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USS Invicta: Notable Quotables

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Vaala: Oh, that's peachy-keen. I'm Vaala. Ensign Vaala. ::she started to speak very quickly:: I have a lot of other weird Klingon names but I don't like discussing them because they're really long and pretentious plus I think they kind of intimidate people I mean really who spends like ten minutes introducing themselves that's just kind of annoying plus the wording in some of the titles is quite strong and that can freak people out like a bug in their sleeping bag although it's perfectly normal for Klingons to have names and titles that are super violent because of our cultural history of violence and propensity to engage in wanton acts of destruction you see that's why I didn't fit in because I really am not like that at all in fact I've never done anything violent to anyone my parents once forced me to fight any creature I wanted to and I picked a tribble because I thought it was the easiest thing in the world but it turns out I am deathly allergic to them and I went into acute anaphylactic shock and nearly died.

Before I read this sentence properly, I was quite honestly looking for the full stop . . . and then realized there wasn't one . . .

And then me in my silliness decided to attempt to say the entire thing without stopping . . . I failed miserably. Vaala must have a serious pair of lungs.

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I was reading that same sim, and the line before it:

:: He snapped out of it and continued to prepare the inoculations. ::
Skyfire: Oh, nothing. Just thinking of my last mission and how I saved...a planet...and a colleague...You may've heard about the Skyfire Cure?
:: Vaala had never done anything like that, ever. Her eyes went wide at the mention of the medical discovery. ::
Vaala: Oh peaches and cream, you're that Doctor Skyfire?
Skyfire: Yep. That was me. I was the primary researcher involved, despite my own injuries at the time. Lost hearing temporarily in both ears, suffered a low grade concussion... :: pause. He was trying to recall the rest. :: It's all in my medical records, I think. When we have time, my physical will reveal 2 breaks to my left wrist and a few other things.

To be truthful, Pythia's Tale was the one mission that CD spent nearly the entire time in Sickbay and was 2 missions ago. However, Vaala is the first character since to have asked about it and want an autograph.

There has only ever been one Dr. Skyfire. Not to be confused with Captain Skyfire, a Vulcan/Terran hybrid.

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So whenever I'm writing a JP with someone, I tend to compose it quickly in the back and forth to keep the momentum going, and then it's only afterward when I read the complete thing again I get surprised with some amusing things my fellow writers come up with. Here's the most recent one that made me chuckle upon reading it again.

::The chief engineer rushed over to the transporter console, shoving Tristam aside trying to get a relock on the mine to no avail.::

Rahman: Da*mn it... it detonated after the transport.

::The Rodulan gave the Kriosian an incredulous look.::

Core: Of course it did! *It was a mine*!

Edited by Rich
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Just this entire section with everybody's reactions . . .

From PNPC T'Leia's "No Bricks Without Clay":

BAKARI: ::He cleared his throat,:: *Not* a good time, T!
::Core sighed and crossed his arms. T'Leia shifted, stepping to the side of the door, so that she could not see inside, and let her eyes settle on Commander Bakari.::
CORE: Really? *Really*? We are in the middle of a *crisis*, and you're here, *assisting the nurse*.
BAKARI: What I do in my off time -- and hers -- is none of your business.
::Perfectly reasonable. Though apparently not so for Core.::
CORE: What is even *with* you and nurses!? The teal ends up on the floor *anyway*!
::She glanced at Core, her voice flat and stern.::
T'LEIA: That was unnecessary, Commander.
::Bakari may have thought so too, given the annoyed look he sent in Core's direction as he leaned his hand against the doorway.::
BAKARI: Is there something you need or not?
CORE: Get dressed. We've got work to do. And then I'm calling Ayelet.
::She briefly wondered who Ayelet was, as Bakari directed his gaze at her.::
BAKARI: Have you figured out how much of a pain in the [...] he is by now?
T'LEIA: ::Smoothly,:: I cannot report any discomfort in that particular part of my anatomy.
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IRL conversation:

Alex: Did you like my post?

Me: Yes. Very...what's the word. Interesting.

Alex: Did you see the silliness I put in there?

Me: I must've missed it.

