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  1. Irina has already been a marine, security, tactical, strategic operations and then security again. I could see her moving to operations, especially after recent events that almost killed her physically and her wife with worry. While she definitely has the coordination for HCO, I just don't think it suits her personality. She's also still over two centuries out of date in many respects, which kind of makes engineering an unlikely fit (though she is very, VERY knowledgable on 20th and 21st century internal combustion engines and hydroelectric power plants). She's quite skilled at mat
  2. Wow, thank you so much for the kind words. If I didn't say it before, I encourage EVERYONE to find any excuse at all to write a joint post with Randall Shayne.
  3. So many choices. Looking just at my own posts, my favorite title is also the simples. "No"
  4. Ensign Westwood "Brain Damage is Fun" I suppose it could be.
  5. Definitely Quasrk and Grilka, like there is any other choice.
  6. Younger mates are just delicious.

  7. Congrats to all, especially our own Oddas, Aria for XO of the embassy.
  8. Actually, strike that. A quick look in her old wardrobe case (From the USS Columbia, NX-02) found this ravishing number that was all the rage in 2169.
  9. OOC from Andrew (writer for Irina Pavlova): My only suggestion for improvement of these two posts is to the title. It just had to be "Dancing Among the Stars" This is part 2 of 2 (( Outside Holosuite 2, Embassy, Duronis II )) :: Aria knew the type well, from her own planet’s history. As much as she disliked her own family, she had never doubted her mother, father, and grandparents were heros of their own Occupation. :: Oddas: The women I come from are all fierce fighters, some by choice, and all in different
  10. OOC from Andrew (writer for Irina Pavlova): This is EXACTLY the kind of sim that makes me sad we no longer have a Top Sims competition. Incredible character development, not only of the two participants, but indirectly of the people who matter to them. This is part 1 of 2 ((OOC: Between the memorial service and the awards ceremony. )) ((Ops, Main Embassy - Duronis II)) ::Brayden sat quietly like a cadet reviewing their PADD before an exam. He had been looking over the mission reports and listening to officer lo
  11. Any word on when the final contest results will post? Nevermind, I found it.
  12. Enterprise was my favorite series, so much so that my primary character is from the Enterprise era and often wears her 22nd century uniform complete with USS Columbia NX-03 patch.
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