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USS Invicta: Notable Quotables

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Skyfire: Let’s start thinking, folks.

after this line,, I really expected some snide remark.. but there was not ---

after this line I was like floored but ,,,,, I guess that was just in my head.. ---

after this line , I was expecting something like "but I thought we were thinking"

after this line. -we could do a complete thread with response after response...

nice ,,

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Del Vedova: We're going to try the vibrations! Watch the plants -- see what they do!

::Looking up, King saw it – a spider-like plant casually hanging on the roof of the corridor. It quickly noticed him too.::

King: ::Gulp.:: AHHHhhhh, YAeees, COMMANDER.

::Ian didn't particularly care about shuttles or frequencies. There were aggressive vines to get a hold of him, and he was determine to chop them into pieces before they had the chance.::

::A soft noise soon filled the corridor – but it grew louder. Unable to avert his eyes from the dangling plant above, King ignored Ian and he did it, what he so often tried not to do in these situations. He screamed. Averting his eyes from the ceiling and trying to jump out of the way, King saw as a dozen more of these spider plants rounded the corridor toward the two officers.

Then he felt it, the sensation of something moving on him. The sensation of a touch that he didn’t recognize, the plant was on the top of his head -- throwing reason out the airlock, King lost his cool as the scratchy feel of the spider plant caressed his finely styled hair, caressing the top of his right earlobe. King ran and connected, bone against metal to the Shuttlebay door. Knocking himself out cold.::

Dunross:: to himself :: : Great.

Bahaha, I think we have a new comedic duo aboard.


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Egan Manno: =/\= Ensigns, Chief, will you join me in my ready room at your earliest convenience? =/\=

::King turned to the others with a raised eyebrow.::

King: =/\= Yaws, of course, Captawn.

PODS / DUNROSS: =/\= ?

King: ::Turning to Dunross and Pods:: Welp, shawll we gohh seaaa da Captawn?

PODS / DUNROSS: Response?

DEL VEDOVA: Response?

King: I’m fawineee. It’s jus some swellin’ I’ll dwop by Sickbayh after we go see the Captawn – I cannah keph her waitin’.


::snicker:: XD

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Quoted from Captain Reynolds "Lost Memories"

::Almost pristine. There were traces, here and there. A small shard of pottery from a pot here, a sliver of glass from a terrarium there. They might as well have been splinters of her heart, the homes of the botanical sign-posts of her life, the living memories that she had cared for and cultivated for years.


Your descriptions were beautiful, I kept just the first line for the sake of brevity. But I truly enjoyed it and it has me thinking of ways to better incorporate it into my writing.

::A step away from burying herself under the blankets of her bed to mope, panic seized her. With the grace of a beached whale, she dropped to her hands and knees, scrambling underneath for a case she had never yet opened.

::A light film of dust covered the rigid black leather, smeared and wiped clean in winding trails where vines had crept over its surface. A deep crack stretched across its width, almost cleaving the case in half. The clasps were stubborn, a combination of her shaking hands and lack of use, and the lid split cleanly into two as she pushed it open.

::But there it was. Perfectly intact, the warm, rich tones of varnished maple shone in the light. The viola was the work of a craftsman, as beautiful as the music it made.

Also great here -- I really enjoyed the whole post!

PS: Raissa, I figured it out how to do the quote thing. Hit "more reply options" and it is the text bubble right under "My Media" on the control board.

Edited by Ryan M. King
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Core: =/\= Core to Rahman. =/\=

Rahman: =/\= Yes? What is it? I've already programmed tonight's dinner, so don't try to change it. Chicken karahi. ::pause:: Hmmph, took me an hour tinkering with the molecular matrix parameters to balance the spices just right so they're mild enough for you without making me feel like I'm eating paste. =/\=

::Tristam cringed - cancelling a date a mere two, three hours before it was supposed to take place wasn't exactly "polite". Though it wasn't as if he really had a choice - it was really confine himself to his quarters, or risk Roshanara and the crew getting Rodulan stomach flu. But he also had the issue of if she was going to actually believe his predicament.::

Core: =/\= . . . I can't make it tonight. =/\=

Rahman: =/\= Excuse me? =/\=

Core: =/\= Well, long story short, a combination of over-working myself and exhaustion kind of developed into a legitimate illness. You could check with Skyfire if you want proof - I'm not trying to be an [...], I promise. I do want to have dinner with you. But, you know, I think you being not-sick is better. =/\=

::There was a long pause, and the Rodulan held his breath. He didn't *want* to cancel his date with her - *four freaking years* he'd been looking forward to it - but at the risk of her health, he felt he had not other choice. His father (and his stint on the medical starbase) had taught him to be wary of illnesses originating from other species. Tristam wouldn't know how he'd affect Roshanara, let alone anyone else already exposed to his sickness because of his unwillingness to leave Engineering areas.::

Rahman: =/\= . . .fine. =/\=

::Oh no.::

True story: once dated this girl back in college who said, "So we need to talk." Without thinking, I blurted out my immediate reaction.