:: Then he shows me the line. I've bolded it below. ::

Me: Blast it, now I want to watch Frozen again.

exerpt from Ensign R'raika Voss, Gik'tal!

Calderan: Well let’s just say that I could fight as soon as I could walk, and my fiancé is a Brikar – he’s practically made of rock – so I am pretty tough.

::Voss considered the rest of the crowded tables, most of her marks were still in place- though a few had moved on. This First Officer- well a stiletto heel to the chest could leave more than a mark- flexible, springy- and she's practiced on a Brikar... and engaged to that Brikar no less...::

Voss: ::More to herself:: An engagement is just a flex arrangement, :: she glanced down:: and I don't see a ring... ::coughing slightly:: I hope so. I had that Bajoran almost fit to kill me-
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Pok: Hello? Is someone still here?

::The poor Ferengi never saw her. There, standing behind him, was a blonde woman, green eyes striking - even in the dark of the Sick Bay - clad in a Starfleet uniform and a long field jacket, a little dirty down near her feet, as if she’d been walking in a desert of some kind. She didn’t hesitate in her strike. With trained skill, the woman hooked her hands on the short Ferengi’s head, twisting quickly.::

::The doctor's body slumped to the deck with a thud, the bio samples scattering in a mess over him. She calmly stepped over the corpse and took a glance around the empty med bay once more, tapping her combadge.::

Blake: =/\= Decks 2 through 6 secure, Captain. =/\=

So . . . this little not-so-happy gem marks the classic horror movie death in Meanwhile, on the Mercury part 6 . . . I thought it was a pretty neat collaboration. :whistling:

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Memorable quotes and moments from shore leave thus far...

Calderan: No, it’s ok…. I am more…. flexible like this.

:: A trait of the Byzatium culture, perhaps. Caitians had little body shyness, so if so, he could understand. Of course, Mei’konda did have the advantage of having fur, whereas (as far as he knew) Calderan did not. Then again, who knew what might lurk beneath the uniform. He preferred not to speculate. ::

Egan Manno: Is there anything more I can help you with?

Moonsong: ::hesistates:: Captain, I don’t know… I mean I haven’t had a chance to look at the logs of the Garuda’s last mission… and I don’t know what my security clearance level is yet, but I’ve noticed a lot of tension and unease. I really haven’t seen the… the relief I think we should normally see on a shore leave. I was wondering… Is there anything special I need to do?

Sister, you don't know the half of it...

Meanwhile, love is in the air for some...

Skyfire: Would you mind explaining how you received a Klingon love bite on your cheek while keeping every bone in your body intact, the only serious damage being a low-grade concussion and couple torn ligaments to go with your collection of bruises?

:: Nia suddenly felt a bit uneasy. A bite in the heat of a fight was one thing, but for it to be so clearly meant as something more than just anger made her feel a tad weird, and even more unsettling, a little curious.::

DELANO: I was always partial to the Rockies, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Switzerland again. I’m sure I can handle it. (Playfully) Assuming you haven’t worn me out too much by then.

MEI'KONDA: Uh, I’ll do my best to let you saave some of your energy, Evan.

DELANO: Or we could always rest up on the way home. Did I ever tell you how long Vulcanoids can go without sleep?

:: The suggestive tone in his voice was subtle, but the sideways glance he gave to the other officer was far from it. ::
Core: I'll talk to her tonight, see if she's willing, and then if she agrees, we'll come here.

((Later that evening))

::She turned back to him and pointed to the door.::

Rahman: Now *get out*.

Well, not everyone I guess.

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::R’raika took Core’s momentary distraction as a chance to steal one of his battered bits of fish, dipped in that peculiar sauce and took a taste… it was a thousand little stars exploding in her mouth- it was almost worth stealing another piece- but she held herself back. ::

As I was reading it, I was chatting to Rich about Ketanya's image...






You know

this isn't really the kind of feedback I was hoping for...




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When you find out your ex knows your current crush:

Sanchez: Wow... wait... is that Rahman?

::Juanita *knew her*!?!::

::The Rodulans eyes widened, heart skipping a beat. Oh Artist, Juanita knew Roshanara. Only bad things could come from that. Bad stories that he did not want Roshanara to hear.::

Core:::after a pause.:: Unlikely.
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Core:::whispering:: Now we wait for system reboot. Whenever that is.

