience... I agree maybe... not Commander Chakotay: is number one because he would go against the captain when they are wrong... flat out wrong. --- or wrong until proven right... Spoke does not question Jim,, only pon farr was there some kind of disorderly conduct and that was ,,, welll kinda unnecessary... IMO Rikar is a captain.. as he should be,, but was the perfect FO that was his fault.. Kira is where I need to research more.. lots more.. I will with netflix What is this parallel universe thing? or is that universe perpendicular ??
  10. new trek series - where somehow there is a connection to reality ,,, wait they did that with Hercules and well him having to drive a car and all was silly... very very silly... I did not like that but then I was not big on that show as well. IDK it is possible to make a new show but were running out of trek-scenario's,, maybe?
  11. Yeah wasn't it last Thursday? Though I found out yesterday,..
  12. Bakari... --- too funny maybe transport to transporter room 3..???
  13. You are a master at these collage things --- I never go above five layers unless I am animating... nice work.
  14. DeVeau: Hi. ::Raissa smiled and leaned forward in her chair and then gestured to the seat across from her.:: Moonsong: ::faint pause:: I would like to talk to you before we begin. DeVeau: Er...don’t we talk even when we begin? funny...---- seems like talk therapy is all talk anyway.. --- (not true..)
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