I think it only strengthened her case. :P

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DeVeau: Hi.

::Raissa smiled and leaned forward in her chair and then gestured to the seat across from her.::

Moonsong: ::faint pause:: I would like to talk to you before we begin.

DeVeau: Er...don’t we talk even when we begin?


seems like talk therapy is all talk anyway.. --- (not true..)

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The Counsellor on the newest addition to Security

Moonsong: Evan, you’re going to have to embrace your Vulcan calm with this one….

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I thought this was a great way of summing up what we are heading into with the Peppalexa:

From Lieutenant Delano's sim "Better Safe Than Sorry"

:: Time travel. It was no secret that exploring space seemed to invite the occasional encounter with some kind of temporal phenomenon, but the matter-of-fact implication of beaming down to a planet that had somehow flashed forward nearly ten thousand years was hard to digest. 10,000 years ago, humans had just starting to figure out basic agriculture. For the Peppalexans, that had been last week. ::

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Bakari... --- :)

BAKARI: Well, if you'll excuse me, captain, I better be off to meet my own team. ::He looked at the others.:: Good luck, all.

::And off he went, power walking his way down the corridor.::
BAKARI: oO What genius decided to put transporter room 3 so far away from transporter room 2?! Oo

too funny maybe transport to transporter room 3..???

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BAKARI: Well, if you'll excuse me, captain, I better be off to meet my own team. ::He looked at the others.:: Good luck, all.

::And off he went, power walking his way down the corridor.::
BAKARI: oO What genius decided to put transporter room 3 so far away from transporter room 2?! Oo

That genius did it that way so you still get _some_ exercise so you can keep your girlish figure, buddy boy! ;-)

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I always picture Quinn having a very... sophisticated manner of speaking, so this made me snicker:

::The room the transporter deposited them in was a curious affair. Lit, with no obvious light sources. Small, but not uncomfortably soon. Stone walls, but apparently mechanically shaped, all edges and corners rounded off. It was a bit like appearing inside a bubble in the rock.::
EGAN MANNO: Hm. Unexpected. Analysis?
::It's a cave? Really, she didn't know what to say.
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Bakari as Valen tells him she's cleared for duty - ::Ah, trying to pull a Gupta, eh?::

Is that what we're calling it now? :-D

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  • 3 weeks later...
::He didn't really pay attention to what Shandres decided to do. Instead, the engineer opened his toolkit, taking out a hyperspanner. As much as it probably wasn't useful to a native mistaking him as prey or a demon or whatever prehistorics thought intruders were, it made him feel safer. Hyperspanner in one hand and a tricorder in the other, Tristam continued walking forward.

::And in about five minutes, he stumbled across another person.::

Core: You're not a native.

::Funny eyebrows. Pointed ears. This was a Vulcan. And his tricorder confirmed it.

::Crisis averted!::

Because even Tristam needs to have a near heart attack occasionally.

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::She nodded, though she didn't think now was the time to bring up that she'd really only just read the abstracts.::

Uh oh.

We are in SO much trouble...

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  • 2 weeks later...

DeVeau: Have you two sat down and talked about it?

Moonsong: ::she shook her head.:: I.. tried when I told him… He just got that look on his face of total confusion.

Every guy on the Garuda just looked up and said, "Wait, are you talking about me?"


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::He got woken up out of a perfectly good sleep for this. There wasn't even any interesting gossip she had for him, no emergency. Sometimes he wondered about her sanity.::

Webber: Let's go break something.

This is why I love simming.

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Moonsong: Gabi by herself is nothing but trouble. I should know. We used to be roommates.

DeVeau: Really? At the Academy?

::It struck her then that while Alora knew some about Raissa’s life before Starfleet, she didn’t know much about that period of time in between. Perhaps she’d find out some tonight.::

DeVeau: What sort of trouble?

::Raissa linked her arm with Alora’s and urged her out of the room.::

Moonsong: Not at the Academy. When I first came on the ship as a lowly Ensign not that long ago.

DeVeau: And again, what sort of trouble?

::While some might have recoiled at touch, Alora welcomed it, particularly from friends. She matched her stride with Raissa’s as the two made their way into and along the corridor.::

Moonsong: What? You didn’t hear the story where she punched Chythar?

DeVeau: Wait...she did? When?

::Somehow, Alora had missed that story.::

This sequence made me laugh.

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::And if he could cope with Alora’s exuberance he felt he could cope with anything.::


I'm not sure how to take that. *G*

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