Sanchez: Wow, you, me, in the dark, just the two of us. Haven't been

together in this sort of situation in some time.


Sanchez: Ah, brings back memories.

Hahaha, now I feel Rahman and Sanchez have to become friends.

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Calderan: ...If in doubt, don’t give it a clout.

I like to think that this is, generally speaking, Nia's diplomatic philosophy.

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Core: Yeah, I don't think word got to him that it was me that set off the EMP. He was actually quite happy to see me, and he kept saying "when I see the person that did this to my station, I'm gonna ring their neck". ::He paused.:: I stopped talking when he said it the second time.

Mischievous boy.

Edited by Tarsii Asmara
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Knight: You punched him?!

Porchevska: Uh…. well….

Knight: You punched the Chief Medical Officer of a Galaxy class starship of the Federation.

Porchevska: Uh well…. You know you didn’t have to put it that way.

Knight: Well how would you put it?

::The admin nurse shifted on the uncomfortable chair and looked like she wanted to disappear through it.::

Porchevska: Temporary insanity?

It always sounds worse on the police report.

Ah well. I doubt he's gonna press charges. :D

Edited by Rich
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Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the difference between how a woman (and/or excellent writer) describes a dress and how a man (and/or chump) describes a dress:

Amanda, on Alora DeVeau's dress:

With few events that required nicer outfits, Alora was glad to finally have a reason to wear the dress she'd purchased a couple of months ago. Her hand lingered over the satiny material which gently hugged her torso, though without being immodest. The off the shoulders sleeves connected at the top, then flared wide and full to connect at her elbow, extra fabric hanging down with a window that bared her upper arms. Gentle lavender flowed down into a deeper hue while tiny silver pinpoints of glimmering gems glittered gloriously with every movements, stars upon a violet background. At first she thought she might be over dressed, but the fancy skirts and stiff shirts of women and men alike helped her to relax. She sipped gingerly at her drink, then paused only to turn and approach a face that had recently become familiar.

Rich, on Jess Webber's dress:

The man seemed to just have an innate sense of style. For Jess's part, she was looking forward to showing off the red dress she'd managed to recover from the Mercury.

Yep. What's her dress look like?

:-) "It's red."

Ah. Like, what hue?

:-/ "Um... red."

Yes, yes, but what of the little details? Any gems or flowing fabric?

:-| "...red."

I see...


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These lines made me laugh. You never know! Maybe the whole thing is a prank.


Sampson: =/\= Some of the plants are… acting up sir. =/\=

:: With a sigh, Evan grabbed his temples with a thumb and forefinger. ::

Delano: =/\= Is this some kind of prank? I know I haven’t been chief for very long, but-- =/\=

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I literally laughed out loud.


:: A moment after they stepped into the surreal corridor, the source of the peculiar groan became evident. A massive coiled vine was wrapping around the lift - and apparently into it. ::

EGAN MANNO: I suppose -- now we continue.

:: Evan nodded. ::

DELANO: Remind me to have a word with whoever traded our cow for magic beans.

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::Something hit him from behind, then rolled off - an enormous nut that had to have originated from some sort of tree. The Caitian flailed, then fell with a grunt across the cold body beneath him.

Lt. Cmdr. Mei'konda, earning his pay. Tough gig when you're serving aboard a ship with mischievous plant-loving science officers.

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::King wondered how his face must look to the others as he sat there in what he called his ‘nothing face’ pose. He used it in the Academy to give his instructors the appearance that he was in deep thought, considering their every word but was in fact waiting for someone else to produce the solution. He had especially found it useful during his quantum physics classes.::

As a college instructor, I can say that I know (and have used myself!) this face. Great description! :)

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::King wondered how his face must look to the others as he sat there in what he called his ‘nothing face’ pose. He used it in the Academy to give his instructors the appearance that he was in deep thought, considering their every word but was in fact waiting for someone else to produce the solution. He had especially found it useful during his quantum physics classes.::

As a college instructor, I can say that I know (and have used myself!) this face. Great description! :)

Haven't we all.

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